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  1. Trooker

    Door Mirrors

    It looks like there was a normal mirror there in the past with the triangle bit taped up but I really don't know Just removed the passenger's side you can see the full horror underneath. A bit unnerving just how rough it looks in a close up photo!
  2. Trooker

    Door Mirrors

    Looking for a pair of door mirrors for a GTE, fake Englemanns rattling around on rusty self-tappers aren't doing it for me...
  3. There's something weird when I try that URL so ended up searching to see what you meant. It looks great but serious money! http://www.ppscltd.co.uk/used/opel/manta/18-gt/brigg/lincolnshire/18557914#top-image
  4. Trooker

    Recaro plastic tilt lever

    From a bit of internet searching I have come to the conclusion that the Recaros in the Manta were known generically as the Recaro LX https://recaroseatdealer.wordpress.com/tag/recaro-seat-model-lx/ It seems as if they are still made https://www.recaro-automotive.com/en/product-areas/aftermarket-seats/products/recaro-specialist.html#c164817 albeit with a slightly different style of tilt lever https://www.capitalseating.co.uk/backrest-tilt-release-kit even though the internal of the lever/knob will fit. Here's a US site with the style that is the same as the Manta so I'd take the chance that anything that looks the same from a BMW, 70's-90's will fit. http://www.2002parts.com/bmw/recaro-seat-parts/rec-relknob-late.html Fords with Recaro's from the late 80's also seem to have the same seats... Happy hunting!
  5. Trooker

    Recaro plastic tilt lever

    Dimitri I'm not 100% sure if its right but I think that if you paste 142942358908 on eBay UK you'll see new old stock
  6. Trooker

    Recaro plastic tilt lever

    I've found new old stock on eBay but wondered if anyone on here had a used one for less :-) Cheers
  7. Got another ecu and she lives again! The tweaks at the roadside meant that initially she was revving up to 2000 or so rpm & falling back every few seconds. I realised the stop on the end of the throttle was screwed out quite a way, eased that down, played with the air-bypass allen screw on the metering head and she's idling steady at around 900 rpm. Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions, I've learned a lot over the past couple of weeks :-) Now thinking I should learn about replacing the very tired looking vacuum servo & master cylinder but that'll have to be another thread.
  8. Trooker

    2.0 GTE ECU wanted

    All sorted, thanks guys
  9. Trooker

    2.0 GTE ECU wanted

    I don't know either as I'm new to all this but will try to find out. Sounds great, PM'd you, hope that's ok
  10. Trooker

    2.0 GTE ECU wanted

    Anyone have an ecu for sale?
  11. The link seems to be dead
  12. That's not great. Why bother advertising it at all?
  13. Seller writes project or possibly break https://www.gumtree.com/p/opel/opel-manta-gte-a-reg-classic-getting-very-rare-good-project-may-break-if-enough-interest-/1312866851