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  1. So close, then.....

    Top job, your cavalier sportshatch is looking showroom fresh, impressive!
  2. Manta “b” gt/e jack and wrench set.

    Jack set sourced from a club member and received it today, thanks for all your offers of help guys .
  3. Manta “b” gt/e jack and wrench set.

    Pm sent this morning MrCarlos, should be sorted with this one, thanks 👍
  4. Chassis Rails

    If it’s the straight sections under the drivers and passenger seats that go as far as the front jacking points and connect to the bottom of the swan necks these sections are available to buy new from Retropower or TJ Motorsport
  5. I’m looking for a complete manta gt/e car jack, wheel nut wrench set along with original tool storage roll. thanks mike.
  6. Advice

    The value of any restored manta in my book would be based on the quality of work done and the type of restoration, was it limited to only addressing the bad points then getting an mot, leaving for instance storage marks and paint blemishes etc or was it a complete nut and bolt strip down, bare metal respray, engine rebuild, suspension and brake upgrades etc? A ballpark figure guessed before a restoration has been completed could be wildly out. I do agree with starmist for a well sorted manta, but if your project is a labour of love and you strive for perfection you may well spend over that and never recoup your outlay, not in the short term anyway. I would base my insurance value by my total of parts and labour spend along with the initial outlay of the manta, not leaving myself short in the event of a claim.
  7. Opel Manta GTE parts

  8. Opel Manta GTE parts

  9. Mike's Manta.

    At least now I know the panels and shell are solid and I now have a good base to work on.
  10. Back quarter card plastic seatbelt trim.

    Bump. anybody help with these two plastic trims for the back interior cards.
  11. Wanted. 2 x plastic seatbelt trim in good order for both rear cards on the manta b. if you can help pm with price, include postage. thanks.
  12. Mike's Manta.

    Paint code on vin plate 452 polar white. Got to keep her as standard as possible, I like the stock look with the quad lights as the only change. i took the opportunity while getting the new sills and rear arches done to add box section to both sides to strengthen and tie in the seatbelt mounting point and front jacking point for peace of mind.
  13. Mike's Manta.

    All the old paint and filler over the years is now removed, the whole car, shell and panels have been bared to the steel and red leaded, a time consuming and at times an awquard job but at least I know what condition the metal is in before I paint it. There seems to have been a high build primer on the car from previous restoration attempts which has been hiding some issues, This has exposed some other areas that need attention but nothing too major. The prep stage of the shell, chassis, panels seems to be taking forever, but at least Im seeing some progress each week. It’s amazing how a few hours in the evenings and weekends all add up. I’ve had to weld on some tabs and pins for brake and fuel lines that were lost when the new floorpans were fitted. I’m hoping I haven’t missed anything.
  14. Sunroof

    I'm sure east Kent trim supplies do them.
  15. Mike's Manta.

    Both passenger and drivers sides now with new rear arches and sills, drivers door with new lower door skin. Bonnet, boot lid, roof, rear quarters and front lower valance panels all bare metal and treated with red lead, doors and front wings still require the paint to be removed, a job still to do. Rear arches and sills away to get lead loading to bodywork.