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  1. Mechanical fuel pump gaskets

    Done a oil change and forgot to fit the oil filter,(when someone drops by for a cup of tea) only run for a few seconds,a lot of oil on the floor
  2. Tick over speed??

    If the black thing doesn’t work you can try clean out out the carb with the engine running, Get the engine warm,remove thr air filter housing,get the revs up to about 3;000 rpm,then place your hand over the air inlet of the carb, this will suck out any bits of dirt out of the carb and pulls a lot of petrol though the carb DO NOT LET THE ENGINE CUT OUT as will be hard to restart the engine,if it starts to cut out give it a bit of throttle. this is hard to explain you just have feel it
  3. Valve spring compressor

    Ford CVH engines use something like the photo above and works very well
  4. Valve spring compressor

    TAP the vavle back into the clylinder head.That will remove the tension from the spring You can place the clylinder head on a flat bit a wood used a socket a little bit bigger than vavle colitis place the socket over The vavle a hit the socket The colitis should pop away from the vavle Hope this makes sense
  5. Engine bay tidy up

    It ended up in Northern Ireland then sold to someone in southern lreland shoud never sold it. got a VW Corrado at the this time selling the Corrado and get looking for a Manta coupe
  6. Engine bay tidy up

    here’s the the engine bay of my Manta l have just sold
  7. Tracker

    Have got a tracker (is for the corrado but when l sell it going for a Manta again)what is the SIM card that is getting used Does the SIM card need to be top up every month,or until the money runs out PS if any one interested in aVW Corrado in excellent condition ect,
  8. Front discs calipers

  9. PX VW Corrado for GTE coupe

    Have got a 1993 VW Corrado 2.0 16V in excellent condition NO RUST ON THIS VW . I whoud put the price of the VW Corrado at £4,000 ish Looking for a GTE coupe The body is in excellent condition,interior very clean This Corrado has so much work from a full repaint (ln 2015 at the cost of £1,8600) tyres ,clutch,suspension ect Just to much to list ( you get bored reading it) if you are interested text me on 07715530525 or email on bwingham@bluryonder.co.uk l will be able to send photos on emails car in Liverpool
  10. Hi Steve just seen your massage as just found out that l can do this 

    a bit late it sounds like a fuel filler 



  13. Trying to renew

    Trying to renew but comes up with incorrect name (not Wayne Ingham) can anyone help