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  1. my two manta`s

    So that's were the cabby went to u .
  2. She's a cracker , my only thing is the body line rubbers but that's only me. But best yet untouched .
  3. Manta Exclusive

    Yes payed a lad to do a chop shop on it , coke cans next . The lot went to the nackers yard for nowt .
  4. By lad this one is doing its rounds, cheaper scrapping for parts, then advertising it so many times . There must be sommit up wifff it 👀 If anybody is interested there is a classic car show advertised up here in maccum land if anybody won't s to come up to Sunderland to show off this bank holiday weekend, pm me for details or 3 day event.
  5. Ebay: 84B GTE Hatch for sale

    Iye u need to be a die hard with money to spend that on a hatch .. it must off been a nacker , u cud of repaired it for 6 k to look like that .
  6. Ebay: 84B GTE Hatch for sale

    Mint iye 25 k na 11k so far i would pass out , I would drive it .
  7. My new manta project

    All this tech crap today , wot baffles me all the time is people like use over 40s wen we and I went to buy a electrical item , you always got a instruction book , tech wiz kid company's , think they no it all , but my point proves they no nothing.my instruction book is my 14 year old son .😡😡😡😡😡😬🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔 Well it's quite tonight on ere , well Saturday it chop shop day , not tizwaz day .lol🤐
  8. Manta Exclusive

    👳‍♀️👳👌 Yet Kevin going back up on eBay got my head hurting somebody with a eye for cutting and stripping properly will benifit from wot is left , roof can be repaired , you never see late model coupe roofs come up for grabs nacket or bad any thing can be repaired I've seen worse roofs open to offers on eBay .
  9. Manta Exclusive

    I did not sell it ,I took it off ,got so sick of being messed about,but I need it gone by Monday ,but anybody can having for nowt wots left if they take the enginr and box and dash for me if they take it away and take it out,and the log book AS WELL IS THERE.but if not It gets chopped by a butcherand dvla gets the log book as scrapped.but if anybody fancys doing it let me no asap needs a trailor but,boot and back bumper has gone but.its free wots left and it a exclusive ,but needs gone by Monday.but you take it and ill pick the engine and box up from were ever it goes to.and ill throw a couple of things in extra.cos I cannot manage cos iv half my stomack removed.
  10. Manta Exclusive

    Well it's a reck but it's not got a free tree in side it for sale mine got free spuds with it , and much more . and use Geordies can repair and bulid out ask george stepherson .
  11. Manta Exclusive

    Body gone but I got it for mechanical parts wheels boot bumper ex .
  12. Manta Exclusive

    There was more than that plenty more front end wings new floor lights seats spares engine sills interior chassis rails ,
  13. Manta Exclusive

    Iye Just I dinnet narr how to put pictures on here , that's y it's on there. Iye wheels ok , but cannot get the parts off it for the other one !!
  14. Yes under the radar but on the radar nowt seem to be going wot I can see, going down , but I don't trade in them , mine a passion and a head ache cannot get out done , take no notice off me I'm a grumpy teenager from the 1980s. Lol.