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Coupe V8 Ireland

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Yes, you do wonder! 

It's a nice looking car however. 

Was up for sale just over a year ago for £12K. 300BHP according to the previous for sale ad. 11 previous owners so would suspect the quoted mileage.

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That's quite legible, you should have a look at some of the ads on DoneDeal, quite often you get a listing titled just "car" and virtually no other details add other than a picture, phone number and if you're lucky there'll be a price

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Looks like a cracking motor,with a pro looking engine conversion,also the costume;) interior looks good.

But its to understated for my likeing as it is,that may well of been the intention,(sleeper)of the seller.

If I got my hands on it,the wheels would go for a set of deep dish borbets for that euro look,it would have to have the exclusive rear spoiler aswell

Also the cheesey v8 badge would have to go,to be replaced by gte decals but the letter e replaced with a number 8,even though it started life as a berlinetta.

Maybe I should buy it.:rolleyes:......GT8.....:wub:



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