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Crash damaged 16v manta! (£2850)

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Its a bargain Clive & one i thought about buying as its not far from me but Myself & James Coghlan already had bought a 1.8 hatch to restore & James has an on going resto on a 2.0 GTE hatch so no room to store this one.

Its got rot in all the usual areas but once done up could make a healthy profit, the Exclusives do seem to be the most sought after Manta's at the moment.

Are you planning to keep it or restore then sell ?



42 minutes ago, Shug said:

Not sure A series are seeing the same price rises. Prices seem a bit static from what I've seen going.

Haven't seen many A's up for sale recently Shug but i reckon any good original A's that come on the market will attract a lot of interest & that should lead to a good price.

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Hi Dave....

This is a keeper mate, To me the hatches always seemed to be the more upmarket version over the coupe, I mean they had a fully carpeted boot for starters. but they always felt better on the road due to more weight over the rear wheels. And really, a quite practical vehicle to own to boot, most splendid :D

I was hopng to pick up a real old knacker, where I could be dead lary on it and deck the ride height, it would have been mettalic black or a gorgeous mettallic red witht dep dish cross spoke alloys tucked into the arches, and wanted to go supercharged or Turbo'd CiH. 

Long before Nat and Callum set up Retropower, Nat was over at mine one night and we drew up a spreadsheat of pully sizes, rpm, flow, etc, etc, for the supercharger I had bought for a cih project ( I say "we" it was actually Nat)  it sort of translated  that using something like a 75mm pully on a mini cooper turbocharger (which is what I had bought I think it was Eaton M45) that up to 5500 RPM it would go like stink but nothing much over that.

I never lost sight of that and with the engine bay with the CiH in place there is such a redundant space on the spark plug side of the engine where a supercharger could fit. 

But if my purchase ever goes that route I simply don't know, as these cars now get especially rare and to mackle about an original Irmscher Eclusive hatch, I just don't really know if I can do that,,,, Maybe an age thing but I don't feel the need for speed no more, hence why I sold my Skyline (should never have sold it really)

Will go to say though Dave, that of all the earlier comments put up on this thread I thought that yours were the most relevant, good man :thumbup 





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Great buy that! 

Get it modified! There are enough original ones kicking around. 

PMFSL at the fully carpeted boot comment :lol:

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