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  1. PX VW Corrado for GTE coupe

    Have got a 1993 VW Corrado 2.0 16V in excellent condition NO RUST ON THIS VW . I whoud put the price of the VW Corrado at £4,000 ish Looking for a GTE coupe The body is in excellent condition,interior very clean This Corrado has so much work from a full repaint (ln 2015 at the cost of £1,8600) tyres ,clutch,suspension ect Just to much to list ( you get bored reading it) if you are interested text me on 07715530525 or email on bwingham@bluryonder.co.uk l will be able to send photos on emails car in Liverpool
  2. Hi Steve just seen your massage as just found out that l can do this 

    a bit late it sounds like a fuel filler 



  5. Trying to renew

    Trying to renew but comes up with incorrect name (not Wayne Ingham) can anyone help

  7. Seat thing

    Has anyone got a seat pull lever ,if so how much with post to Liverpool cheers
  8. C Reg GTE non sunroof coupe restoration. FINISHED AND SOLD

    Was working ln BL dealership (in 1987) .Had a car in that did not rev just been serviced at a none dealership. The mech was working on the car for 3 days befor he removed the air filter and the engine revved just fine(the filter was new none BL filter ) Try Removeing the air filter

    Have you checked the brake fluid level Is the wiring to the hand brake switch shorting out on the floor Check the switch on the hand brake lever ok
  10. I don't know what this is...

    I have had lots of beer and l give in
  11. Maya b gte 1986 side lights, who to remove

    Front ,rear .single or twin headlights This a photo of a single headlight
  12. 88 Exclusive 2.7 CIH misfiring

    Carry out a compression test .poss rings gumed up ,valves not sealing in the head. Check for inlet gasket leaking,nothing living in the air filter ect
  13. Manta GTE coupe on ebay

    I think that if it was a coupe it have a new owner by now .I have seen guyset car and it is a very good Manta the interior is 100% spot on
  14. Manta GTE coupe on ebay

    4K for a Manta that needs a lot of work ,are prices going up that much. I thought my might be around the 5k mark But looking at this l may rethink about what it is worth
  15. Newbie

    Hi and welcome to the club looking forward to seeing some photos