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  1. FS: NOS Hirschmann antenna

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. FS: NOS Hirschmann antenna

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am after the plastic cover that goes over the distributor cap . It's for my 77 manta sr b coupe. If anyone can help me out i would be very grateful. Either a new one or a good condition second hand one would be great. Cheers Stuart
  4. Gutted. It's the same colour as my first cavalier. . If I had seen this for sale on Facebook, I would of bought this as an investment for my lad. He is 11 now. I could of put it away until he was old enough to drive. There again I probably wouldn't of let him in 6 years time. All good intentions hey..... I just hope who ever buys it looks after it.
  5. What a shame I was looking forward to a nice omelette. Never mind a jam it is then.🍓🍓.
  6. I know that there are some parts that can be used off this car. I was only joking 😃.
  7. Is there any chickens living in it. As I could do with half a dozen free range eggs. What a piece of poo.....why do people advertise shite like this .💩💩💩💩 Someone will buy it off here as there are some good parts to salvage. .... APPARENTLY. .👎 Those tyre valve caps look like there worth saving😃
  8. Manta B HT Leads - what do you recommend?

    Your welcome. Your best sticking to a reputable make. Otherwise you will have nothing but hassle. Good look.
  9. North west car shows.

    Never mind. Family comes first. May be we could meet up another time. Where abouts in Cheshire do you live.
  10. North west car shows.

    What a brilliant car show at Ormskirk yesterday Lots of top cars from all different decades plus lots of people to enjoy them. My manta was subject to a lot of interest from the members of the public, the judges and the local mayor. What was the icing on the cake was me and my son winning 2 trophies for our manta.😆 1.was the mayors choice. 2.judges voted best sports car. Days like this make all the hard sweat and tears worth while. Plus it was really nice to me a lovely guy off the forum who is about to start refurbing a manta A very soon. He also enjoyed seeing our car and gave some kind complimentary comments. 😃 May be next year some of you guys might attend. WELL WORTH IT.👍
  11. Hi Stu, and you mate, your manta is a minter, it really stood out. You and Jack fully deserved the 2 concourse class winner awards you go today. Just goes to show all that hard graft paid off. Its inspired me to get cracking on mine. It was good to meet you and I look forward to next time, take care.


    1. BIG STU

      BIG STU

      Hi Tom.

      Just wanted to let you know that the  trophies have taken pride of place  in the house.

      Good luck with your project. 

      Don't forget to  give me a shout if you  need me for anything. 

      If you still  want  the centre  cap , let me know  and I will  dig it out for you. 

      Plus I will  have a look for  the webber  carb for  you. 

      Take care and speak to you soon. 

      Stuart  and jack. 

  12. Turner Tour of the lakes

    Hi ya Danny. I just wanted to let you know that I would love to attend Andys tour of the lakes.Especially as my car was the last one that Andy took on to Refurbish. But sadly never got chance to finish. Pl Can you let me know if this will still go ahead. Plus it would be nice to meet you. Cheers Stuart.
  13. Manta B HT Leads - what do you recommend?

    Hi ya pal. Champion,Ngk, bosch and lucas are really good leads. They won't let you down. Origional top quality plug leads designed for your car.