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    Watching Road racing Ulster G.P North west 200, I.O.M TT, Superbikes, Stock car racing , Rallying. Fixing up my mantas and driving them, impreza sti. Camping, cycling. V 8 Power!
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  1. On holidays down Yorkshire and took in the Ripon Gathering , spotted the Brown 1600 ascona B , will get a pic up soon and a light green manta B coupe. I did speak to the Ascona owner and his wife, lovely people but didn't get a chance to speak to the manta owner. I will get back with reg number when I get a chance. Anyone on here? After the show ended I spotted the Ascona a few miles away from the show as I was trying to find my way around the road works that were on the A1. I am calling that a spot ! Manta Reg was LEX804P Manta B with chrome bumpers Rostyles Ascona Reg LCP643W Black Bumpers Rostyle wheels
  2. Still haven't seen one!

    Thanks for the feedback on the v 8, its not everybodys cup of tea, but I enjoy the noise it makes .........a lot ! 400r is on the road this year , kinda wished I put the v 8 on as well, finding time to get out in them as much as I like can be tricky.
  3. Still haven't seen one!

    I have been out Monday Tuesday night this week, not likely you managed Aberdeen on your trip. I met a guy with a mk1 escort who had pulled over to take a pic of my 400r with his escort behind. He was so excited to see the 400r. He was 40 ish and had never seen a manta in the flesh before. Only place I see them is on the nephews x box.........I often get thumbs up from cars and bikes when I am out. There hopefully will be a couple out on the roads up this way next year! There are a few guys busy in their garages last year and this year , hoping to be on the road for next year. Just added this pic of my v8 on a road run ...........last year, best I can offer!!
  4. Brave projects there lads. But as cars are getting rarer , I get it . I got a cavalier 2 door saloon at the moment that really should be scrapped .........but ascona 400 replica or the chance off, despite the amount of work I am going to have to do and the amount of things that could go against me on the way . I will soldier on ........... Shug I potentially know of 2 manta A s , one in Aberdeen that has been pictured on this forum also I spotted a manta A near Duffus IV 30 postcode. That's a few years ago now , 4 or 5 ........
  5. My new manta project

    Hi are you ne Scotland? Kemnay?
  6. Mancona hatch now Finished!! Aug 2017

    Brilliant Looking car. I think no bumpers with those arches looks proper! I would like to know which surrounds you used for the headlights. I am thinking of the same for my project way down the line, the square lights are so difficult to get now. Look forward to seeing more pics of it complete. Oops , went back over your post and see where you got the lights from ........just need to find some now.
  7. Lock up your manta/cavaliers!!

    I managed to reduce the entry for this meeting...............Stock car driver I know sold me a 2 door saloon cavalier which he was going to enter in this meet. Now I just got to save it, and hopefully end up with a 400 ascona r. Very long way to go ...............
  8. red manta hatch

    Good to see another hatch in Scotland. There is a mint example which usually goes to the Fraserburgh show June time. Lovely motor !
  9. GTE hatch breaking

  10. Opel Ascona B


  12. Opel Ascona 400R

    Money pits for sure, It wasn't my intention to have 2 at the same time. It s like waiting for a bus , nothing for ages , then all of a sudden loads........... Its all a bit of fun! Look forward to seeing the finished product though. I will give retro power a try , notice they have done a few cars, look really tidy.
  13. I remember speaking to the guy in 2006 , the ascona was on its first rally after rebuild. The paint wasn't quiet tacky , but it was on the car just in time to do the mcrae. It looked mint as the pictures suggest. I was so pleased to see one in the flesh that weekend. The mk1 that Colin had got a loan of never made it through stage 1 , con rod went through the block during the stage. The pics I took were on the way up to the stage start. They were already blasting along the Forrest roads on the way to stage start. Alister came past us first and just pulled up in the middle of the road, then we could hear another car coming through the forrest at full chat , which turned out to be colin in the mark1. He dropped down off the road into the fire brake to pass Alister and pulled up in front of Alister . It was a pretty surreal moment as Colin jumped out fully pumped up and on top form having a right laugh and a joke , literally took a pi.. They were having a right lads day out, having fun. It s a very fond memory I have of the Legend.
  14. I just popped in an old cd tonight that I haven't looked at in years , found some pics I would like to share. I am certain some of you will recognise the cars. I remember speaking to the manta owner , I am sure he came from Lanarkshire. I got some pics of the great man himself Colin. I hope you enjoy them. Don't think I will get them all on in one go. the next lot! My wife just asked me if I am allowed to upload these pics? Sorry if I shouldn't have.