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  1. Reduced to 4300 can offer a bit discount for Omoc members
  2. I have a roof to go with it the interior is in great condition it’s actually a really nice driving car comfy with no whines or knocks it was on the road till 2015 I believe Danny and Carl gave it some attention in the past
  3. That would be 1 of mine would of liked to of got it done but I got offered another Monaco blue coupe (currently away getting welded @mantasport 👍)I’m hoping whoever buys it keeps it original if it doesn’t sell it will get done next year the roof is a shame but other than that it’s not a complete rot box would like a Omoc member to own it 👍
  4. Passed with no advisories

    I tried the silver lip but didn't like it then bought some orange paint that didn't go on smooth so I might try some orange rim protectors
  5. Been on eBay a few times it seems to be one of those scammers that want your email address I noticed that they wanted contact direct to an email address I bet it gets listed again. Not sure what they do with your email when they get it ?
  6. Passed with no advisories

    Bought this hatch a while back from mantasrme as I knew it would be solid and mechanically sound (sri 130 engine)it was a few shades of white so I decided to go Matt black again (not everyone's taste ) I like it as it's tidied the car up I also put a black recaro interior in took it for mot today and it sailed through 👍I use this everyday and it always turns heads it's not a gte as the decals say but I like the gte stickers
  7. Trim under headlights

    Pm sent
  8. 83 Coupe for sale