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  1. Donut problem

    If you are still after a dounut let me no just found a new spare in my garage think it came from Tomas at Kleinanzeigen
  2. Fuel injector base to head gasket

    Edelschmiede are great Thomas is very helpful sorted me with load of parts would recommend
  3. Cam for 2.4 cih

    Thankyou Andy for all your help mate star man
  4. Cam for 2.4 cih

    Hello just a quick question does anyone have advice or no where i can get a nice cam for a 2.4 cih please been told about a company call enem as anyone used one
  5. Ascona axle building.

    I had my axle rebuilt by a lad who used to rally opels my is a zf lsd with new bearing and shims the crown wheel and pinion was 3.88 if I remember right but my first s crown wheel and pinion where not a matching pair so would not match up had to get a matching pair the lad was called Gavin Cox
  6. Rear Disc Conversion Q´s

    As anyone done a set up for a 5x120 conversion
  7. Parts required for a manta 87 hatchback

    Danny when you break your I would be interested in the sound dreading in the engine bay
  8. Opel Manta GTE parts

  9. Opel Manta GTE parts

  10. Differential unit.

    On kleinanzeigen if you are interested but make sure they are a matching pair because I brought a set but had problems fitting because they where not a matching pair as for photo of the numbers mate
  11. Crown wheel and pinion

    No it's a Germany eBay called kleinanzeigen I have bought a few bits off there for my Ascona but I always pay by PayPal check with the seller most want bank transfers but I will not do that so sometimes loose the sale mate
  12. 15" ATS classic alloy wheels

    Kenny I mite been getting ready to sell a full set i.e. 5 alloys it all depends on a price mite need the funds for my project but not 100% yet always been telling myself to keep them for next project because I changed my to 5 stud
  13. Can anyone tell me the sort of price you would paid for a full set of 15" ATS Classic wheels please
  14. Can anyone tell me the sort of price you would paid for a full set of 15" ATS Classic wheels please