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  1. Hi ianMc, the wipers are so easy to take out, just slacken and remove the two top nuts and drop it under the scuttle Pannel, then screw the nuts back on for safe keeping, you haven’t stuck at anything yet and a small job like this by what I’ve seen is well within your capabilities, take the wiper mechanism out and save yourself the masking up, it all comes out in one unit , motor attached, can’t go wrong 👍
  2. Mike.

    A Series Halo Headlights

    A really nice addition to your A, looks great 👍
  3. Mike.

    Car of The Month

    https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1058294 Another one to check out, Manta GSI Coupe, no price given so deep pockets required!
  4. Mike.

    Not sure about this one !!

    https://www.tjmotorsport.co.uk/products.php?cat=1790 try Tjmotorsport, they have a good selection of klockerholm repair panels for the manta b. retropower press to order the A section forward of the door hinges, this panel includes 1/2 the wing mounting rail and the original lip on the inner wheel arch.
  5. 400r in orange, looks decent if you’re pockets are deep, https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F352543698792
  6. Mike.

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    Looking forward to reading your updates 👍
  7. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Spent today on fluids, filled brake fluid resivoir and bled brake system starting at the back brakes and working forward, then put new genuine Vauxhall oil into the gearbox and the rear diff, I was going to tackle the build up in my garage but speaking to these lads they lent me the use of their garage and ramps for the weekend, it really did make the assembly of the Manta easier having the right tools and equipment, Finally before I finished for the day I let her down on her wheels then went through all the front subframe bolts and tightened them up, after letting the new rubber bushes settle, she is sitting high at the back at the moment but I’ll see if it’s going to drop slightly once I get her fully assembled with Petrol tank, bumpers, boot, glass etc,
  8. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Thanks evo03, originally my Manta would have been a non sunroof, but I have the addition of the pop up type glass roof. All working perfectly, no drain tubes to worry about and none of the dreaded rust issues that go along with the Opel cassette type tilt or slide versions as the later cars were fitted with, so all good on a sunny day,
  9. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    One whole day, 7am start till 5pm finish has taken this from a shell on a dolly to a rolling project, engine and gearbox in, subframes and wheels on plus exhaust, I’m happy with that for a days work,
  10. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Manta shell removed from the dolly and lifted on the 2 poster ramp, I intend to fit the engine, gearbox, subframes from below by lowering the shell onto them, Engine and gearbox bolted together and stored on a wooden pallet then wheeled under the raised shell and positioned carefully then the shell lowered down slowly, inch by inch, a few tense moments and plenty of double checking, Engine fitted like a glove, trailing arm bolt holes lined up, bolts through chassis and training arms fitted, then front shocks, Front subframe fitted now on to the rear, To be honest fitting the rear subframe, panhard rod and prop shaft was more of a hassle than the front, but got there in the end, Next was on to the Sportex exhaust, first a new gasket on the exhaust manifold then downpipe, Middle section and back box went on really easily, Clear celofane still on chrome exhaust tip, but I’m happy with the look of the exhaust. The Sportex system fitted spot on, no hassle or heating with oxy-acetylene, straight bolt on, no alterations, clearances throughout was perfect,
  11. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Before removing the 2.0E CIH from the Manta I made sure it ran.... all good so out it came for a full strip down and rebuild, Fairly quickly it was realised a new camshaft was required, Heavy scoring was evident so new camshaft sourced, Cylinder head removed and sent up to Precision Engine Services in Inverness, they vacuum checked the head for cracks, de-coked, cut seats and lapped in valves, rebuilt head with new camshaft and new seals and dressed cam bearings, The old sump was so rusty I put a wire brush through it trying to clean it up so a new sump was sourced, Engine now fully reconditioned with a complete top and bottom set of gaskets, new water pump, belt, oil pressure sender, NGK spark plugs, sump and camshaft. Gear box fitted along with new clutch and release bearing, all ready to be fitted,
  12. Mike.

    Rust help.

    I used them on both sides too and as you say bris jas a good fit, in my opinion worth the spend, looks great when fitted, you are also able to reinstate the original lip edge on the inner arch, and eliminates loads of patches.
  13. Mike.

    Rust help.

    That A post sections are available to order from Retropower, they press them to order, hope this helps.
  14. Mike.

    Car for sale

  15. Mike.

    5 speed gear gaitor manta b

    still available from your local Vauxhall dealer. GM# 90170720 Bellows 7 38 393 GR . 6 . 170 As Mickfrad states this is only the outer part, it’s made of two sections, inside your old one will be a smaller rubber cone which is easily removed and re used inside the new one.