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  1. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    Ian, Go with 8mm cobalt spot weld drills, you will need a few if your drilling most of the welds needed, on Ebay i bought a pack of 10 for around £22.00.
  2. Coupe rust repair help and advice required

    Nice to see another keen to take on a rusty project! My project might help here Restoration of D91 MOP. There are 3 sections to be welded here before the outer cill goes on, inner cill, section coming down from the rear floor area and also section at the bottom of the b post. Bit hard to explain so pic's better. If i remember right James (stradacab) had a build thread for Project J, he detailed this section in pictures very clear and in detail try looking there as well. Good Luck
  3. Living up to my username

    Love the engine, did you or do you work for Vauxhall? Back in the day when i did these panels were thrown out as couldn't sell them years after the Manta, if only the crystal ball was working back then.
  4. Just noticed it back up for sale! On Ebay
  5. Handbrake lever+ Windscreen

    As title really anyone got a spare handbrake handle/lever. The threaded bar snapped off when i was dismantiling my car, needs to be clean no marks please. Also will be after a front screen and if poss front and rear screen rubber but as above all must be in really good condition. This is for my 1986 GTE coupe i think it has a green tint, hopefully someone can confirm as screen in my lockup and not to hand to check. Thanks
  6. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Not really Dave, just cracking on when i can. Nice to be finished for the summer though
  7. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    I didn't have the correct size tube to hand so i bent some metal around the correct size washer which would form the hole for the grommet, welded these together then trimmed the metal until i was happy with the angle and then welded it in place. I have removed the foam from the sunroof/roof which tends to get wet and partially cause the rot, so hopefully this will help. I had to think about the drain pipes as i thought you were on about the rears which go through grommets in the floor, of course the fronts i will look at that though as sound like a good idea. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Thanks again for the comments guys, Main thing is to make sure everything is as clean as can be, after using mig for the weld i grind first (making sure it doesn't get to hot) before finishing with 80 grit flap disc. This will leave a nice smooth finish, it then takes filler to finish off to a complete smooth finish before primer, then fine stopper, flatting this before priming again. I did brace the front of the car before removing a chassis leg and to make sure everything is square, this can take time but must be done to avoid any issues later with panels etc not fitting correctly. this car was exceptionally bad as both legs were gone so this made the front that much weaker. I do clean the metal to a nice smooth finish before welding, its just something i have always done. Yes i did shape the bonnet release hole as close as i could, i think there is a picture of this earlier in the build.
  9. Great find, i've had a few of these in my time.
  10. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Axles all painted up now and both put back into car. Always fun trying not to scratch the paint! New springs and shocks all round and super pro bushes. Just ordered brake and fuel lines so can get on with that next week, before they turn up i'll try and work out all the bits i have in a couple of boxes to see whats missing and also work out what goes where.
  11. Manta b Chassis leg replacement parts

    Eckhard is a guy in Germany that makes the replacement legs, i think he supplies Dr manta. If you want to see exactly what you get and length etc look at my build thread - Full Restoration of D91 MOP. Not cheap but great quality, inner and outers for both sides were around 450 euros plus postage.
  12. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    That reminds me Dave, must make those V8 engine mounts!
  13. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Luckily i have a large shed for all the bits! So much nicer working in space with some light, back in the day i'd be climbing under the cars kicking parts and stuff as i went. Front and back panels in primer now and also the boot preped and painted in matt black. Took me a few hours to get the sound deadening in and looking nice, the pads were cold so kept cracking. Bit of heat and patients, happy with the results. All the sections needed are painted now to allow me to start thinking about fitting the axle, front suspension etc back in. I started to prep the axle and bits today using a wire wheel in my grinder, blimey suprising the amount of crap that comes off these bits, i was covered! I had most of the front axle and trailing arms etc powered coated. Hopefully gets these painted over the next few days
  14. 87 exclusive coupe

    If these are around at that money i'll buy 10 please! Nice lookings Mantas there, always loved the white with those black wheels
  15. 87 exclusive coupe

    Probably a daft question but would it state exclusive on the log book? Also the rear bumper i guess was an optional extra or fitted after the car was first registered. Apart from the obvious are there any other bits of trim or mechanicals fitted only to exclusives from the factory?