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  1. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Thanks for the comments again guys! I have started to fit up the interior now, on the rear shelf are the original box speakers. I want to keep the original look but have speakers that i can hear so i went about searching for a modern 3 way speaker that i could make fit in the boxes. I found these speakers, Pioneer TS-A4633i 6" x 4" 3-Way. I had to cut the front of the box to make these fit and also the back a bit for the cables Then just drop the speaker in You can see how much larger it is than the original. Next i reinstalled the rear shelf and fitted the boxes, i think it looks a treat! I have fitted the stereo in and they sound pretty good so well happy with them. After getting the nuts for the front section of the rear arch trim, i could fit the rear quarter inner trims and rear seat, i have also chosen to fit 3 point rear static belts
  2. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    I have been meaning to start this thread sometime ago but never got around to it. So here goe's! Bought the car in March this year from one of the guys on here. I didn't see it before purchase but was given a good description so i took a chance. Pretty much as expected apart from a few (as always) sections that hide away under carpets and behind wings etc. Its a 1986 GTE, 3 owners from new, 98k genuine miles. I managed to track down the 2nd owner who had the car from 1988 until earlier this year when it first changed hands. He had it on his drive way since its last MOT in 2005, nice chap and luckily had all MOT's from 1989 until 2005 and believe it all not they were all done at the same garage D&R Services, Arley. I was really after a coupe to convert to a 400r but when this one turned up it was so original i couldn't do it so i am restoring to original. Even the spare wheel was still new and unused! Every clip was in place etc etc. First job was to completely strip the car and put it on a spit You know when the chasis is shot when you jack up the car and the jack goes up but the car doesn't move! I can go on showing lots of pic's of rust but i guess we've all seen rust although maybe not as bad as this one? So first job was to replace both chassis legs, making sure the car was secure and supported. I won't explain the process of welding up the the legs as there are a couple of links on the forum to show this. I got them from Eckhard in Germany, quality is second to none and highly recommend his Chassis legs. More to follow as seem to of run out of space?
  3. Mike's Manta.

    Great job to join the doors like that, do you know if they had a lot of distortion from the heat (welding wise)?

    Great looking Manta , just looks so right in black!
  5. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    I 'm guessing by looking at the pictures it has been started by someone else? You can buy front swan neck sections of the chassis or are you planning on making your own, i'll look forward to see what you have up yoursleeves for the suspension, steering set up etc. Keep the pictures coming!
  6. Radiator Tray

    Can the shop still supply the above for Manta B as currently showing out of stock? Thanks
  7. Self Threading Nuts

    Ok thanks for looking anyway
  8. Self Threading Nuts

    Guys before i order some that i think are right on Ebay, does anyone have the 4x nuts that hold on the arch section of the cill/arch spoiler trim on a GTE(2x each side), they are self threading nuts that take a 8 or 10 mm socket, can't remember which. I have mine but after going through my garage and boxes 10 times i can't find them, i need asap please!
  9. Self Threading Nuts

    Ok thanks, i'll hold on ordering until later.
  10. Best to start small but as always once you start cutting it always get bigger! I would remove your screen now as you have rust that needs sorting under it as well, also will stop you damaging it with sparks as mentioned before. The metal behind where your new plate will be looks a bit rusty, if you can't get to it to cut it out (better if you can) make sure you soak it in Hydrate 80 or something similar, last thing you want is your new plate rusting from the inside out in a couple of years!
  11. Brake calliper refurb

    Look good, i had mine electro plated by them as well and the service was spot on.
  12. I think the guys have covered most things, just one to watch out for is your windscreen. If you are planning on leaving in place make sure you cover it over well. The last thing you want once the car is finished is to have rust in the glass from grinding and welding sparks, also on the outer front screen this would affect your wipers passing over the screen!
  13. Good luck with the fabrication, like you rightly mentioned the more you do yourself the more your learn, take a close look at the bottom hinge on the pillar, can't quiet make out but is there a crack? Hopefully not but get someone to rock the door up and down while you take a close look at the hinge just to be on the safe side. Headlamp panel doesn't look to bad either!
  14. Side Window Seals 84 Coupe

    I believe that is part of the lower door/aperature seal.
  15. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Lately i have been concentrating on getting the engine built up, takes so much time cleaning every part and replacing what i can ie, water pump head gasket etc. Bit of fun with the exhaust manifold, painted it with exhaust high temp paint but it won't set properly until the exhaust gets hot so plastic gloves were needed handling that as got fed up with silver hands! Goods news though engine built up rad in water oil etc turn the key turns over but didn't start, i had it running before strip down but then i remembered another topic on here that mentioned the fuel pressure regulator is wrong in the Haynes manual that i had followed, checked this and yep i had it wrong. Anyway put the pipes the right way around and it fired up, tweaked the timing a little to get it sounding right and ticking over, left to get hot so well happy there. I will give it a proper tune up once finished. I polished the inlet manifold with a wire wheel in a drill and using different grades of wheel, took some time but happy with the result. Painted some more panels and have refitted the front wings, bonnet, boot and doors Back end is almost complete, just need a couple of bulbs and number plate. Earlier i fitted the headlamps, wiper motors and horn. Once the side skirts are painted and fitted i will push the car outside and wax oil everywhere before i start putting the interior back in.
  16. Head lamp/ front panel trim

    Guys, Does anyone have the long trim that fits under the headlamps and nose cone on Manta b. Preference is black but can work with chrome. Thanks
  17. Head lamp/ front panel trim

    Pm sent
  18. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Cheers guys. The metal finishers are at www.bryonymetaltreatments.mfbiz.com based here in Bristol. I had 2 tubs worth of bits done, including the above for £50.00 which i thought was a bargain. Took them 2 months so next time i'll get bits to them once the car is stipped as they are very busy.
  19. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Ok, i've been busy on the car over the last couple of weeks. I got the front calipers back from Big Red, new goodridge brake hoses all round. I went for the retro looking ones(matt black). Excuse the dust! Brake system fully bled and working, new rear drums etc and front discs also master cylinder. Once i had fitted the engine block and gearbox back in to the car i then started to prep the body for paint. Firstly a 2k primer This was flatted using 600grit wet and dry. Then remasked ready for the top coat, i also masked the garage walls etc. I left it a couple of days to harden as no baking facility here and then flat and polished the panels I could then start to fit some body trim once i had painted the rear 1/4 window and top of door aperature in satin black I had loads of bits back from the metal finishers this week so have been able to start fitting the car back up Dash is back in now along with drip rail mouldings and door rubbers, next step is to rebuild the engine and try and get her running. Once this is achieved i will then prep and paint the other panels.
  20. Back up again, this time at £2895.00 buy it now or best offer
  21. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    Ian, Go with 8mm cobalt spot weld drills, you will need a few if your drilling most of the welds needed, on Ebay i bought a pack of 10 for around £22.00.
  22. Coupe rust repair help and advice required

    Nice to see another keen to take on a rusty project! My project might help here Restoration of D91 MOP. There are 3 sections to be welded here before the outer cill goes on, inner cill, section coming down from the rear floor area and also section at the bottom of the b post. Bit hard to explain so pic's better. If i remember right James (stradacab) had a build thread for Project J, he detailed this section in pictures very clear and in detail try looking there as well. Good Luck
  23. Handbrake lever+ Windscreen

    As title really anyone got a spare handbrake handle/lever. The threaded bar snapped off when i was dismantiling my car, needs to be clean no marks please. Also will be after a front screen and if poss front and rear screen rubber but as above all must be in really good condition. This is for my 1986 GTE coupe i think it has a green tint, hopefully someone can confirm as screen in my lockup and not to hand to check. Thanks
  24. Living up to my username

    Love the engine, did you or do you work for Vauxhall? Back in the day when i did these panels were thrown out as couldn't sell them years after the Manta, if only the crystal ball was working back then.
  25. Just noticed it back up for sale! On Ebay