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  1. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Evo, thanks for the hint, it is realy so easy but never thought on that!
  2. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks for the nice comment. @Ian: after treating the old parts of the rails with rust-eater I used high air pressure to spray rustconverter into them. The other side was done in 2009 and after a check I treated it the same. The car goes back to a body-shop to do some spot repairs and also to repaint the engine bay. Later the rails will get a fresh anti-rust treatment.
  3. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks for the comments. This is the outer chassisrail, the further pics will explain the rest. Think it comes in two halves so the width is suitable to cover the original outer rail. Some don't have the skills to do the whole work and I can understand that. I am also more a mecanic than a welder. Took me ages to take that torch again. Maybe Herr Eckhard can answer your question? Some more pics: Fitting the reinforced inner rail, must be accurate there the bolt of the suspension is located: Welding the outer half, there are a lot of holes in the outer rail so spotwelding is easy: Reinforcing the inner rail where the vertical bolt of the front axle fits. Fitting the top inner rail: Everything welded, the silver look is cause I paint-spray everything (before welding) with inox-paint. It conducs electricity very well and is special for mig-welding so the overlay is protected against rust: Between the two inner rails some more reinforcing: Same on the inside of the other half: Ready to treat the seems with kit, as you can see the two halves are welded together wile I used a home-made spanner to keep the rail on its position. I had to cut some metal to keep the original width of the outer rail: @Evo: In the corner you can see the triangle hole, that needs some fixing as the little round hole above it. One detail: drilled one more hole to make the original fixation free of the earth cable.
  4. H-400

    New swan neck

    Test-fitting the new "half" chassis legs: The brown stuff on the bulkhead is old glue: Another pic before cleaning: Cleaning: with a soft brush degreasing the innerside of the left legs, cleaning them wit a steel brush and compressed air. Then I used Rustyco, a gell that eats rust and can cleaned with water, and environment friendly: The nice weather dryed the car, but to be sure I putted my wife's hairdryer in the chassis rails...
  5. H-400

    New swan neck

    Yep evo, this is what I mean. There was no rust protection at all...This repair is not for a rally-car so no extra strength is needed. And yes, the water hole of the chassis leg is a well know problem. @Jason: He is going to be a part of the next generation, he wants to drive that GSI...
  6. H-400

    New swan neck

    After some years I noticed the right side swan neck is in a very bad condition. Did some repairs in 2009 but that was only a delay. Bought the new repair section of Eckhard and they look very well. Noticed the thickness of the new leg is 1,5mm (original 0,8mm). So the new rail will give the car some more stability. Building out the drive-train, together with my son. So the chassis is easy to reach. And he is doing a great job, cleaning the old chassis legs so we can find the spot welds to drill them out. After dissasemble one part of the leg the upper part looked like this: That rail had also a reinforced part inside, that are we going to use again. The chassis without the rail, gives us a look how cars in the 80'tis where protected against rust...
  7. Hi Ian, I rent a bottle. When it's empty I just swap it at a local firm. I started mig-welding a few months ago after a lot of years, and noticed that the mixed argon/co2 bottles are a lot easyer to weld then in the old days with co2. Did a job on a swan-neck, will post some pics in another topic. Grts,Herman
  8. Love this topic, what determination and motivation can do. @Paul: Got the feeling he doesn't use any gas at all, or indeed too less
  9. H-400

    Manta 400r

    Looked around but looks no plug and play option. The best option is looking for one and make a bracket that fits on your engine/alternator. Some adjusting is possible with dissasamble the pulley and use some shims. If you are going that way and use a second hand: Don't forget to change the oil seal between the alternator and the vacuumpump. Otherwise oil can run into the alternator.
  10. Hi Ian, thanks to bring this item up, am going to clean the front axle of the GSI and I think I would have the same problem as you...
  11. H-400

    Manta 400r

    There are also alternators with a vacuum pump, a lot of diesel engines got them.
  12. If nobody can help: https://www.splendidparts.de/kaufhaus_2/Kadett-C/Motorraum-und-Getriebe/Zuendkabelhalter-original-Look-chrom?source=1&refertype=8
  13. Congrats to the Wife and respect for your work. Always nice to see your updates.
  14. H-400

    Hello, greetings from North wales

    Looks nice Pete. About the MOT; Gonna open a topic on an other section. You don't want to live in Belgium when you are a petrol head.
  15. H-400

    Hello, greetings from North wales

    Hi Pete, welcome. Your car looks great, the 5 spoke Compomotive will give a more "400" look instead of the 13 inch rims. @Steve 1900SR: In Belgium we have to go back to the "MOT" with our classic cars/oldtimers. Thanks to an organisation "BFOV" (Belgian Federation of Old Vehicles) who made a pact with the devil behind our back. Nobody was informed, it was as a lightning in a clear sky...