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A-series bushes

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moodoo    27


Just wondering, where's the best place to get A-series bushes? I'm not looking for rock-hard track bushes, just 'standard' type ones, if they can be got. Am I right in thinking that using Polyurethane bushes can make the whole thing feel a bit too hard for comfort on bad surfaces?

Is it the usual trawl through the German parts sites? I see some of them list different bushes, but was wondering if anyone does a complete kit? What has anyone else used?



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611    120

Hey Fin

The poly ones do make the ride a fair bit harder but it also stiffens up the handling a bit. I suppose it depends on the spring and shock setup you are going to use as you might be able to compensate for it if the springs and shocks are not too hard.

If you do want to go with the standard bushes there are quite a few places that do them, so i suppose it's just finding the place that does the most so you can save on delivery.

These guys do quite a few of them.




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