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  1. 4.1 our 4.4 cwp

    as above I am after I no they are very rare. Iver a 4.1 crown wheel and pinion our a 4.4 thanks in advance cash waiting for good condition set
  2. Manta/ascona 400 Revolution Wheels

  3. Hi all I am after the paint codes for the Russel Brooke's manta 400 in orange blue red etc also if anyone happens to no were I may be able to get the decals from cheers in advance
  4. 400 body kit best one to get

    Cavalier coupe I used to have a hatch now have mk1 cavalier saloon with Xe on tbs which will be going in the 400r when it's done my father will be doing the body he is long time manta fanatic having owned over 100 mantas and body man by trade so I no it will be done right it's just a case of getting good quality kit which it looks Martin is the man for I will start a build thread when I finally get into it this winter need to get my mk2 gte finished of first so I've got ramp free for the 400r project cheers all advice
  5. 400 body kit best one to get

    The Martin kits sounds like the one then can any one put me in touch with said Martin also just to clarify he does the full kit wings bonnet spoiler rear arches side skirts front panel etc ? Cheers
  6. Hi there any one happen to no of the best fitting 400 kit available today I have seen a couple of people on the forum mention a member called Martin does a goof fitting kit can any one agree and no what sort of money they are I need full kit. Bonnet front panel wings rear arches spoiler and sills etc
  7. Nail on the head sutty johns lads That would be my sleeper :-)
  8. Clear out. FOC

    I will take the lot can collect tomorrow if any good cheers
  9. Manta cav rear wheel bearings

    After pair of rear bearings with retaining rings for 1.6 1.8 1.9 2.0 rear axle cheers
  10. Manta lsd

    Hi after a manta zf diff our complete rear axle with lsd fitted for my mk1 cavalier saloon cash waiting for rite diff axle etc
  11. Which polo heater motor

    Hi wondered if anyone happens to no year of polo the heater motor is from you can use as an upgrade am I right in thinking 98/2004 ? Cheers in advance
  12. rev counter

    Yes will work fine it's the green wire on one of the three plugs next to Ecu if u still have original green black and brown plugs it's the only solid green wire connects to half moon plug on manta/ cav 6 dials will have green and brown white (brown white could be wrong ) but the green is definitely rpm gauge and the other brown white am sure is hand brake light hope this helps
  13. Manta 1.8 our 2.0 5 speed gearbox

    After 1.8 gearbox our 2.0 5 speed must be good no whines etc