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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-1973-Opel-Manta-A-Project/263493162684?hash=item3d596a96bc:g:NrAAAOSwdTJagfJL
  2. looks great, very original and probably only needs a good service and once over to be back on the road.
  3. Returning member

    Nice looking A more pictures please when you get chance!
  4. Manta i200 at auction

    Even if it's up a few hours they may get a few bites, they prey on people hoping to get something on the cheap. Nearly as bad as the ***** who told my 90 year old Granddad they were the Gasboard and needed to look at his meter, luckily they were con artists and not out to hurt anyone but they took his wallet off the side, I'd told him before never let anyone in without ID but the Gasboard trick got them in Not that bright though as they are currently residing in HMP as they left fingerprints and were well known.
  5. Manta i200 at auction

    Yep C925 is back on again at 99p using a different hacked account this time. Reported the listing to Ebay, hopefully they will remove it before someone gets scammed. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-gte-low-mileage/302623775266?hash=item4675c85a22:g:b-cAAOSwuHdactcc
  6. Hello Everyone

    Yeah just down the road, went through Mossley on Tuesday heading over to Birstall....much nicer drive than M67, M60, M62.
  7. Hello Everyone

    I'm not a million miles away either, near the Waggon and Horses where Mottram meets Stalyvegas, Car Park is a bit small for a meet but at least I'd be able to push mine there
  8. It's very nice indeed, wonder how much they want, pees me off no price..... spit it out, if they want 10k then say so
  9. Ha Ha..... might do that to mine if it adds £1500 quid to the price. Was thinking the same about the underneath or somethings up if they are moving it straight on. 'had welding done over the years when needed with receipts' ........... Maybe it's rough and not been ground back etc? Shame as it's a nice colour.
  10. Quick 1500 ish quid profit if they turn it round, don't seem to have done anything to it by the looks of the pictures. Although they will have had to ship it over there.....not sure what that costs?
  11. 87 exclusive coupe

    Yep that's pretty much what I got for my SR in 1991, it was jumping out of 2nd and I couldn't afford to fix it back then. Still don't get what happened to it as it wasn't ever taxed again. I'd done all the welding and it pretty much had a full ticket. I can still see the car lot now, was full of at the time what were cheap cars, Manta's, Cortinas, Capri's, a very sorry for itself Maroon SD1, and a nice selection of Datsuns
  12. 87 exclusive coupe

    Ditto, My Capri's back in the day we equally as rotten Spring hangers, Door hinges, A post, bottoms of the doors. people are now paying crazy money for very rotten fords and bits.
  13. D Reg GTE Hatch, full MOT, £6250

  14. GTE Coupe 1984

    Not til Now!
  15. GTE Coupe 1984

    Cheers I'll give that a go, still got a little bit of unspent money stashed from my Birthday back in April Also noticed a load of bog inside both doors that seems to have seeped through holes made for that mantzel kit, also lots on the outside where they blended it in, gonna knock it off the outside of the doors and see what I'm left with