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  1. bris jas

    Manta coupe boot floor and front pans

    Retro power normally have the front floor pans in stock.
  2. bris jas

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    I did think of a Saab turbo but apparently they are alot taller so more difficult to fit over the cross member, i don't have another 240 axle, this came up last week so got the deal done asap and cheap as chips. I haven't looked in side but think its an open diff. I have a high lift trolley jack, i put 4x4 timber across the chassis legs and pump up the jack to get the height needed.
  3. bris jas

    Front bumper irons

    Full set on ebay at the moment.
  4. bris jas

    New swan neck

    I fitted these chassis legs from Eckhard on my last project, top quality. Good to see you getting your son involved, hopefully he'll be part of the next generation Manta savours.👍
  5. bris jas

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    Always up for a deal mate, i will be putting the 1.8 up for sale soon. Have you got a spare let lying around😏
  6. bris jas

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    I'll go for new or re-con Ian. No point going for used as that might be on its last legs. I did one on my last Zafira GSi turbo, think i used a company called midland turbos but will have to check, they were good and a fair price.
  7. bris jas

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    As far as spec goes on this build i'm still deciding on a couple of things but the rear axle will be from a Volvo 240, i will have the stud pattern on the front hubs changed to match the axle, will look good as the axle has a 5 stud pattern. 400 bodykit but i don't intend on following the colours or stripes from the genuine cars, i have a couple of colours in mind but keeping under my hat for the time being. Engine wise probably looking at a 2.0 let engine and poss using the 1.8 box i have, as don't really intend on going over 300 bhp (but who nose). I also have the sump, mounts etc from the 1.8 engine. Although always fancied a ls3 supercharged!🤪 Blitz interior and custom wheels. Bad day yesterday as travelled 150 miles to pick up the axle, just started to head home and engine light came on, loss some power then headed onto the M11and that was that, with a large smoke screen in my rear view mirror i pulled over as the turbo just let go (2005 Zafira 2.0Turbo SRi). Got home 4 hrs later thanks to the AA. I guess at least i managed to pick up the axle first! My job tomorrow strip out the turbo and order a new one.
  8. Ian, coming along well and like you mention always nice to get onto the next stage (filler work). I think your welder not looking as it gets that hot probably helped with the roof plates as the heat can cause the distortion.
  9. bris jas

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    Thanks for the comments guys. Evo well spotted with the yellow roof skin. Makes life a bit easier Ian with a slightly larger garage, harest part is trying to keep it clear. So as the car had a rusty sunroof and i don't want one anyway i cut off the roof skin and fitted a non sunroof skin, i had an old roof (thanks Paul b) lying around so went about cutting the skin off, the complete rear of the skin had rust so i cut off the hole rear flange which would spot weld across the back under the rear screen. Bit of a gamble as repairing and welding this part could cause the roof to distort. So cut it off, as there was no cross support i welded a steel box section between the door aperatures just in case there was any movement, treated all areas to a good coat of Hydrate 80 Then went about measuring and double checking every section before i layed the new roof skin on ready for welding. Roof fitted a treat, you can see the weld line to the rear, took a time over this and worth the effort as roof is smooth with no distortion. Next was to fit the 2 cross supports, they needed a bit of fabrication but all fitted and looking good I did the roof first before it goes up onto the spit, just helps to keep the load correct on the car so no potential movement of the shell. Before i put it on the spit i have to make the rear panel good and strong, Danny it come out ok but the bottom came away from the floor as rather rusty down there, as i can't source a repair section i'll go about making my own I have a spare wheel well on order as this has gone past the point of repair. Before i cut the section out i made sure the lights and boot fit so i know its just the lower section that needs sorting. (no boot sealed fitted in this picture) Hopefully i'll get a chance to sort this in the week and get it up on the spit.
  10. bris jas

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    I've seen your build Peter, liked the way you fitted the rear axle. I might be interested in the dash, i'm after complete top and bottom in black if poss as mine is brown. Rob, i went upto Martins on Monday, real nice guy with lots of pic's from the olden days in Germany, lucky with the kit as he had 2 for a chap from Ireland but the guy can't come over until Jan now, so time to make another i guess, thanks again for help in contacting him👍
  11. Ok so here i go again! Picked up this car just after i bought my last project D91 MOP, it was sat at a local garage that i drive by most days but was under a tarp so never realised what it was until we had a windy day. Long story short checked it out as front end only showing, turned out to be a 1983 berlinetta 1.8 coupe. Did the deal there and then and took it away the following day, its been in storage while i was doing the other Manta but now its time to start the next build! It has a full set of berlinetta wheels but 3 flat tyres so i put on some alloys to get it moving. Not sure why but i tend to like the rusty ones, this one also has rear end damage Got the engine running from a petrol can but sounded ok Interior, well most of it is there but seats are damaged/worn and most trim has marks also dash has couple of sun cracks in the middle Ok first thing was to get the car in the garage and strip it completely down, i can then see the main rust issues and start to collect replacement parts/panels etc The plans i have for the car are still in the planning stage, but i've always wanted to do a 400 replica. First things first must get the shell solid but as a little taster i picked up my 400 kit from Martin this week and couldn't resist just hanging it on.
  12. bris jas

    Custom V8

    Welcome to the club, always love V8's. In the pic's in the link above must say it looks great, hopefully will see it in the flesh at one of the shows. Our local OMOC club is Southwest and Wales(think thats right) and our Rep is Dave, sure he'll be along soon. Some of us are based up in and around the Bristol area.
  13. Ian, i'm sure you have learnt this already but heads up just incase. With the roof plates just tack them in let the metal cool and tack again, you must be so carefull with those plates as to much heat there and you could end up distorting a large part of the roof, if that happens it can be a nightmare to put right.
  14. bris jas

    Back panel??

    I asked for one for a coupe on here last week but no joy, Tim at TJM can't get the repair lower section anymore either.
  15. bris jas

    Manta 400r

    Coming on well there Peter, does the 4th trumpet fit by the servo or will it need a little adjustment? Also what are your plans for a heater if you were planning on having one?