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  1. Mechanical fuel pump gaskets

    Once did for my twinbrother a fast oil-change. Was getting dark and saw a drain plug. Opened it and noticed a second later the oil of his automatic gearbox was running out...
  2. Manta Resto

    Yep, noticed that when my GSI was done... So I have two jacks in the trunk, one of a Vectra that fits under the front suspension arms. Maybe I will fit a thinner arm on the original jack with a sliding tube to fit in both jacking points.
  3. Prop damper

    Oops, it is not my car, stole this pic from a website, you all got to look at his cars: http://www.mantadany.de/ And yes I love that clean look, and cause it's almost Xmas, took once this pic of my engine for a Christmas card:
  4. Valve spring compressor

    Got that profesionel tool as you showed above, but also something I made myself, looks like this: Takes no time to make it yourself, and easy to use.
  5. Nice pics, love those old planes. Think on this side the meetings are done, time to do some things that I can find on the list of "things to do" of the Misses.
  6. I'm happy I could help you, this is again a proof this forum helps!
  7. Don't forget these: and if you are sure all bolts are out: Succes!
  8. Sorry, not something I would do. Also cause I'm a professional mecanic. I would take of the head, so you can check the piston. And when the valve is damaged you can make it worser and damage the valve seat if you try it the You-tube-way. Taking of the head gives you the possibility to grind the valves again and replace the valve stem seals (yes it has to be done). And taking of the head is not diffucult with a CIH engine, made once a photoserie "how to", if you (or someone else) is interested I will post it on this forum.
  9. If there is a valve issue I would look under the rocker-cover and turn the engine manual to check what is happening. If the engine turns without mecanical problems you can always check the compression, a valve problem would be easy to find. And before actual trying to start the engine, be sure of the oil level/quality . About the dizzy: 100% sure it is a Bosch. Why the second dizzy? Can only think there was a problem with the condensator and someone fixed this situation ... not my way of working. Succes!
  10. Strange, the other dizzy is "tie-wrapped" against the engine? And connected with the green wire. The connections: The green wire of the dizzy (female) must go to the male connection of the green wire of the car. That green wire has got a female connection and that must be on your coil. (they name it the "1" connection of the coil) That transparant/black wire must be connected on the other side of the coil (the "15" connection of the coil) Some info:The transparant wire is that wire Mantaman mentioned. As he wrote: very important if you change to electronical ignition! The black wire fitted with it is the 12V connection ONLY when you start the engine, than the ignition gets the full power for an easy start. And ofcourse the centre connection of the coil must go to the centre connection of the dizzy... Make sure the contact-breakers are adjusted (0.4mm basic). Do you want to start up the old lady??
  11. Been looking at some pics in another topic of your car. The ignition parts laying behind your left beam (in the engine compariment) are Bosch related. A photo would be nice, you know what a dizzy and a coil is so I think you'v got some basic experience with cars. Regards, Herman
  12. Hi Ian, has your Cav still got the original ignition? (classic one with contact-breaker) Or is it updated with a electronic one (aftermarket/ Opel Manta)? Had once a Manta-A in my garage with electronic ignition using both wire looms, had to cut to clean up that spaghetty. Pic would help!
  13. Prop damper

  14. So close, then.....

    Looks great again, love it!
  15. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    This car is going to be fantastic, nice job you'v done with the window guides. Had the same problem with both my cars and bought them from a webstore, had to give my right arm to buy them. I remember the brand Reprotec on the box.