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  1. Ignition barrle and key.

    Sorted now 😊
  2. Ignition barrle and key.

    Gutted my ignition barrel and key knackered. Anyone have a spare to sell manta b. Thanks
  3. Prestatyn classic car show.

    Only if I can generate 1.21 jigawats.. ?pmsl this was the wronog post from Lewis price .. OMG well spotted. Pmsl 😂😂😂😂

    New pressed plates on and a little nod to all manta owners with the wording at the bottom. Car booked for rolling road 9th may can't wait to drive now. graphics booked and should be fitted in hope in next couple of weeks.
  5. Prestatyn classic car show.

    I will be up for that, car is having rolling road session 9th may so if all goes to plan be on the road AT LAST. 😨 I wiil see you at the garage b4 then anyway I hope .
  6. Sunroof manta b

    All good now east coast trims good seal and fit once you trim and glue . Running smoother with a good amount of black wax oil in the runners too.

    Sunroof back in and working with new seal in place. What a ball ache cutting and gluing that on. Now the bit i have been waiting for car up on axle stands . Let the polishing bengin.😂😂😂put up aphoto now of the sides of the car so I can see the difference in a week or 2 once it's polished up.waste paper bin used again on pic 5 for the mesh for a quid per bin and I used 2 bins for the bonnet and bit under the windscreen pmsl.
  8. Sunroof manta b

    Yeah I had to cut and glue the back section of the seal . Thanks all .
  9. 1985 GTE Hatch restore / tidy

    OMG I am so glad a way not having a stupid moment and it does take a little blue peter to fix😂
  10. 1985 GTE Hatch restore / tidy

    I'm stuck on this bit too now any news of photos will help please
  11. Sunroof manta b

    I can't believe I am asking this but . I have had a new seal for my sunroof the factory fitted type that slides back on the Gte exclusive . I took the roof out stripped it to paint and can't remember how the hell to put the new seal back 😂😂😂😂does the new seal only go from one side at the back around the front and back to the other side in a sort of UK shape. ie missing out the rear of the sun roof . Any one have a pick to show me please. A full 400r rebuild and I am stumped on something so simple. .....😂😂😂and cue the abuse from Mr Abbott.
  12. Recaro seat badges

    Hi all long shot anyone have any recaro front seat badgesfor a manta b ?
  13. Gte Brake Servo Upgrade

    Mine is OK no leaked ect all good just I was thinking while I am at it if there was one I should do it if it's not load of money .
  14. Gte Brake Servo Upgrade

    Old post but I have done rear disc conversation and front brake upgrade cosworth discs with the calibra turbo calipers. Question is while I am at it is there a brake servo upgrade that has been tried and tested now that does not cost the earth?
  15. Old owner of my car

    OK thank you for that. It was worth a try. ☺