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  1. Great morning out there guys, hopefully if we do it again there will be some more classics but lots of aircraft to see so all good anyway! Great pic's by the way Dave
  2. Classic Motor Show 2017

    Stand looks great, i'll pop over for a chat later!
  3. That is one stunning manta! Did they ever make RHD versions from the factory or were those that are now, converted by dealers?
  4. A-series front spoiler fitment

    One on ebay for sale, may help you get one cheaper, i don't know what their worth! eBay item number: 332443369962
  5. Could be of interest eBay item number: 162736372233
  6. White Coupe

    Currently on 60K! These pop up quite a lot on ebay, 1 person using other adverts to attract interest. Only contact via personal email or phone number. Normally some sort of scam so be carefull!
  7. //www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-manta-b-turbo-350-bhp-plus-drift-car-not-ford-escort/263281499854?hash=item3d4cccdece:g:gXAAAOSwdjdZ8bNL
  8. As you said they do look rather good, how much would you think it cost to get these trimmed in leather?
  9. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Terry i'm sure we can help with where to cut etc once you post up some pic's, i have the 2 ends of the spit tied together Kev so they won't come apart, i also fitted wheels with brakes on so it can't wonder around. Second car on there with no concerns so far touch wood! So on to the N/S/R Arch. I clamped over the new arch and draw a line around so i could see how much i could remove if needed. As the inner arch was in much better condition than the O/S i managed to drill out a lot of the spot welds around the outer to inner arch. I was then able to cut off the rotten section of arch, i carried out a couple of repairs to the lip of the inner arch so i had good metal to weld to. New arch trimmed to fit and welded in. If you do fit one of these always spot weld (mig) around first in different places or atleast couple of inches apart to stop the panel distorting because the heat from the mig can cause this and could runion a decent job! Next was to sort out a rusty piece to the rear of the 1/4 panel All the rot cut out so i fabricated 2x pieces to make the shape, first the bottom piece that would spot weld to the flange and form the flat bottom and large piece to form the main section, funny old piece this as it curves different was so a little persuasion was needed! Next was the spare wheel well. Firstly i cleaned off all the paint etc to see how much rot there was, then i drilled off the tow eye bracket as this was good. Then removed again all rotten metal. For some reason i didn't take a picture of the hole but you can see in the finished pic how much was removed/replaced And then towing eye welded back on. I had a perfect bonnet from my V8 i am using as that has a 400 bonnet on it, i managed to pick up 2x good wings last week. Both will be taken back to bare metal for examination but should be good. With these good panels i could now to a trail fit of the front end and weld in a new lower front panel I hadn't had to repair any of the boot aperature but a trial fit there just for piece of mind As mentioned in my other thread, next and final rusty job is the roof! TBC
  10. 1987 Manta 1.8S Berlinetta

    Nice work there guys, tell James the goggles are for his eyes not his head . Yep Warners, that garages has changed a few times over the years, currently its Suzuki.
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-1987-57k-miles-on-new-2-4-injection-engine-/322822217985?hash=item4b29b42101:g:FQsAAOSwU0VZ30aQ
  12. Monaco blue exclusive coupe restoration

    Kevin, can you get a good finish with tinted Rapture? Never used before but seems like great stuff, i read you have to put it on with a underseal gun hence the question.

  14. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Not sure if you can buy a battery tray for rhd car, i did find one but it was for a left hand drive car so obviously wouldn't fit as on other side of car. If you can get them please let me know for next time. Onto the wing rail next. As other side i over lapped new panel by 10 mm allowing me to weld by sides. Next was the outer light surround Always like to drill out spot welds where possible, makes thing neater. New piece fabricated and welded in As the lower front panel was bent in a few places and a bit rusty i decided to remove it as i managed to buy a new section (ebay). Front corner finished so onto the cill As you can see its pretty bad at the front and back so off it came! As the other side i can now rebuild the 3 sections between the b post and front of the rear arch, this is hidden by the cill but still needs to be strong so i used slightly thicker metal. The section in the front has a bottom lip which will be welded to the outer cill from the bottom. All treated and ready for new cill. I didn't show it but you MUST hang the door back on to make sure all the gaps line up, because once welded your be in big trouble then trying to adjust gaps. TBC
  15. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Ok so O/S finished with all nice clean solid metal. Onto the N/S! Firstly removed all of the floor that was rotten along with part of the wheel arch section and inner wing Again floor section from RetroPower, it comes a lot larger than the piece i cut down to use so if your floor has gone wider and about 4" longer it would still fit. Just rested in place so i could start fabricating the arch section as i needed to remove it a couple of times to make panels fit better. Making sure all edges were clean and treated i offered up the new inner wing to pillar section again from RetroPower.A few tweaks and it fits spot on. I could then weld the floor in and finish making a section for the inner arch Next its onto the battery tray!