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Manta 1.8 clutch friction plate

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Hi guys, I'm just looking to get some confirmation on the dimensions of a manta 1.8 friction plate. I've been told I need one for a project I'm working on which involves mating an Isuzu 1.5td to an R25 gearbox. I know I need a 14T 1" spline in the hub, and the OD and ID of the friction material need to be 200mm and 135mm respectively.

Does this sound about right before I buy one and find out it's wrong?

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2 hours ago, Booomer said:

Ok failing that does anybody know where i can actually by a 1.8 friction plate these days?

There are kits on Ebay, no just the friction plate though...

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Outside diameter is 215mm and inside is 145mm.


200mm and 130mm

Best guess its the second one because that's what's on the box.

Sizes may not be millimetre perfect.



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found the right clutch!

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Way back in the day, i got a kit made, no more expensive than any clutch kit, pressure, friction, and release, it was for a redtop to 1.8 box.

I brought them, a 1.8 friction plate, gsi 1.6v friction plate, gsi pressure plate, and 1.8 release.

Was 12 on a sat, 10 mins later i was on my way, with a full kit! 


Im sure they post, and they are clutch anoraks, if they dont have it, no body will, and they may just make it, they are old school and will possibly reline clutch plates. 

Worth a try!


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