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  1. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    Have also a rocker cover as Ian wants, as you can see need some rags to keep the engine-bay clean:
  2. Cleaning Injectors

    Have the same opinion as Snowy: sometimes you got to give some work out, I have no ultrasonic cleaner and they have the fitting filters and so on. They clean the injectors under pressure in a ultrasonic bath while the injector is activated (powered) and give a test-result before and after cleaning.
  3. Great, love those 2-doors ascona's. And the Varajet carb is not that bad, that says a lot about the skills of the owner/mecanical ...
  4. Some pics of the "Paul Lietaer Classic", a nice oldtimer-rally. Grts, Herman
  5. @evo: Our clubpresident Manfred Förster (also one of the oldest members and one of the founders of the "400Club") died not long before those pics were made. He was a great guy with a lot of knowledge, we used to call him "Opa" (Grandpa)
  6. I am a web member and learned a lot of those great projects that I find on this forum, worth the money!
  7. The Manta-400 was available with factory-sunroof, 100% sure there I know some owners. Not sure the Ascona-400 was available with it, saw also the pic I posted but never noticed it... Think it will have not the same influence there we don't drive them daily and store them in a dry garage. I have a electronical air-dryer with a humidity sensor to keep the car dry, even naked steel can't rust where the car is stored.
  8. Some pics from the smartphone: We had a great time, nice weather and I think a lot of "facebook-fans" cause we saw a lot of thumbs going up...
  9. We had a great weekend, some pics: The Missus made some pics with the handy, got to upload them... Herman
  10. That car looks great!
  11. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    This can't be possible!! I am convinced with your craftsman skills you will get the car back on the road. About the drivers side wing: could it be possible that it is bended cause the bonnet moved aside against it? I wish you all the luck with the repairs, grts, Herman
  12. Manta Coupe resto no.2

    That car looks great, nice colour and the red logo's go perfect with it. A pair of painted Engelmann's would also look nice... Gonna show these pics to the missus, she wants to visit GB again after our trip to Castle Combe last year.
  13. 22 of April we had a nice tour with a lot of old Opel's: The link to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OldiesOnTour
  14. Hello Ian, good luck with the welding etc... I did this a few weeks back, together with my son: not that difficult and gives you a lot of space to work! Succes!