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    I work in a bodyshop and hoping to take my Manta in for a freshen up. Starting my YouTube channel (youtube/Cordell smith) check me out. I'm going to start filming the Manta.
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    Cordell Smith

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  1. Manta B N/S side skirt

    Hi guys, any nice members out there have a spare unbroken side skirt as mine a small crack and would be easier to swap. Cheers 😊
  2. OMOC Calendars 2018

    I would like one please. ☺
  3. XRA721Y Body work update

    Got this mint rust free door which has been in a shed for many years from a very nice guy who drives a Manta. My original door has a bubble forming so I decided to get a replacement. Rear axle all painted and ready for reassembly when it gets a bit warmer.
  4. Hope there's some Opels there? I will attend but not taking my Opel. Weather permitting? https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sunday-scramble-tickets-38534993202
  5. Sorry to be a pain. A piece of 3x2 timber should do it!!! Lol
  6. Yay, I won your trim piece. 😀
  7. I noticed your front trim piece earlier on ebay. You haven't got much detail about your parts. Will the trim piece fit a Manta B with quad light upgrade. Hoping your parts find good homes. Cheers
  8. Vinyl roofs.

    Hiya folks. After reading some old post regarding vinyl roofs it took me back in time when I was an upholsterer. I used to fit vinyls, headlinings and sunroofs to brand new cars. I had a side line in doing private work. I had lots of Mantas wanting my talents. I was surprised by the £750 price tag. It was way cheaper back in my day.!! Lol It got me thinking about offering my services to club members? Not sure if there's much interest? I haven't worked out a price yet, I'm just testing the waters? Cheers me dears.
  9. Classic car auctions in Bicester, Oxfordshire

    True. Hopefully see some Opels there in the near future. 😀
  10. Just to let folks know. There's a classic car auctions coming very soon. It's held by a company called Brightwells. There is no Opels there but a good collect of vehicles even pre renovation.there's a lovely Lotus Cortina Mk1 which I pass most evenings parked under guard on the old military air field. About a month ago at the same location, they held a "Sunday Scrabble" I passed a long line of amazing cars waiting to go in. I've taken a screen shot from my phone of the auction but go online to check out the online catalogue. Enjoy. 😀
  11. Engine number query

    Good advice mate, thank you. 😀
  12. XRA721Y Body work update

    Thank you. I should have popped on the rear wheels and shut the boot before I took the photo!! 😀
  13. XRA721Y Body work update

    This week I dropped off the N/S/F wing to a glass blasting company in Milton Keynes His name and number are TOR 07791311186 if anyone needs glass blasting at a good price. I asked him could I give his number to the club and he said great. He also did my both rear brake backing disc's The wing came back lovely, no holes, no patches of filler so I was happy. The brake backing plates were dropped off for powder coating this week. I ordered some colour tinted Epozy primer, tinted to help with the Subaru ice blue later. The new front lower panel had the recycled rear section added from the original panel as a club member recommend, thank you. I've had a RMJ rear bumper for 20years waiting for this car, tried it on. The number plate is still on there from my old Manta. Cheers. ☺
  14. Engine number query

    Thank you for the advice. Sounds like I have a ball ache coming!! In the garage where I work in Oxford they have VOSA inspectors pop it quite frequently. I will have a word with them. Cheers me dears Thank you Steve for trying to help me. I going to ask a VOSA Inspector and see what he says. Cheers me dear.