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  1. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    This should be copied to use at school! Clear, and documented with great pics! My 17 year old son is studying car-mecanical at school. His teachers don't know I am professionel a car/truck mecanical cause I don't want he will have bad infleuences cause his old man is... Sometimes I look over his shoulder and as a dad I help him with some homework. You don't want to know what stuff they teach our kids at school! @The General: the trick with the shrinking tube is nice, never thougt on that! Happy I could help you, grts
  2. 2.0 gte air box

    @Evo: I'm going to connect the tube into the frontspoiler, but want to test it with a exhaust tester while I'm driving cause don't want to take the risk that my mixture is to lean. Think there will be a lot more air supply when the air is forced into the filter cause of the speed.
  3. GT/E Ignition timing

    The different quality of feul and different compression of engines forces us to set the ignition unique on every engine. By the way: on a CIH 20E the crank pully mark is 10°, a good starting point. And I use also the highest octane feul. I turn the dizzy bit by bit to more advance on a testdrive with low rounds and high gear to wait until the engine pings, than I turn it something like 2° later. But be carefull: pinging (detonation) kills an engine. Last year I visited England with my "400" and needed feul. I asked the bollywood guy behind the counter what octane his feul had. He shook his head and didn't know. I filled the car with the best feul and 500 yards further I disconnected the vacuum-tube from the dizzy cause the engine was pinging like hell. Later at Castle-Combe they tolled me I filled it with 97octane, only a bit lesser than in Belgium... The idle (20E) is 800rpm and as Chris wrote advance almost 30°. Personally I like to set the idle a bit higher, 850-900rpm. Grts, Herman
  4. 2.0 gte air box

    This is the airbox with plastic tubes as they go into the hole next to the radiator. I folded the hole with a pair of plyers (see pic posted in october above) so the tube fits. Still got to finish te air-intake in the front of the bumper. Grts Herman
  5. 2.0 gte air box

    Thought I had some more pics, will take some other pics to answer your question. Inside & outside. Grts, Herman
  6. 2.0 gte air box

    Hi Tom, I gleud a plastic rain pipe in the bottom of the airbox, one of 80mm that makes a curve. I didn't cut complete the oval pipe away, let the top part to press the rain-pipe in with a hose clamp while the gleu was drying. Used the same "construction-gleu" to close the splits and painted after drying with a spray-can. Will look for other pics, grts, Herman
  7. Jag engined manta

    Check this out: https://nl-be.facebook.com/Rallycross-Team-Severeyns-829285693811093/ hate to see those old Opels being trashed but they do some nice work also, one of their cars not for rallycross (left):
  8. bought some parts for my GSI some years ago from this man, no problems, everything correct and shipped to Belgium as promised. Not the cheapest one but he has got almost everything you need...
  9. Hi Ian, friend of me brought his Manta cause of a bad alternator, so while I was working on his car I had the chance to try the Delco-Remy (so I had not to try it in my GSI...). The Delco-Remy works fine so if you are still interested... Gonna inform about the shipping, grts,Herman.
  10. Manta Resto

    The 2 top pics are taken by me, did some measurments of my 400 for a topic on this forum: Anyone Have A 400 Rear Axle Bracketry Jig? By falk5150, October 19, 2014 in Basic Tech help
  11. Hi Ian, I've got an old Delco-Remy alternator in my garage on a shelf. Never used it cause I'm more Bosch minded . If you have a problem with a Bosch the regulator/brusches/diodes are easy to replace. If you are interested you can have it for free, just need to pay for shipping. (from Belgium) But!! Got to test it first if the thing works! If not, the case isn't cracked...
  12. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    Thanks for all that info, I need to replace a swann-neck on my GSI (the one that wasn't replaced during the restoration) and I am more a mec than a bodyworker... Grts, Herman
  13. Sunroof manta b

    My GSI has got a factory sunroof, did also a total make-over and I remember it was gleued... Will look at it tomorrow and take some pics.
  14. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    Love this topic, @robah: did this so many years ago on a starfighter F104...(sorry of topic)
  15. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    10/40! That oil is not as fluid as 5/30. You use the car in the summer, so the temperatures are higher; an engine of 1982 will have some mileage so 10/40 will keep the oil pressure higher. We use 5/30 on new engines, the fabrication-tolerances are these days higher than in 1982.