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  1. Lock Surround needed ASAP

    Grrr my garage is really dark even with the light on, (note to self install better lighting) so far I have unearthed a grey one and a chrome one from the spares bag in the boot. More annoying is I can't find the other 4, I had a set for each pair of doorcards so they must be in the car itself, I'll have to wait for daylight to dig further!
  2. Lock Surround needed ASAP

    Sorry for the delay, only just back from work but will tear the garage apart tomorrow!
  3. Lock Surround needed ASAP

    Let me dig through my bits, at the minute all the bits are in the boot and the inside of the car is full of panels! I'm sure I have at very least one spare, just need to find them amongst the chaos
  4. Lock Surround needed ASAP

    What a pain only got grey ones. Worst case I guess is rub down a grey one and paint it. One of the paint match places might get close enough to the colour.
  5. It's still a belter though
  6. A series project

    Maybe it's an android thing but the links to eBay sometimes don't work and I get item not found. yet if I go on EBay and search for opel manta there it is. Looks pretty decent
  7. Pics of my new Manta 400R

    That looks fantastic
  8. Ebay: 79T 2.0 GLS Cavalier Coupe

    Maybe they don't have the keys
  9. North west car shows.

    I thought they had to be yellow these days but they seem to be green and the odd blue one round here.
  10. North west car shows.

    Near Mottram, foot of the Woodhead pass. For his latest trick he's just had a bout of PlayStation rage and chucked the controller at his telly, ruined Doctors made us wait near 3 years to tell us he's not Autistic, we now await the next round of tests for ADHD or ODD. Sorry not Manta related just needed to vent, I have to put it down to him being poorly rather than a naughty/spoilt kid.
  11. North west car shows.

    Sorry fella the 8 year old was in and out of bed all night, was 3 pm before we got out of the house and I was outvoted so it was straight to Formby to get the last of the Sun. Glad you bagged some trophies and gutted I didn't get to meet you and see your Manta in the flesh.
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1985-C-reg-Opel-Manta-1-8S-Berlinetta-Hatchback-Excellent-Original-Condition-/122666821557?hash=item1c8f8327b5:g:tl0AAOSwGNdZn2oT Being sold by Carl, looks really clean and unmolested.
  13. Parts up grabs

  14. On Fleabay now too.
  15. Pictures are back