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  1. Manta Resto

    The 2 top pics are taken by me, did some measurments of my 400 for a topic on this forum: Anyone Have A 400 Rear Axle Bracketry Jig? By falk5150, October 19, 2014 in Basic Tech help
  2. Hi Ian, I've got an old Delco-Remy alternator in my garage on a shelf. Never used it cause I'm more Bosch minded . If you have a problem with a Bosch the regulator/brusches/diodes are easy to replace. If you are interested you can have it for free, just need to pay for shipping. (from Belgium) But!! Got to test it first if the thing works! If not, the case isn't cracked...
  3. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    Thanks for all that info, I need to replace a swann-neck on my GSI (the one that wasn't replaced during the restoration) and I am more a mec than a bodyworker... Grts, Herman
  4. Sunroof manta b

    My GSI has got a factory sunroof, did also a total make-over and I remember it was gleued... Will look at it tomorrow and take some pics.
  5. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    Love this topic, @robah: did this so many years ago on a starfighter F104...(sorry of topic)
  6. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    10/40! That oil is not as fluid as 5/30. You use the car in the summer, so the temperatures are higher; an engine of 1982 will have some mileage so 10/40 will keep the oil pressure higher. We use 5/30 on new engines, the fabrication-tolerances are these days higher than in 1982.
  7. Living up to my username

    Great stuff, are you going to build a new Manta yourself? Those rails do interest me: Grts, Herman
  8. Hello everyone

    6000-7000€ will be a good start to find one, but keep in mind there is always some work on such old cars. Alink to a Belgian website: https://www.2dehands.be/autos/2/manta/ In the Netherlands you can look at "Marktplaats.NL" Look carefully to the "swan-necks" those chassisrails where the front suspension is bolded on, and the jackingpoints and rear wheelarches are also things to check. Working on a Manta is very simple, oldschool and no hightec. Parts are rather easy to find, also cause the Ascona and Rekord had the same engines and gearbox. The latest years the important bodypanels are again in production , look at "MM Dronten" so you can have a look at the prices of those parts. And if you are not used to drive a car with rear traction; be the first time carefully with the accellerator in the rain! Grts, Herman.
  9. Hello everyone

    Hi Andy, I am from Belgium and also member of the Dutch Manta Club. Think it is no problem at all writing in English at the forum of there web-site. The problem is that there is not a lot of live at that forum, you can also log in at the "Opel forum.nl" , more popular but cause of "facebook" also not as alive as it used to be... I am 54, and had all my "driving live" Manta's, am also "professionel" a car/truck/tank mecanical so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, grts, Herman
  10. If it is an original i200 the interieur must have be the "Blitz" one, same as a "400", The distributor of the ignition must have another Bosch number than a GT/E and an Irmscher sticker aside on it. The rocker cover must have a Irmscher sticker with the valve clearence "ventilspiel warm 0.25mm ein-und auslass" And ofcourse another cam and mecanical cam tappets. Some details that are important...
  11. Brake Fluid Reservoir Wiring

    The cap of your reservoir looks one to have that switch, unscrew the cap and look if there is a floater hanging under your cap. That floater activates the switch to light the lamp on your dash, by the way: the same lamp is the hand-brake warning light!
  12. Prop damper

    If you want the originals, they are hard to find, but still available via Mantadany: http://www.mantadany.de/manta-kleinteile/ and scroll down...(if you look at the price they must be made of gold...) If it is not so important you can order lookalikes via a professionel car-parts shop, something like this: https://viscodiesel.nl/klemmen/klem-voor-brandstof-leiding-2x10mm.html
  13. Thanks for sharing that info! Both my coupé's have those windows. When it is hot they give more ventilation, and on the highway it is not so comfortable to drive at high speed with opened door-windows. If you lost a hinge (as I had) they are for sale in Germany (Ebay): Reprotec ( rather expensive, but if you need them...) An old pic of them: The shape is a bit different, they fit around the window.
  14. If the problem is in the alternator, the common reason is as Wayne mentioned the voltage regulator. The brushes of the regulator is one reason of regulator problems. Unlike a Bosch alternator the Delco Remy has got to be opened to change the regulator, a Haynes manual will help you because the Flemisch one is to hard to understand:
  15. 3 Light Clusters and Door Hinges Required

    If Peter doesn't have succes, and you are looking for these: Still new available, Hella Partno. 2KA 001.378-041