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  1. davidharrisonR500@yahoo.co

    Opel manta gte mattig wheels forsale

  2. Hi peter not sure what parts you are after but if you are looking for something super rare that will make your manta stand out i can gaurentee you will probly be the only person or one of very few to own these take a look see if they are of any interest to you i bought these for my astra gte mattig projectbut life got in the way and now considering in parting with these they are an origonal set of opel manta b mattig rims and tyres not bedn on car or seen road since refurb and are as new condition aswell as tyres rears are 345/15,s fronts 225/15,s brand new condition with brand new rear michelin tb15s and front 225 nankangs these are historic super rare rims the same ones used on the origonal opel manta mattig model the ice white car 

  3. davidharrisonR500@yahoo.co

    Contestants Needed For Competitive Car Rebuild TV Pilot

    Hi ed my name is mr harrison i have sent you an email regarding tv mechanics you require hope to be a candidate on your show i also have two perfect friends to accompany me hope we are what you are looking for look forward to speaking to you in near future. Kind regards Dave harrison If me and my team was to win the car we would like to donate the car or its value to alderhey childrens hospital as they do a wonderfull job as i have had experience with as i have a severely disabled daughter for whom the have given here the ability to walk even though we was told she never would! And would like to give something back. Kind regards Mr david harrison