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  1. Any one got a spare bonnet for a A happy to collect thanks
  2. E.motorspares

    Manta a

    Wanted good manta a passenger side door for rebuild do also have car for sale good solid shell plus complete rotten car
  3. E.motorspares

    Manta a rear arch repair panels

  4. E.motorspares

    Manta a rear arch repair panels

  5. E.motorspares

    Wanted good manta a bonnet

    Looking for a good manta a bonnet have some but not good enough and front bumper chrome one or what have you can any one help
  6. Manta a petrol tank wanted, brake servo complete and a good bonnet
  7. E.motorspares


    Have you stil got manta would be interested cash buyer
  8. Still waiting on reply

  9. What happened to the suspension I bought of you the other month have you had time to remove it and sort it yet.

    1. Paul Barrett

      Paul Barrett

      Hi, you haven’t bought anything from me. 

      I haven’t had time I’m afraid. And I’m debating what to do with the shell at the moment now. 



    2. E.motorspares


      I asked you if you had the suspension from the manta a you stripped the black shell you tried to sell and you give me a price  which I agreed to and offered to send you a deposit or pay for them and collect when you removed it and you sent me messages haven't had time yet that was only a couple of months ago a phone call would of been nice. Instead of messing people about.

  10. E.motorspares

    A-series front spoiler fitment

    I saw the one for sale a couple of weeks ago I bid strong money on it , was going to give it to a chap that mounds kit cars Cobras etc to make a mould like he said you could do them as one part or split and in fibre glass or carbon fibre . Would there be enough interest to make these just need one to make a mould from can any one help will be happy to give them one for helping
  11. I looked at her for spares
  12. E.motorspares

    15" ATS classic alloy wheels

    Have sent you several messages ref wheels are they for sale or are you keeping them cash buyer