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  1. Sie willetts

    Brake hose part number

    Thanks had got one on my eBay watch list
  2. Sie willetts

    Brake hose part number

    Hi all any one no part number for front brake hose for A series manta 1973 regards sie
  3. Hi spotted Mk 1 cavelier on eBay late last night under barn finds anyone else seen it finishes in l day 6 hour https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292543024114 regards sie
  4. Sie willetts

    Brake calliper refurb

    Sounds like a good idea ,I could have brought kit of the net for about £50 which is for piston and seals but you got get the stuck piston out which is what was wrong on one side on mine ,and it is worth noting they are pressure tested before they come back sie
  5. Sie willetts

    Brake calliper refurb

    Yes it takes a little longer to get them back but that’s well worth the wait
  6. Sie willetts

    Brake calliper refurb

    They charged me £125 for the pair plus £9.90return post. It £115 if you want them cleaned and basic finish but for the extra £10 you can have them electro plated so I thought no brainer ,mind you it cost me £27 to post up to them on guaranteed delivery by 1 pm next day and insurance of £500 thought I did not want them going astray. So all together just under £165 not bad and should last for many years to come at least my brakes will work properly now had new cylinder in back and new disc to go on front and got some new pins and spring for the pads regards sie ps Biggred are in Worcester WR2 4AY
  7. Sie willetts

    Brake calliper refurb

    Hi all my brake callipers have just come back from Biggred they now look like new big thanks to them and person who recommended them I will try post pictures regards sie
  8. Sie willetts

    Why can’t renew my membership

    Sorted big thanks to Simon P who sort my membership this evening 👍 regards sie
  9. Sie willetts

    Why can’t renew my membership

    Hi Simon P I’m in this evening regard sie willetts
  10. Sie willetts

    Why can’t renew my membership

    Still no look I’m loosing the will to live in process of weld other jacking point at moment so so would be good to be able to put some photos on in future regards sie
  11. Sie willetts

    Why can’t renew my membership

    I’ve been try to renew since 2 days before my membership date which is 23/04/2018 ive just noticed I have message from Simon p so hopefully might be able to sort out regards sie
  12. Sie willetts

    Why can’t renew my membership

    No it not working you end up going round in circles you should send you to a page to make a payment but you then get sign in page yet again sie
  13. Sie willetts

    Why can’t renew my membership

    Hi anyone understand why I can not renew my membership every time I press join it sends me to sign in and won’t take me to a payment section regards sie willetts ps Help
  14. Yes saw it at dinner time to day at £310 then now I see it’s at £1000 ponds still 8 days to go ,I brought my A series a year in March since then this is the 4th A series that come up on eBay the one I brought was listed as classic car so I think I got a bargain when I brought it . I will be watching to see what it fetches , nice to see there is still the odd one here and there they keep coming to light regards sie
  15. Sie willetts

    Where can I get replacement brake callipers

    Thank for your reply sie