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1986 D Plate 2.0i GTE Coupe In Black Restoration Project

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Recently bought this from a customer as an unfinished project - I intended to push it forward to completion but being realistic I already have enough projects on the go !

So its offered here to OMOC members first before it goes onto Facebook and Ebay

Car is located in Burnley, Lancashire

Price is £2200 for everything - the car and all the spares - although thats negociable if you don't want the spares.

I can deliver nationally at £1 per mile one way

All the photos on this post were taken Friday 10.11.2017

First registered in December 1986 the car has only had 3 previous owners - and one of those owners had the car from 1992 to 2016

If you are commercially minded that owner is seriously interested in buying the car back once its restored at a price of around £12k

I'm in possession of the full current new style V5 Document.

Car has been off the road for many years

Its a full restoration project which the last owner has already started - it was running and driving before work started and is mechanically good

Engine had a top end rebuild shortly before coming off the road

Total mileage is 121,000

Its complete apart from the windscreen (Cracked when removed) and everything has been sensitively removed - all fixings bagged and tagged etc

Car is very original and unmolested - still retains the cardboard fuel tank cover, radiator tray, bit of chipboard under the passenger side carpet, GM Rubber floor mats, supplying dealer rear window sticker etc etc

The only modification on the whole car is that its lowered on Eibach springs

Topside body is generally straight. Bonnet is rotten but a much much better one comes in the spares. Roof is also rotten but a rot free roof (with glass sunroof) comes in the spares.

Front wings are good. Rear quarters need some localised repairs but will go again. Doors will go again. Rear panel is excellent. Scuttle is excellent. Outer nosecone is good. Bootlid will go again. Bumpers are excellent. Rear spoiler and side skirts are excellent. Wheels/centre caps are excellent. Tyres all have plenty of tread but are perished. Lights are all good and there are more in the spares too. Glass is all in great shape and its etched with the cars registration number. All the black aluminium trim around the windows is present and in great condition.

Underneath the car is mixed condition wise. The nearside chassis rail is in very decent condition. Offside swan neck section is totally rotten however! New klockerholm repair section in the spares. Floors aren't too bad at all just needing a few patches. Inner wings need repairs - offside klockerholm repair panel in the spares. Offside A post was completely rotten and has been cut out. Door aperture has been braced. Mint condition A post in the spares ready to weld in. Offside sill needs replacing - new klockerholm panel in the spares. Boot floor generally excellent. Spare wheel well needs repair. 

All of the interior is in superb condition - seats are unworn and taught - no baggyness. No cracks in the dash. Carpets good. Door cards excellent and not cut for speakers. Rear shelf excellent and original. Headlining is excellent. Period Panasonic radio cassette with original stereo spacer.

Check out all the photos attached to this post - they show everything I've talked about above

Overall this is an excellent project which is ready for you to get your teeth into - the parts needed to repair are sourced already. No surprises rot wise - its all revealed and shown.

Any questions I'm on 07889 141818





































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Definitely a worthwhile project for somebody. Nice looking car despite the perforations. Having all the replacement parts certainly helps Surprised you are selling it, albeit understandable given all the other projects on the go. 

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If it wasn’t for that A post I would of been interested. 

Looks a good project with plenty of great spares. I didn’t even know you had this. 

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9 minutes ago, Kevin Abbott said:

If it wasn’t for that A post I would of been interested. 

Looks a good project with plenty of great spares. I didn’t even know you had this. 

Wont take long to weld it in dude 🙂

I might do exactly that before it hits ebay if its even scaring you off the bravest manta welder i know lol

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Rest of the car looks good and fairly easy to sort other than the a post, roof swap isn't easiest job for most people but its fairly straight forward (although time consuming).

Problem with the A post is getting the hinge location absolutely spot on when welded in. Otherwise the door gaps will never be right when finished. Its do-able but will take a lot of time fitting and measuring to get it there. Got to say i wouldn't cut that much out in one go without putting new steel back in along the way. Makes the next step very very tricky.

But people do these things and then someone else has to piece them back together. I'm doing a coupe currently that has had so much cut off (nosecone, crossmember, a-panel, drivers floor, jacking point, swan neck, half the bulkhead, plus the inner sills rotten etc etc) the front OS corner can be moved about 3" around by hand :o 

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