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  1. Cannot reply to forum topic

    Thank you mantaray. I think my old PC is telling me it's time for an upgrade. Hatch
  2. For some reason I cannot reply to any topic in "Cars Wanted" or "Parts Wanted". The "Reply to this topic" text box is missing. It appears in the "For Sale" forums perfectly fine. Could someone do me a favour? I want to tell "Manta hatch" he has a personal message from "Hatch" in the topic "Manta 1.8 Gearbox & Sump" in "Parts Wanted". Perhaps a kind person could post the message on my behalf. Many thanks, Hatch
  3. Photo testing

    I hope you don't mind me joining this thread. I'm just having a go at uploading a photo. I don't seem to be able to drag & drop a photo, so am doing this via photobucket. By trial & error I have found that you should enter the link that appears between . It should start with http:// and end with .jpg If you get it right your photo will embed & appear by magic! I hope this helps anyone who is still having trouble. Hatch
  4. Hello Rick,

    Here is a cut & paste of the advert. I'm not sure if the video link will work. If not, search YouTube for video title "Opel Manta" under username "mantablues". It is a 10 minute video.

    I've attempted to attach the video below, but I'm not sure it has worked.




    For Sale: Opel Manta Hatchback 2.0 GT/E 1986 (C Reg)

    Price: £750


    I bought this car with an MOT in June 2002 (my third Manta). It was last driven on the road by me in September 2002. It has been parked outside since then. The engine has not been run for many years.

    Both doors were damaged before I owned the car. They each have a long shallow dent, with the driver's side dent continuing into the rear panel. The damage occurred on separate occasions while the car was parked. No-one owned up!

    I'm no expert, so I'll let you decide if the car is restorable. As a former OMOC member, & Manta fan, I would like to think it could live again.

    I am selling the whole car. Please don't ask for "the retaining clip from the offside toggle regulator valve mounting bracket". I will not be taking any parts off the car.


    The price is £750 cash. You will need a trailer to take the car away. The car is near Guildford, Surrey. The car has a Logbook in my name & is registered SORN with the DVLA.


    Please click to view an HD Video of the Manta.


    If you need to see any more detail, please ask & I will upload more video or photos. I am not online every day, so please don't be offended if I do not reply to messages instantly.