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  1. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Please sent me the Tracking number ! I will try to trace them here from the local post office. Then, if i cannot find them i will accept the full refund. Believe me one is for me and the 2 other are gifts for my two close friends, so i better have the calendars than the money.
  2. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Paul still waiting... Is there any tracking number ??? I paid for 3 calendars I have not only none but no answear to my questions....
  3. Tick over speed??

    With a good engine (right compression right oil pressure etc) the first thing to check is the timing. You need a timing lamp. First you set by turning the diatributor the static timing . The second step it to verify the dynamic timing . From the carb there is a tube that sends variable vaccum to the distributor. A common fault is to have connected the other carb output that provides constant vaccum... Then you need a digital rpm meter and a exuast analyzer. Depends the carb you have you set the idle rpm ( manufacture value) and with the analyzer you set the mixure so you have a CO good value. Thats the correct procedure. If you have not reconditioned the carb better do it. I would buy a new weber replecement if you have a varajet II.
  4. Tick over speed??

    You Must check and adjust the static advance with a special lamp.
  5. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Nothing yet ! Please tell me news.I am waiting for many days ! Having paid for 3 + Postage to Greece , i hope that these Calendars are on their way. Any tracking number ???? PLEASE Its about a month waiting ...
  6. Interior light time delay

    The easy project is the time delay.... the difficult one is the time delay with fade function...
  7. Interior light time delay

    Astras Mk2 MK3 and Vectras had this system. You can built your own if you know about electronics too... Its very convenient having it.
  8. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Paul still waiting... Is there any tracking number ???
  9. Spares Heaven!!!

    I just sent him an email ! ! !
  10. Manta B GT Grey with stripes Interior

    Any one having these interior so to sell me ONLY the cloth ???
  11. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Please when sending mine sent it directly to me (Athens Greece) so not to double pay postage....Thank you PS if it was cheaper i would buy more to give to some friends as a gift....
  12. Blitz Seats Wanted for i200

    I have a full set of front and rear ORIGINAL blitz seats but i will fit them to my Manta...
  13. Tick over speed??

    Check if choke is engaged. Is static spark timing ok ? Any wacum leak ???
  14. There was a cloth with the opel logo in yellow all over ! Is there any availiable?
  15. Opel Manta GT/J for sale