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    I’m liking the small 400 detail on one of your alloy spokes, spot on..... wheels look well smart as does the whole car!
  2. Useful Part Numbers

    2.0E CIH Exhaust manifold to downpipe gasket, Part number GM 1#90299361 2.0E CIH Bosch fuel pressure regulator/diaphragm damper, Part numbers GM 90019987 Bosch 0280161006
  3. Mike's Manta.

    Just been in past the bodyshop to push them on a bit and see if progress is being made, true to their word they are now making good progress, most of the blocking and sanding including shell and panels has been done. Hopefully I will get it back in the next few weeks. the back quarters and arches look true again, all signs of welding and lead loading are gone, I put a lot of importance on the rear quarters and arches, they need to be right. with the available light in the workshop they are looking spot on, The klockerholm front jacking points, have had their jacking pipe that came with them removed as the original jack would not fit the hole and the pipe was cut square at the end, so new pipes were fabricated and angled at the sills to replicate as close to original spec as possible and now the jack fits both front and back points, I’ll only need to carry one jack now not two! I can’t see why klockerholm don’t use the correct size of tube? The rear jacking points have been repaired with new steel including the inner back sill section that the rear jacking points are welded to, the original pipes were in good condition so were retained, 3mm steel plates were used to give strength into this area, The front jacking points were altered months ago, here you see them being altered and new pipes being fabricated, The floor of this shell has had most of the work, but now looks all the better for it, solid once again, How time flies, originally the manta went into the bodyshop for both sills and back arches and the work was estimated at one week. That’s one year and two weeks in the bodyshop alone to get her to this stage, I was just over a year welding in my garage before hand, but saying that a lot more work than was originally asked for has been done, I’m patient because I know the bodyshop lads will make a great job. I don’t want to push them and they rush it through. One bonus with taking so long is I’ve had time to concentrate on the little details and small jobs I would otherwise missed, realistically I prefer the job done right than rush it through.
  4. Mike's Manta.

    Im trying to keep my build as close to original spec as possible but “period mods” that I would have done back in the 80’s still tempt me all these years later. I couldn’t resist the Irmscher Raid1 leather steering wheel, I’ve always admired these on other mantas, I’ll still keep the original just incase I want to revert back. the wheel, boss and Opel push button horn looks good on their own, the irschmer foam pad I think I will leave off. the modifications I am making are now building up but that’s the lot, they are: 1. Passenger door mirror, I had a blanking plate installed from the factory spec but after putting new paint on her I feel the passenger door mirror will be a welcome addition when parking. 2. The irschmer quad lights, again for me a must. These came along with some spares when I bought the manta so I didn’t need to source them, as you have seen I have allready trial fitted these. 3. The aluminium satin black trim closing up the bumper to four slot grill gap. I was unsure about this but when I seen it on, what a difference so it will be staying. 4. The Raid1 steering wheel, my latest edition. oh and lastly, if you keep something for long enough you will find a use for it, back in 1993, I was into my music just being a young lad with no ties, worry’s or bills, just a car to keep on the road. I bought an Alpine CD player and a Dennon Amp, I had these moved from car to car but as things get more modern cars started having built in or integrated systems, sat nav, alarms etc so it wasn’t so easy to change. I have stored these in a cupboard and now I’m intending fitting them again. I know the CD player will stick out a little from the dash but I can put up with that.
  5. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Pleased to hear progress is being made now and by the sounds of it it’s going to be perfect when she’s done again, you are going the full 9 yards quite right. everything should still be fresh in your mind and make for an easy assembly
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283031445519 SBV 748k the colour suits it. Daytona recaro.
  7. Mike's Manta.

    The master cylinder refurbishment, machine bore the cylinder larger, re sleeve with stainless steel to original size, new seals, powder coat and test came in at £96. It comes with a 50,000 mile or two year guarantee. All the ATE master cylinders I could find were for left hand drive and I didn’t want to take the chance or the hassle of sending back and refunds etc.The refurb is as good as a new one and keeps as much original parts as possible. The servo work came in at £25. All in all given the work that has went in I don’t grudge that.
  8. Mike's Manta.

    It’s just like a new one, I would definitely use these lads again, great service and decent price. It will give me peace of mind that my newly painted bulkhead will remain that way for a long time and not be effected by leaking brake fluid. The only progress I can make at the moment is the small jobs that either I can do or I have to get professionally done but I’m running out of these, most of my parts are now refurbished, cleaned and painted, boxed up waiting for the build back up.
  9. Mike's Manta.

    Brake master cylinder and brake servo refurbished from past parts as the seals were leaking brake fluid. Master cylinder re sleeved with stainless steel, new seal kits and resivoir grommets fitted and a new powder coat finish. Brake servo vacuum tested and new hose fitted both sides of the non return valve.
  10. Gumtree is £1000 less for same car/same add?
  11. Mike's Manta.

    Spent the weekend dismantling both wing mirrors. I ended up with only the alloy triangles of which I used 275 grit emery paper to sand smooth again removing the paint blisters and oxidisation on the old paint. I gave both triangles a coat with etch primer and at least four coats of black, allowing 15mins in between coats. When dry I fully assembled both wing mirrors again, both with top rubber glass guides, drivers side adjustment lever with rubber seal, passenger mirror attached to the triangle with the screw and concealed with the plastic gromet and small rubber seal, both attached to the pivot part with a screw and small spring underneath, then fitted the long internal door glass guides, then I glued the small rubber seals back on, these seal the joint between door and mirror. It most certainly has transformed their appearance, looking quite good again. on Thursday when I was working my phone was continuously ringing, I went outside and answered it, one of my friends was phoning me to tell me that the bodyshop where my manta is in was on fire, my WhatsApp was busy with people sending photos of the paint shop on fire. Instant panic! I phoned the bodyshop manager straight away to ask him where my manta was to be told don’t worry it’s in a different spray booth and not in the vacinity of the fire.......what a relief!!
  12. Thanks for the good advise Mike. I put a request in the wanted section. Hopefully get a response soon. Cheers. Bar

  13. New Manta GTE project door locks.

    Welcome along Barillo, try putting a post in “parts wanted section” or keep an eye on “parts for sale” sections. There is a chance you may pick up a complete replacement set of locks including ignition from lads breaking mantas that are too far gone for economic restoration. I have sourced a lot of replacement parts this way, it works well.
  14. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Fresh mot and the summer in front of you, what a fantastic place to be, well done, sounds like it sailed through
  15. Manta sills,floor pans and chassis legs.

    TJ Motorsport and Retropower supply the klockerholm replacement panels for the Ascona /Manta/Cavalier mk1 look them up online but I think Retropower is running low on stock at the moment but could be wrong. I have dealt with both companies and found both very helpful. e bay has often got a selection for sale as well.