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  1. Berlinetta

    NOOP up for sale

    Pic of your car?
  2. Berlinetta

    NOOP up for sale

    He bought several classic cars back in the 1990's as 'investments'. His plan was to store these cars indoors. However the Manta is one of many stored outdoors. He still views them as 'investments' 😑
  3. Berlinetta

    NOOP up for sale

    I owned a yellow 1.6 B back in the 90's. I know where it is, but the guy is letting it rust away rather than sell it to anybody 😑
  4. Berlinetta


    Is it possible to adjust lhd headlamps to suit rhd cars?
  5. Berlinetta

    Mk1 Cavalier Red ribbed velour seat cover(s)

    There's a complete red Manta interior available on the Facebook page for £50. The seller states that he will burn it if it's not sold soon! https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1290409247765654&id=100003897741147&set=gm.10157107663609391&source=48
  6. Berlinetta

    Opel signs for sale

    Perhaps you are right. I already have a few classic (genuine) Opel signs - but am always interested in adding new signs to my collection. Happy Christmas to you and yours in NZ! 🙂
  7. Berlinetta

    Opel signs for sale

    These two signs are on eBay again for £130 ..or best offer. If somebody here purchased these I would be interested in buying one of the signs from them. I previously tried to purchase the signs but the seller won't deal with courier companies for some reason. Perhaps somebody here lives close to the seller and could collect the signs?
  8. Berlinetta

    Radio surround?

    Hi, did you receive my PM?
  9. Berlinetta

    Radio surround?

    I will send you a PM.
  10. Berlinetta

    New swan neck

    Great thread! Gives me ideas for Manta fixes! Is that the new INNER chassis rail in the photos? Why does it come in two halves?
  11. Berlinetta

    Radio surround?

    This is the type of radio I have...
  12. Berlinetta

    Radio surround?

    Has anybody here got a spare plastic radio surround (which allows a radio to 'step out' from the dashboard)? I've an 'Opel Le Mans Super' radio to go into my '78 Manta, but need a surround in order for it to fit properly.
  13. Berlinetta

    History of My Manta... 'Elmsleigh of Enfield'?

    I recently found this online - a period advert for Elmsleigh Autos. Perhaps there are other such Elmsleigh adverts out here? e.g. in period motor magazines
  14. Berlinetta

    Panels needed.

    Yes, links not working for me too?! I am also interested in Manta B parts.
  15. Berlinetta

    Opel Manta Coupe 1976