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  1. H-400

    New swan neck

    After some years I noticed the right side swan neck is in a very bad condition. Did some repairs in 2009 but that was only a delay. Bought the new repair section of Eckhard and they look very well. Noticed the thickness of the new leg is 1,5mm (original 0,8mm). So the new rail will give the car some more stability. Building out the drive-train, together with my son. So the chassis is easy to reach. And he is doing a great job, cleaning the old chassis legs so we can find the spot welds to drill them out. After dissasemble one part of the leg the upper part looked like this: That rail had also a reinforced part inside, that are we going to use again. The chassis without the rail, gives us a look how cars in the 80'tis where protected against rust...
  2. H-400

    New swan neck

    The paint shop is the same as 10 years back, I know the owner very well and as the last time I am allowed to prepare the car. So it means I've got to take free, that will be the week from jan the 21st. In the meantime I took the front axle complete apart, going to galvanise the bolts and some other parts and respray the rest. Hopefully there will be no special duty's at our barrack's cause there are two tanks (Leopard) on their way to Estland and there is some "rumble in the jungle" cause of the election-problems in Congo. At this moment it is raining, I wanted to respray the parts under my carport but to moist...
  3. H-400

    New swan neck

    The Manta is yet at the painter: After 10 years there are some spots that need attention, but my son is motivated to help: Maybe it needs some work cause I did this with the car? Yeah, a car is made to drive, not to put in a glass box...
  4. H-400

    Car of The Month

    @Jason: Oops, that same hairdresserscar was earlyer for sale and not solled after a bid of 86000€, These things make our passion for owning a classic-cars difficult. Yet are classic cars something like an investment...
  5. I think you mean the one in the red cirkel: On a "B" (other design but compareble) it is a 14mm thread, if so we are yet sure what nut it is. Than we can dig further, so let us know.
  6. This pic comes from a Manta-A technical manual:
  7. H-400

    Car of The Month

    I like the wide body kit on a "400", looks great. But I can't get it over my heart to cut in those arches of my "400". It's an original B1-400, and those narrow cars seem to be rare. Jason, you hit the nail on the head.
  8. H-400

    Car of The Month

    And another "400" for sale in Holland: https://www.autotrack.nl/tweedehands/opel/manta/42354635?policy=accepted&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F looks nice, the text says the car is complete redone and in new condition.
  9. H-400

    1900S valve rockers

    As cam.in.head mentioned above the nuts are easy to repair to self-locking, I put the top in a vise and put some tension on it. The top will be a bit oval and locks again.
  10. H-400

    Car of The Month

    That isn't the first time this "400"was for sale, last time the highest bid was 75000€, not solled... So you have to grab deeper in your pockets!
  11. H-400

    Car of The Month

    Not far away from my home for sale: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1065019 last bid (some months ago) was 75000€, not solled...
  12. If nobody saw this: The wiper engines are still in this front!
  13. H-400

    Fuel Tank connection pipes

    Maybe better to buy fuel hoses that already can have fuel with ethanol, we never know what those politicians decide behind our back.
  14. @ cam.in.head: No problem, was more meant as a joke. And yes I did check pics of Vauxhall brochures. Looks the best and is technical the better way, the numberplate can have a bad influence to your cooling system when it is fitted too high, a Manta has got those slots above the bumper but the most air will come from beneath. A pic of my first Manta, long ago: Think you can approve position of my numberplate; Grts, Herman
  15. I stripped the complete axle/suspension. (together with help of my son), the bolts and some more parts will be passivated, (yellow zinc plating) Today we degreased the parts, and derusted them with a grinder. The axle is still in good condition so it was easy to do. Had more work with degreasing. Maybe we will do some more tomorrow, but as I wrote: New Years Eve, Got to get my mom and so on... Think I have to post some more pics on this forum, found something like a date stamped in one of the lower suspension arms. Have all a great party tomorrow!
  16. Lay a metal bar on top of the dent, and one under the dent and screw them together with a clamp. Then carefully hammer the dent on the front back. And if that doesn't work, hang your numberplate high enough... I stopped working at 4 pm, was cleaning all the parts of the front suspension. Outside cause it is a dirty job but had to stop. The metal was too cold and getting wet cause of condensation. Don't forget tomorrow it's New Years Eve!
  17. H-400

    Drivers seat repair

    Hey Ian, thats a bargain!
  18. H-400

    Drivers seat repair

    Maybe looking for a seat on our site of the sea, our passenger-seats are your driver-seats... And as all passenger seats they are not worn. Just an idee, finding one is something else. And shipping it to GB... Can always look around.
  19. H-400

    GTE Coupe 1984

    A Mig! Thats a Christmas gift! I had a small bottle of rustconvertor. But I'm also happy with that. I can advice to buy a mask with automatic darkening glass, use it also.
  20. H-400


    If you want to do it yourself: https://www.kadett-c-limo.de/index.php?Seite=kuerzen240 Yeah it is in German, but pics say a lot
  21. H-400

    Above bumper trim

  22. H-400

    1981 Manta Coupe Project.

    Start with one side, so you can aligne the new mount with measuring the other (original) side. Maybe this can help:
  23. H-400

    1981 Manta Coupe Project.

    I suppose you checked my thread:
  24. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Evo, thanks for the hint, it is realy so easy but never thought on that!
  25. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks for the nice comment. @Ian: after treating the old parts of the rails with rust-eater I used high air pressure to spray rustconverter into them. The other side was done in 2009 and after a check I treated it the same. The car goes back to a body-shop to do some spot repairs and also to repaint the engine bay. Later the rails will get a fresh anti-rust treatment.