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  1. From black to white

    Another idea to mull over I know mantasrme is always telling me to do the rim for the same reason tyres blending into wheels 👍 Luckily it was just a paint/dent /rotten wing project (2new wings fitted ) car is mechanically spot on and needs no welding mantasrme did all that before I bought it from him as I knew it would be a good motor 👍👍
  2. From black to white

    Origanal black sticker set on route lol no orange on this !!! not sure on wheels as to colour was thinking gloss black but i do like the flat black Possibly putting some side skirts on as well Yes painted it myself over last 3 weekends after being let down by 3 so called painters its not show quality but its very respectable
  3. From black to white

    Yes I wasn’t sure at first but it’s growing on me ha ha
  4. From black to white

    Quite happy with its new back to original polar white look just a couple of bits to flat and polish and I will be a happy bunny 👍. FROM THIS TO THIS. no more Matt black for me 😂
  5. Couple of bits to flat n polish but overall very happy with its new polar white coat 👍 Ignore the tape on rear window had a bad batch of masking tape think its been crossed with super glue Just realised this is probably in wrong section now I popped it up in projects as it’s not for sale as of yet
  6. Random downpipe question from a cheapskate

    No probs mate 👍
  7. Random downpipe question from a cheapskate

  8. Random downpipe question from a cheapskate

    There’s 1 just popped up on gumtree £50 was only used for 2 weeks if that’s any help 👍
  9. PRICE DROPPED TO 3500 time to admit defeat the colour has killed the resale so if it doesn’t sell by this weekend im going to get it painted back to original white new wings and bonnet with wheels refurbished in gloss black then someone will end up with a great looking car with some nice mods it’s a great daily driver very comfortable and ultra reliable (hopefully I won’t like it to much that I keep it I have a 400r and a Monaco blue coupe that is currently away with mantasport getting welded ) trying to thin the collection down 👍
  10. Reduced to 4300 can offer a bit discount for Omoc members
  11. I have a roof to go with it the interior is in great condition it’s actually a really nice driving car comfy with no whines or knocks it was on the road till 2015 I believe Danny and Carl gave it some attention in the past
  12. That would be 1 of mine would of liked to of got it done but I got offered another Monaco blue coupe (currently away getting welded @mantasport 👍)I’m hoping whoever buys it keeps it original if it doesn’t sell it will get done next year the roof is a shame but other than that it’s not a complete rot box would like a Omoc member to own it 👍
  13. Passed with no advisories

    I tried the silver lip but didn't like it then bought some orange paint that didn't go on smooth so I might try some orange rim protectors