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  1. Nice looking car and a great advert, only bits missing is picture of the n/s, boot area and engine bay. 12 months mot and no advisories. Nice colour and charcoal interior, whats not to like!
  2. 400r insurance

    Good news, so did Flux except your area reps valuation?
  3. Manta A series rebuild

    Paul that looks great and love those wheels, looking forward to seeing it at Powderham Castle this weekend!
  4. Wow that has gone bad, the seller describes it as a coupe!
  5. Opel Manta Coupe 1976

  6. Opel Manta Coupe 1976

  7. Mike's Manta.

    Mike, how much did they charge for the refurb? I bought a new one (master cylinder) from Germany and to hand i think it cost £120 delivered. Would be good to know for next time if your guys are much cheaper as you had both done.
  8. Project "J"

    I'll be popping down on Saturday, will be good to see you guys on the OMOC stand, my red GTE will be out in the car park. First outing!
  9. 400r insurance

    Flux should of given you a full list of what pictures they need. Just requested agreed valuation on mine (waiting to hear back) They want pic's of both sides front and back, engine bay, interior and dash showing the mileage. Not sure on club valuation though
  10. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Ok so here are the finished pic's! Sorry about the shade and glare, just when you don't want the blazing sun!
  11. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Thanks yes it did sail through, no advisories at all. Dave hopefully both, will give you a call to confirm.
  12. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Quick pic of the wheels after i'd painted them Painted them inside and out. Car is now finished and today drove it on the road to the MOT station, drove really well with no issues While the car was on the ramp other mechanics kept walking over to it and the tester kept pointing at things, made me a bit nervous what he was pointing at, seemed like ages and he came back into reception to see me with a smile on his face and said!!!!!!!! i've had to fail it as it hasn't got the original radio, i then explained it was at home and will be kept with car, had a bit of banter and he handed me my new MOT well happy. Boss came out and asked what it was worth and loads of questions, before he asked i mentioned it wasn't for sale, the garage used to sell them back in the day and he remembered them and always fancied one. I will be valeting the car over the next few days before i post up the finished Pic's
  13. Hi newbie here

    Welcome along, did you buy the red GTE?
  14. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Thanks for the comments again guys! I have started to fit up the interior now, on the rear shelf are the original box speakers. I want to keep the original look but have speakers that i can hear so i went about searching for a modern 3 way speaker that i could make fit in the boxes. I found these speakers, Pioneer TS-A4633i 6" x 4" 3-Way. I had to cut the front of the box to make these fit and also the back a bit for the cables Then just drop the speaker in You can see how much larger it is than the original. Next i reinstalled the rear shelf and fitted the boxes, i think it looks a treat! I have fitted the stereo in and they sound pretty good so well happy with them. After getting the nuts for the front section of the rear arch trim, i could fit the rear quarter inner trims and rear seat, i have also chosen to fit 3 point rear static belts