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  1. Cannot reply to forum topic

    Thank you mantaray. I think my old PC is telling me it's time for an upgrade. Hatch
  2. For some reason I cannot reply to any topic in "Cars Wanted" or "Parts Wanted". The "Reply to this topic" text box is missing. It appears in the "For Sale" forums perfectly fine. Could someone do me a favour? I want to tell "Manta hatch" he has a personal message from "Hatch" in the topic "Manta 1.8 Gearbox & Sump" in "Parts Wanted". Perhaps a kind person could post the message on my behalf. Many thanks, Hatch
  3. Free spares from an Opel Manta 1800 hatchback. Click here for video. Parts are collection only from Guildford. Most engine parts are there apart from the sump & distributor. Block, head, starter, alternator, fan, carburetor etc. The wiring loom may have a few snipped wires but is mostly intact. There is also some headlight glass. I also have two free doors & a four slot nose (see ad in "Parts for sale"). Regards, Hatch