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  1. dark_lord7000

    Twin Headlight Lens Rubber Surrounds X4

    Apologies for hoping on your post, but did you manage to get some of these? if you did could you possibly point me in the right direction because I can't find them. Cheers Matt
  2. dark_lord7000

    Cylinder Head

    Cheers kev will have a look
  3. dark_lord7000

    Cylinder Head

    Hi all, Has anyone got a gas flowed/ polished/ ported big valve head for a 2.0 e gte that they no longer want that they fancy selling? If you have appropriate cam etc I'd be interested in that too. Trying to beef up my power on a budget! Cheers Matt
  4. dark_lord7000

    Engelmann Mirrors

  5. dark_lord7000

    Original Mudflaps For Manta B

    Thanks all I'm sorted now cheers Matt
  6. dark_lord7000

    Original Mudflaps For Manta B

    Does anyone happen to have some original mudflaps they would be willing to sell! I had four now i only have three. there on a manta gte exclusive. cheers matt
  7. dark_lord7000

    My Manta, Gte Exclusive Coupe

    Hi jack, More pics to follow pending some nicer weather, Richard you are indeed close, would be worth meeting up at some point and comparing rust buckets, do you know of many other manta lovers down south! Cheers all for the comments
  8. dark_lord7000

    My Manta, Gte Exclusive Coupe

    its not bad its not great but I think I will get there
  9. dark_lord7000

    My Manta, Gte Exclusive Coupe

    its a cool car ive wanted one since i was 18/19 ive had astra gtes 205 gtis xr3is all sorts of hot hatches but this one had eluded me until i was looking for a new place to live and stumbled accross this one in a garage the owner didnt think anyone would by it. i told him what i thought it was worth and he could see i was pationate about it so he sold it to me for a third of what i told him and he wouldnt take any more he was a lovely bloke and it shows that honesty pays) it needed a fair amount of work inc welding etc but is not in bad nic needs some more work done and could do with a respray in the future but its a rare car and i think it could be really nice.
  10. dark_lord7000

    My Manta, Gte Exclusive Coupe

    Hi all this is my manta I have been working on for the last year or so which is now Mot'd and back on the road after I bought it from the last owner its a little rough in places but its coming along nicely it had been garaged since 2003.
  11. dark_lord7000

    Opel Manta Gte Coupe 59K

  12. Hi , anyone happen to have a radiator In good working order for a auto gte exclusive with the resovoir on the bottom for the gear box oil. Cheers Matt
  13. dark_lord7000

    Speedo Cable For Manta Gte Exclusive Automatic

    Thanks for the replys
  14. Hi All has anyone got a speedo cable for a manta gte exclusive automatic of can they point me in the right direction. kind regards matt