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  1. 2019 Club Calendar

    If you check my topics maybe you will find some more suitable pics...
  2. Down draft or side draft

    Fitted once the down-draft carbu's of an Opel Rekord Sprint in one of my Manta's. Looked great and worked fine, but couldn't close the hood. Even without the airfilter... So the DCOE looks better, but why changing to carbu's??
  3. 5 stud Ronal

    Great looking cars! Thanks for sharing those pics.
  4. 5 stud Ronal

    Ascona-400's in Antwerp where they were build: all with 14", but the most cars were later modified by their owners to 15". Got some homologationpapers of the Manta-400 that mention also the 14" rims
  5. 5 stud Ronal

    @ cam in head: indeed you'r right, was used on those old 6-shooters. But also on the road version of the Ascona-400 and the very early road versions of the Manta-400. When I bought my "400" the previous owner gave me the 4 original rims with the car. @Monaco Bleu: My "400" was equipped with 7X15 but I found after years a set of 8X15 et 23 with 205/50/15 tyres. Fits on a narrow "400", but don't try to put a pencil between the tyre and the body...
  6. Forgot to mention the adress: Megelsum 6, 5864Meerlo Netherlands And yes, it is very close to that Camping. If jou look on the sattelite-map: the right site of the camping, maybe 200 yards down you will find two white roofs of something like barns. It is again a horse riding-school as in Sevenum.
  7. That"s already a new barn, not sure this one is bigger than the old one. But next year it will be on an other location in the neighbourhood: Showground "De Megelsprong" in Meerlo, August the 16-17-18th 2019
  8. Some pics: Nice looking i200: Those two look like sleepers: Nice interieur: I am not a fan of the heavy 6 cilinder in a Manta, but this engine with the light aluminium head can have my blessing, also cause of the nice sound of the engine: And those 2 Blitz trucks look great: Closer look and the left one was a kitchen with under the bonnet a BBQ! No kangeroo, only muscles: This pic shows my "400", with the first time of his life my son behind the wheel of "our" "400". Something "Father/Son" thing and he was so proud! He also said that car's clutch is like a truck, no power steering and an engine that is not easy to handle. And I was not the only one with a "400": Great looking car, love it!
  9. Thanks for the nice comments. Gonna visit this weekend a big Opel meeting in Sevenum, Holland. Got to do this cause it wil be maybe the last chance to go to a meeting. This year I took the "400" only 3 times out, too busy and always at work. Got to enjoy the car more! Will take pics ofcourse!
  10. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    Have also a rocker cover as Ian wants, as you can see need some rags to keep the engine-bay clean:
  11. Cleaning Injectors

    Have the same opinion as Snowy: sometimes you got to give some work out, I have no ultrasonic cleaner and they have the fitting filters and so on. They clean the injectors under pressure in a ultrasonic bath while the injector is activated (powered) and give a test-result before and after cleaning.
  12. Great, love those 2-doors ascona's. And the Varajet carb is not that bad, that says a lot about the skills of the owner/mecanical ...
  13. Some pics of the "Paul Lietaer Classic", a nice oldtimer-rally. Grts, Herman