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  1. Rally Day 2017

    Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate this! All started when I read Adam's post. And Simon looking for "400"s... There was not much interest from OMOC, then we had to choose: Cause for us we had to look for a hotel, booking the ferry and so on... Things you 'v got to book early , so we took the chance. And I wanted to see those ex-groupe B cars, the Missus was also enthousiast. Yet everything looks great! Some forum-members are also there so it will be nice to meet them. And as we think the Club was not interested: I have a very busy life. Sometimes I have even no time to visit my parents or family cause of my professional life. So even the "400" club thinks I am lost while I am in the midle east on the border Israel/Libanon... Tomorrow 'v got the day off, cleaning the "400" and preparing for a nice weekend! @ Simon: would be proud to be a part of your display!
  2. Rally Day 2017

    My wife has got a Canon Eos reflexphotocamera. Such a big thing she always carry with her on such occasions, normally I upload the pics from her digital flash-card.
  3. Rally Day 2017

    Nice there will be some other of this forum! @ Danny:And we will take pics! After Castle Combe we drive back to the same hotel and Sunday we are going to enjoy England. Driving south and avoiding the highway, folowing the coastline direction Dover. And yes, a car is made to drive with it. Sorry to read this i240 is eating dust. Question for the PC-specialists there I want to get those pics on this forum: Photobucket f****d us, so what photouploader can you all recommend me? Got some pics of the Nürburgring (last augustus).
  4. Rally Day 2017

    I'll be there too, with the 400. We will leave fridayafternoon to France (Calais), and booked a hotel somewhere (not in Slough, to much bollywood...) .
  5. door lock key

    Hallo Julian, the "105" is the profile of the metal blade of the key. I've got several "105"s, and some are different grinded, so you need a non grinded key with the profile "105". On my spare key hangs a black plastic strip with the original number of the grinding. On a lot of Oldtimer-meetings you'll find someone that is specialised in car-keys.
  6. Ball and spring in oil filter

    https://www.mantablog.nl/category/techniek/ If you click this link you'll see on top a pic of the house without filter. In de centre the tread to screw the filter on and next to it the valve with ball. Check if it is still there in your distr. house.(timing cover) Never knew it could escape! If the valve is gone don't start the engine! Got somewhere the procedure to replace it (in a manual) Has the car still got the original engine? Normally that type of CIH has got the pressure valve aside in the timing cover, as Mantadoc mentioned. By the way: if you opened your oilpump (with gears) you've got to fill up your pump with oil !! Otherwise the pump will not suck oil and no pressure! This via the plug to open with a 7mm inbus key, aside your pumphouse: https://www.mantablog.nl/cih-opvullen-oliesysteem/ top picture. keep us informed, Herman
  7. Ball and spring in oil filter

    Don't think the oil bypass valve will drop out, this valve is there in case of a clogged filter. Would be the first time I heard that thing dropped out, easy to check. But some oil-filters had that valve also, and easy to find if you look on top of them. Did once an oil-change on a Opel Record Diesel 2.3CIH and the oilfilter had also such a valve.
  8. A series gear gaiter

    Not cheap, http://www.splendidparts.de/kaufhaus_2/themes/kategorie/detail.php?artikelid=180002&kategorieid=108&source=2&refertype=1&referid=108 but at Dr.Manta they go 27.50 €
  9. Manta B HT Leads - what do you recommend?

    Have also those Magnecor's. They have excactly the same size and fit great, engine runs better in high revs.
  10. Rally Day 2017

    Found a hotel in the neighbourhood of Slough, next to the M-4. It is 1 hour 10' from the "pitstop"... Sended a PM to upgrade my web-membership to full membership, keep us informed!
  11. Rally Day 2017

    Hey Kenny, great you want to go also, anybody else? @ Simon: gonna pm you!
  12. Rally Day 2017

    This all looks very tempting. I'm very curious if there is any news. Would like to go but cause I am from Belgium I need some time to plan some things. Booking the ferry, also looking for a hotel where I can park my 400 of the street on a safe location. Driving left is not so difficult, been several times in the UK and in Africa they drive also on the left site. But driving left with the 400 will be something else... So if there is any progress let us know, even the misses is interested!

    Hi Stu, mailed it again to your last adress, but I had no message the first mail didn't arrive... Grts, Herman.

    Hi Stuart, the info is mailed, hope i can help you. One page is a Pdf-file, the other two normal pictures... Scanner does it's own way, must be female... Regards, Herman.

    Just checked my Haynes manual specialised on Weber carburettors. Your carb is included together with some lookalikes. The chapter "adjustments" and "tuning"is rather heavy, the part tuning refers back to adjustment and so on... I can scan the pages and mail them to you, it is in English so not a problem for you!