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  1. lewis p

    Hello, greetings from North wales

    Hi Peter. I'm in North Wales aswell. Welcome back to the club.
  2. lewis p

    1984 GTE

  3. lewis p

    Manta GTE (15 years on)

    Cracked on there Dan. Will be good to see it back out.
  4. I know a chap in wem with a 400 replica but it's in rothmans colours
  5. lewis p

    n.s door check strap

    Sorry mate had a look haven't got one
  6. lewis p

    n.s door check strap

    No luck so far tho one more place there could be one.
  7. lewis p

    n.s door check strap

    Possibly ill check in the morning
  8. lewis p

    Manta 400R

    Beast of a car
  9. 2 slot hatch not many about of those.
  10. Ha couldnt get any vloser to my house provided i get mot sorted. Could all park together ?
  11. lewis p

    Manta 400 cosworth 4x4

    Am sure you chaps will do it justice. Hope to see it at the vboa show.17 might be a push but defo 18 ?