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Hello again fellow members

I want to start by wishing all OMOC members a very 'Merry Christmas'🎄& a Happy New Year 🍻

As some of you know I have a '73 Manta A. Had him for just over a year now. The car sailed through the MOT last month 😀 'HAPPY DAYS'

I featured me my Manta in the latest 'Practical Classic's Magazine' but unfortunately they got my first name wrong! Oh well, never mind. 🙄

Over the past year we've attended loads of local shows & next year loads more. I would like to travel with the Manta, further a field to shows & other events. But with having a manual 4 speed gearbox it could be a bit strenuous for me & the car. So I'm toying with the idea of changing the gearbox for a 5 speed!

Anybody know of which, if any, 5 speed gearbox would bolt straight on, or with very minor modifications? 🤔

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I read your feature in PM and wondered if you were an OMOC member.

Nice car and congratulations on your inclusion!

Sorry I can’t answer your question though.

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A 5 speed manta b box, with shortened b prop, and shortened gear linkage on adapted gearstick mount. 

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As Shug says, manta B box Getrag 240 (not 1.8 as wrong bell housing), shorten the prop or if you can find a prop from an automatic they are the right length. I think you can buy the shortened gear stick setup. I cant remember where from. Maybe https://www.edelschmiede.com/

an easy conversion and you will find the A series is so much nicer to drive with the 5 speed!

Got a pic here. and can also take a pic of the gear linkage if that helps as its out of the car, or a quick google should find you some pics.





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