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  1. Breaking manta A

  2. Have LHD myself - looking at the bulk head to even seen is there a possibility of a ok change over to rhd. But not to say its not achievable just sourcing parts is the tricky part so far.
  3. Manta A parts

    1. 1.6s Engine 2. Solex Manta A Carb for 1.6s 3. Carb Linkages for Manta A 4. Switch connector w/bulb for fog lamp Switch 5. Plastic beading for rear passenger seat side cards
  4. 71 Manta 1.6 s

  5. Breaking manta A

  6. Opel Manta A

    Looking for a Opel Manta A. Anyone willing to sell?
  7. Opel Manta GTE parts

  8. Opel Manta GTE parts

  9. Opel Manta GTE parts

  10. Opel Manta GTE parts

  11. Opel Manta GTE parts

  12. Opel Manta GTE parts