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  1. Calibra turbo front calipers

    In my opinion the disk thickness as discribed on the swcond number is essensial. You can fit a smaller diagonal disk than standar 288 in a 57/25 caliper but not a 28 mm thick disk. It will not fit ! And if you fit lets say a 20mm thick disk there will be extensive piston move and when pads are worn the piston will go very out ou its travel distance. So as far as i know from having all possible setups in my Astra mk1 the best is to much the master cylinder and the piston size from a factory made setup..... as an example i had with a 22 master cylinder the 288mm (57/25) and the pedal feel was so bad that i sold them in a week. I went back to 284mm (54/24) and its on the edge acceptable.The best is the factory 256 (52x24) but they get hot very fast.... So the question is what the best bigger from factory brakes i can fit in a factory 13 inch rim ?? My GT have the big rear drums and big servo( when i say big i mean your standard because in Greece was a 1.2 version with parts from the Kadett c ..)
  2. Calibra turbo front calipers

    57/25 means 57mm diameter of piston and 25mm disc thickness. The best size of discs for a 20 mm master cylinder is 236x22 or 20 . If you have a 22 master cylinder the 256x24 are the best. All these fit in astras and other front wheel drive. I do not konw about the mantas and asconas !
  3. Calibra turbo front calipers

    Need them to fit in a Manta b ?????? They have a huge piston and you need at least a 23mm (i recommend 25mm) master cylinder....
  4. The first one the silver one is not a manta. Its an Opel Record coupe. !!!!
  5. Trim under headlights

    Its true ! ! ! The Greek "MOT" called KTEO is much more different! Even you miss a wing you are still on legal on the road.. But if there is water in the car then in 1 year the floor will be gone. So to prevent the floor to rust (from the inside) i suggested to have our Mantas Waterproofed at first.
  6. Trim under headlights

    I think remanufacturing bits is pretty good to all of us. But I think there should be a priority to full rubber sets (weatherstrips) for both doors. Its near to impossible to find a FULL rubber set new. In my opinion to have the car completely DRY is a top priority and then to be beautiful
  7. Trim under headlights

    How is it look like ???? Been trying to find it in Microfiche... No luck !
  8. Coupe convertible

  9. HI ! I will replace my two front seats with recaros and i need a matching cloth to make the recaros. The cars front seats are no good to give me their cloth ( so to make the recaros) so i need as much i can find from this cloth : I need only the cloth ( In very good to excellent condition ) shipped to Athens Greece 13121 Thank you.
  10. Seat belts Complete working set

    My manta is a coupe one (rear window not opening) but i think the front seatbelts are the same. If the donor car is a coupe and has rear seat belts too then make me an offer for complete set (front and rear)
  11. Hi there ! I need a complete ( a pair) 100 % working front seat belts set. Complete set with the long belt + the short one (with red button) that cliks and secures the belt. Please sent me price+shipping to Athens Greece 13121. Thank you Dimitris
  12. Looking to buy a working Econometer and a speedo with W=832 , both in good condition I need a set ( left and right) of upper door seals (rubbers) too I live in Athens Greece. Thank you
  13. Manta B 1.3S Electronic Dizzy

    Have found one new in box for 150 Euros posted from Germany Thank you can be locked.