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  1. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    The fertan is a thinner product so soaks into all the seem and skins better 😊
  2. Early 1800 coupe restoration

  3. Early 1800 coupe restoration

  4. Fibre glass

    Hi what panels are you after for the manta we have fibreglass front panels and some 400 panels
  5. Mancona hatch now Finished!! Aug 2017

    When It paid it's first visit home
  6. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Just seen this on another page
  7. Dug out of storage and will be completed and up for sale soon
  8. Manta 400 cosworth 4x4

    It's only the front inner wings that's ford and axles the rest is manta it's on a manta chassis not ford
  9. Manta 400 cosworth 4x4

    The car arrived safely today and after unloading it got a good blast with the steam cleaner to remove years of grime that had built up
  10. Manta 400 cosworth 4x4

  11. Manta 400 cosworth 4x4

    The latest purchase arrives tomorrow 06/03/17 manta 400 cosworth 4x4 and I must say I'm very excited to build this one this is going to be built for myself at last I get to keep one at last I will keep updating this thread as we move through the rebuild here a couple of pictures for now .
  12. Sounds like it's just you kev 😂
  13. C Reg GTE non sunroof coupe restoration. FINISHED AND SOLD

    Funny you say that about the pressure gauge as when i viewed it the bloke had a gauge fitted to it i paid a deposit and went back to collect a trailer to bring it home on got the car back to our workshop and the gauge had disappeared