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  1. Revolution 5spokes 4x100

    Looking for a set of revo 5spokes. 4x100 fitment. Cheers
  2. Disc spacers to fit xe brakes to manta

    Looking for a set off disc spacer to fit xe brakes to manta. Cheers
  3. C20xe front mount dizzy braket

    Looking for a dizzy bracket to fit manta distributor to xe. Cheers
  4. Manta axle with steel torque tube

    Hi there. Looking for a manta axle with steel torque tube. Or even just a complete steel torque tube. Cheers
  5. Ats classic 15inch

    Looking for a set off 15inch ats classics. Any condition. Thanks
  6. Manta gte grey interior

  7. Manta 8v 4 branch manifold

    Hi there. Anyone got a manta 1.8 4 branch manifold. Cheers
  8. XE engine mounts

    Yeah both 50mm mate
  9. XE engine mounts

    Yeah a used the 1s from retro power. Ma engine is solid aswel. Think there bowt 20bucks fea retro power.
  10. Manta GTE hatch

    Sound mate. Cheers
  11. Manta GTE hatch

    How much ar u wanting for the twin lamps mate?
  12. opel manta b coupe

    Hi mate. Got gte front and rear seats. Both front door cards and missin 1 rear quarter card. Also got gte front and rear bumper.
  13. opel manta berlinetta 1985 radiator

    Retro power do them. They hav them on there website and they hav a ebay shop.