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  1. 5 speed gear gaitor manta b

    still available from your local Vauxhall dealer. GM# 90170720 Bellows 7 38 393 GR . 6 . 170 As Mickfrad states this is only the outer part, it’s made of two sections, inside your old one will be a smaller rubber cone which is easily removed and re used inside the new one.
  2. Mike's Manta.

    One pack of 10 Tetrosyl sound deadning pads (200mm x 500mm each) fitted to floor pans, 3 pads each for front driver and passenger foot wells, 2 pads each for back passenger foot wells, one pack doesn’t go far! Should help though, The window washer bottle area when I got the Manta needed attention as it was crusty, new metal was welded in and now she’s painted it’s looking fresh, a view from the drivers steering column and wheel well area, Passenger side wheel well area and battery tray also needed new metal welded in but again once seam sealed and painted it’s solid, dash was removed and all metalwork behind prepped and painted, Inner rear drivers side wheel arch, all wax oiled as a preventative measure, I’ll extensively wax oil once I’m finished painting and before final interior trim assembly, From inside you can see the klockerholm repair panel joints if you look closely but once the rear cards are on these will never be seen, Next on my list of jobs to tackle is front and back subframes, engine, gearbox and exhaust, looking forward to getting her off the dolly and back on her wheels.
  3. Mike's Manta.

    Fuel pump set up refurbished and fitted in original location under the boot, 5/16” cupronickel fuel lines run in......not easy stuff to work with but got there in the end, still got the fuel tank to fit with new hoses to attach to the new lines, 3/16”brake lines run in, I’ll spend a little time tomorrow fetteling the pipe work to get it the best I can, I found it a challenge to make the pipe work look tidy in the engine bay as it was intended by Opel, running the brake lines itself was the easy part, getting them to look right is a different matter, the fuel lines in the engine bay I’ll trim shorter when I get my engine in and have a better idea of what’s required, I have given some extra length on these at the moment.
  4. As above I’m looking for a very good condition black rubber heater box cover for the manta b engine bay under the scuttle panel as mine has disintegrated beyond repair, thanks.
  5. Mike's Manta.

    Spotted on the A90 between Fraserburgh and Peterhead this afternoon, it’s not often nowadays that you see a Manta in your rear view mirror!
  6. Mike's Manta.

    Masking up whole shell to prevent overspray. shell interior, engine bay, chassis and underside painted and finished in polar white 452, small amount of masking on the inside, Engine bay now finished, Underside, rear arches, front inner arches, chassis and floor has been stone chipped prior to being painted and now finished in polar white, boot finished in semi gloss black, Top side of shell given only one coat of polar white at the moment to give a seal, so I can build her back up and return it to the bodyshop as a rolling shell for final paint, and at this stage the bonnet, boot, doors and wings will be fitted and all painted at one pass so as to get a good paint match, they are all prepped and ready to go, im at the stage of getting her home now to start running brake and fuel lines, master cylinder and brake servo fitted, then sub frames, engine, gearbox, exhaust, radiator, hoses, steering rack, suspension etc, A good place to be, the long wait has been worth it, 15 months in the bodyshop, they were doing it between jobs and that was the understanding and arrangement, this way I was able to keep a lid on costs and make the project feasible.
  7. Thanks Ian, a great help and a better understanding now.
  8. A question Ian, why is there a cable attached to the end of the master cylinder and where does it go? I’m just wondering as I have my manta b to re assemble soon and I can’t recall seeing this. I have a metal cable clip on the end of my master cylinder. cavalier coupe and manta b coupe are exactly the same in build. The welding and fabrication is going great
  9. Rostyle Wheels

    There is also a set on Gumtree, https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vauxhall-opel-chevette-kadett-manta-etc-rostyle-wheels/1313917055?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  10. Rolling restoration - 88 Exclusive Coupe

    This spring was inside the hose that attaches to the water pump, I presumed it was to keep the hose in shape when the rubber gets hot?...... I’m guessing here, every day is a school day!
  11. Rolling restoration - 88 Exclusive Coupe

    There is metal springs inside the original rubber radiator hoses to give them support, did you put them back inside the silicone hoses or just leave them out?
  12. Hi Kevlar, i did exactly the same as you are going to do, a blanking plate was on the passenger door and I changed it for a mirror to aid in parking. It’s really easy to change, just remove the door pull handle, interior catch and door card and you will find that the blank is attached to a long curved guide inside the door and secured with a small screw on the back of the blank and one at the bottom of the guide, just swap them out, they lift up and out, the glass can still remain in just make sure the glass is properly located inside the new guide. I found the plastic surround on the door catch awkward to remove as I was scared of it being brittle with time and maybe breaking with leverage but it was ok. regarding the problem with your drivers mirror, all will be fine if you keep your speed below 100mph!

    What a fantastic looking Manta, great photos is that a Sportex exhaust I spot, how does it sound as I have bought one and I’m hoping it sounds good.