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  1. There was a cloth with the opel logo in yellow all over ! Is there any availiable?
  2. Opel Manta GT/J for sale

  3. C20NE

    C20NE with immobilizer ??? Never heard before... Maybe fron an Astra mk3 or Vectra a gsi ?

    I have finished ( almost) the restoration of my mantas Engine 13S. I bought a new Weber carb too ( 32/34 DMTL) and i am waiting for a timing light and for a digital RPM meter. Then i will have the tools to follow the procedure to adjust correct the static advance, the idle and the mixture. Just be sure to have all possible vacum leaks sealed and no air enters after the throtle

    http://www.carburetion.com/Weber/adjust.htm Enjoy !
  6. Calibra turbo front calipers

    In my opinion the disk thickness as discribed on the swcond number is essensial. You can fit a smaller diagonal disk than standar 288 in a 57/25 caliper but not a 28 mm thick disk. It will not fit ! And if you fit lets say a 20mm thick disk there will be extensive piston move and when pads are worn the piston will go very out ou its travel distance. So as far as i know from having all possible setups in my Astra mk1 the best is to much the master cylinder and the piston size from a factory made setup..... as an example i had with a 22 master cylinder the 288mm (57/25) and the pedal feel was so bad that i sold them in a week. I went back to 284mm (54/24) and its on the edge acceptable.The best is the factory 256 (52x24) but they get hot very fast.... So the question is what the best bigger from factory brakes i can fit in a factory 13 inch rim ?? My GT have the big rear drums and big servo( when i say big i mean your standard because in Greece was a 1.2 version with parts from the Kadett c ..)
  7. Calibra turbo front calipers

    57/25 means 57mm diameter of piston and 25mm disc thickness. The best size of discs for a 20 mm master cylinder is 236x22 or 20 . If you have a 22 master cylinder the 256x24 are the best. All these fit in astras and other front wheel drive. I do not konw about the mantas and asconas !
  8. Calibra turbo front calipers

    Need them to fit in a Manta b ?????? They have a huge piston and you need at least a 23mm (i recommend 25mm) master cylinder....
  9. The first one the silver one is not a manta. Its an Opel Record coupe. !!!!
  10. Trim under headlights

    Its true ! ! ! The Greek "MOT" called KTEO is much more different! Even you miss a wing you are still on legal on the road.. But if there is water in the car then in 1 year the floor will be gone. So to prevent the floor to rust (from the inside) i suggested to have our Mantas Waterproofed at first.
  11. Trim under headlights

    I think remanufacturing bits is pretty good to all of us. But I think there should be a priority to full rubber sets (weatherstrips) for both doors. Its near to impossible to find a FULL rubber set new. In my opinion to have the car completely DRY is a top priority and then to be beautiful
  12. Trim under headlights

    How is it look like ???? Been trying to find it in Microfiche... No luck !
  13. Coupe convertible

  14. HI ! I will replace my two front seats with recaros and i need a matching cloth to make the recaros. The cars front seats are no good to give me their cloth ( so to make the recaros) so i need as much i can find from this cloth : I need only the cloth ( In very good to excellent condition ) shipped to Athens Greece 13121 Thank you.