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  1. Manta GTE (15 years on)

    Cracked on there Dan. Will be good to see it back out.
  2. I know a chap in wem with a 400 replica but it's in rothmans colours
  3. n.s door check strap

    Sorry mate had a look haven't got one
  4. n.s door check strap

    No luck so far tho one more place there could be one.
  5. n.s door check strap

    Possibly ill check in the morning
  6. Manta 400R

    Beast of a car
  7. 2 slot hatch not many about of those.
  8. Ha couldnt get any vloser to my house provided i get mot sorted. Could all park together ?
  9. Manta 400 cosworth 4x4

    Am sure you chaps will do it justice. Hope to see it at the vboa show.17 might be a push but defo 18 ?
  10. Yeah seems a shame it wasnt repaired straight away. Being laid up hasnt done it any good but it wasnt expensive and worth saving. Yep im going down the 400 route as have fancied one for ages but couldnt bring myself to spoil the 1300 but as this has already had a 400 kit on and needs saving anyway seems a logical way to go. Thinking usable rally rep. Crikey shame as that would have been one of the valuble bits.