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  1. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    Along is wet and slippery
  2. Location of oil pressure sender/sensor

    I work with new cars that ae a nightmare,and the owners are.The world falls apart went it’s not fix on the same day
  3. Location of oil pressure sender/sensor

    It will only take about 1/2 a hour to remove the exhaust manifold (if the bolts come out)
  4. The price of any car goes and down,l sold my Manta last year (should have never sold it) for very good money at the present time l have a VW Corrado 2.0 16 v in excellent condition,which I am selling (so l can get a Manta) But can’t sell it at this time for what l think is worth,so l will keep it .this is the Manta l soldep it
  5. Brake Fluid Reservoir Wiring

    No worries.just know basics of computers ,no stress trying to learn a bit about computers lf I can help you at any time let me know
  6. Brake Fluid Reservoir Wiring

    Have tried to do the computer thing l can’t work it out
  7. Brake Fluid Reservoir Wiring

    Ok l have a go at this
  8. Brake Fluid Reservoir Wiring

    I don’t know what a DM is l can post on Facebook if that helps,(not much good with this kink of stuff)
  9. Brake Fluid Reservoir Wiring

    This should have 2 separate wires going to the master clylinder cap one brown,one brown and white l do have a better photo but cannot load on here
  10. Astra gte calipers brake hose

    I used braided hoses ,l removed the ends from the braided hoses and fitted ends that bent away from the road spring
  11. Flasher unit faulty?

    Sorry did not read it correct. No live feed to the n/s indicators Ok check that you have a live feed on the wiring,l whoud start at fuse box indicator arm ,looking like a corroded wiring ,Dos the indicator work on the front wing (if it has one) may be the indicator arm.Or the wiring block to the arm hope this helps.Cheers Wayne
  12. Flasher unit faulty?

    Check the earth wiring on the N/S ,Brown wire secure by a screw
  13. Charging / Battery lamp lit - help please.

    I have a Haynes in English can try and post some photos ,sometime can not post photos
  14. Charging / Battery lamp lit - help please.

    Any time I can help
  15. Charging / Battery lamp lit - help please.

    If you have a voltage meter you can check the voltage output check at the rear of the alternate for voltage output, (red wire is the voltage output) and check at the battery the from the alternate voltage should be 13.8 volt to 14.8 volt if you get different reading check earth wiring you can replace the voltage regular if that’s a fault