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  1. Rolling restoration - 88 Exclusive Coupe

    This spring was inside the hose that attaches to the water pump, I presumed it was to keep the hose in shape when the rubber gets hot?...... I’m guessing here, every day is a school day!
  2. Rolling restoration - 88 Exclusive Coupe

    There is metal springs inside the original rubber radiator hoses to give them support, did you put them back inside the silicone hoses or just leave them out?
  3. Hi Kevlar, i did exactly the same as you are going to do, a blanking plate was on the passenger door and I changed it for a mirror to aid in parking. It’s really easy to change, just remove the door pull handle, interior catch and door card and you will find that the blank is attached to a long curved guide inside the door and secured with a small screw on the back of the blank and one at the bottom of the guide, just swap them out, they lift up and out, the glass can still remain in just make sure the glass is properly located inside the new guide. I found the plastic surround on the door catch awkward to remove as I was scared of it being brittle with time and maybe breaking with leverage but it was ok. regarding the problem with your drivers mirror, all will be fine if you keep your speed below 100mph!

    What a fantastic looking Manta, great photos is that a Sportex exhaust I spot, how does it sound as I have bought one and I’m hoping it sounds good.
  5. I see it’s got the quad lights instead of the rectangle ones, Exclusive back bumper and the irschmer infill panel between the rear lights apart from the non stock items I presume this would be a non sunroof which eliminates the rust worries, the paint looks fresh in the photos, if the underside has been well looked after addressing issues as they have arisen then I would agree, quite a bargain to get into coupe ownership. The owner says he has had it for at least 15 years. Is that round OMOC stickers in the back window, is the car known to the club?
  6. Again on Gumtree, 1984 Berlinetta coupe in black, mot and tax till July 2019. This one looks tidy usable example, offers over £2500. St Helens area. Worked out how to post the link https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/1984-opel-manta-coupe/1308111185?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  7. On Gumtree at the moment I see there is a GT/E Exclusive coupe in Dolphin Grey. 3.0L 24v straight six. Looks presentable, been resprayed a few years ago, usual rot arround sunroof which has previously seen bad repairs and needs doing again, headlining needs fitted better, other bits and pieces needing done. I would post a link but I can’t with a gumtree add. As always especially with the e bay scams, buyer beware as it’s a lot of money to loose 10k.
  8. Mike's Manta.

    Manta back into the spray booth, this is after guidecoat and block sanding completed, 2k primer applied to complete shell including underside, Also 2k primer applied to engine bay, apparently the 2k primer highlights the guidecoat imperfections as seen below, The shell is now ready to be dry sanded, boot and engine bay ready for wet on wet primer then gloss top coat engine bay and semi mat black for boot. Underside ready for sealing then stonechip.
  9. Hi cam.in.head, i re-bushed my subframes with new GM rubber bushes, it took me a whole day. I removed the old ones and pulled in the new ones using holesaws. 44mm and 57mm was the sizes required. I buffed down the teeth to save them digging into the metal and produced a flat surface. Then I used a long bolt and washers to wind them out and new ones in with. The 57mm was used for the large trailing arm bushes and the 44mm was used for the swing arms and the rest of them.
  10. Manta GTE (15 years on)

    Looking forward to see the progress on your GTE, it looks like a great project.
  11. Totally agree, depending on the interest could be a great buy, would be interested myself but one to paint at the moment is my hurdle.
  12. clean looking Manta, this would look great on a track. 5 studs as well https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263825313999

    I’m liking the small 400 detail on one of your alloy spokes, spot on..... wheels look well smart as does the whole car!
  14. Useful Part Numbers

    2.0E CIH Exhaust manifold to downpipe gasket, Part number GM 1#90299361 2.0E CIH Bosch fuel pressure regulator/diaphragm damper, Part numbers GM 90019987 Bosch 0280161006
  15. Mike's Manta.

    Just been in past the bodyshop to push them on a bit and see if progress is being made, true to their word they are now making good progress, most of the blocking and sanding including shell and panels has been done. Hopefully I will get it back in the next few weeks. the back quarters and arches look true again, all signs of welding and lead loading are gone, I put a lot of importance on the rear quarters and arches, they need to be right. with the available light in the workshop they are looking spot on, The klockerholm front jacking points, have had their jacking pipe that came with them removed as the original jack would not fit the hole and the pipe was cut square at the end, so new pipes were fabricated and angled at the sills to replicate as close to original spec as possible and now the jack fits both front and back points, I’ll only need to carry one jack now not two! I can’t see why klockerholm don’t use the correct size of tube? The rear jacking points have been repaired with new steel including the inner back sill section that the rear jacking points are welded to, the original pipes were in good condition so were retained, 3mm steel plates were used to give strength into this area, The front jacking points were altered months ago, here you see them being altered and new pipes being fabricated, The floor of this shell has had most of the work, but now looks all the better for it, solid once again, How time flies, originally the manta went into the bodyshop for both sills and back arches and the work was estimated at one week. That’s one year and two weeks in the bodyshop alone to get her to this stage, I was just over a year welding in my garage before hand, but saying that a lot more work than was originally asked for has been done, I’m patient because I know the bodyshop lads will make a great job. I don’t want to push them and they rush it through. One bonus with taking so long is I’ve had time to concentrate on the little details and small jobs I would otherwise missed, realistically I prefer the job done right than rush it through.