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  1. 71 Manta 1.6 s

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Breaking manta A

  3. Opel Manta A

    Looking for a Opel Manta A. Anyone willing to sell?
  4. Opel Manta GTE parts

  5. Opel Manta GTE parts

  6. Opel Manta GTE parts

  7. Opel Manta GTE parts

  8. Opel Manta GTE parts

  9. Opel Manta GTE parts

  10. Hi , Look to get two door pockets sun burnt orange in colour. My regards Robbie
  11. Intake Manifold 1.8s Scan

    Hi, Looking to find a scan of a base plate for the intake manifold of the 1.8s engine.
  12. Hi, I'm looking to install bike carbs on my 1.8 SOHC. Can i get a breakdown of what bike carbs are suitable. R1 any model? Mikuni carbs. What Bore Size i require or is suitable? So far this is what i think i need: Inlet manifoldCarbsFacet fuel pump and Filter King regulatorUniversal choke cable kitThrottle cable kitAir filterInlet manifold gasket Anything anybody could ad which might help or supply? My regards Robert
  13. GTE , 400R or Berlinetta?