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  1. Got any pictures of your project Ian?
  2. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Gonna be a beauty mate.
  3. 1987 Manta 1.8S Berlinetta

    Doing a lovely job there chaps, keep up the good work!
  4. Monaco blue exclusive coupe restoration

    Really straight shell you've got there!
  5. Mike's Manta.

    Lovely work there Mike, very much an inspiration.
  6. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Beautiful work there Jason, I too need to get my rear arches replaced so it's nice to see some pictures of it being done
  7. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Wow that some impressive work there, looking forward to following this build with interest! Not many people would have the hanging ones to take one on with that level of rust, well done.
  8. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Ah i've just seen you've already said! Is Klokkerholm a company that reproduces new panels then? How do I go about getting myself some!
  9. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Wow some impressive work there mate, she'll look fantastic when done! Where do you source your new panels from, are they all fabricated or is there any sort of supplier for off the shelf panels these days? I say this as mine will probably need similar treatment...
  10. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Nice looking car! You think she's going to need a lot of welding?
  11. New project!

    Hey guys, I've been on the lookout for a Manta for a while now and had a brief chance to get out and buy one whilst back on R&R (currently deployed to the mid east). Well I stumbled across this beauty of an unmolested 1.8S hatch, a few weeks later it was back in my garage patiently awaiting my return to the UK She's spent the best part of 20 years unmoved in a garage with the same owner. He used to take her on trips over to Europe on long road trips so she's done some miles over the years (but been well loved). I'm undecided on the best course of action at the moment as it's clearly evident that there is some welding work to carry out. Just from what i've seen from looking around/ under with a torch it's going to want new rear arches, some attention to the front chassis rails, bubbling on the sill/ floorpan joints etc... The good news is that the welding work does not look extensive and as it's extremely unmolested I don't believe she's hiding many surprises for me. I think in the short term i'll get her through an MOT and use on decent days for a year or so, before stripping down and completing a more major restoration when i've got all the parts and tools in place. Anyway enough talk, here's a couple of pictures.. i'm very excited All the best, Sam.
  12. Manta GT/E

    Hi guys, Always regretted selling my GT/J a few years ago and would love to get back into the drivers seat. I'm currently out of the country till December but I thought id put the feelers out to see if anyone might be willing to part with a suitable vehicle when I come back. What i'm looking for ideally is this: Manta GT/E, coupe or hatch i'm not fussed. Would like it to be mostly solid bodywork wise, however I am flexible (I know they suffer with the tin worm). Ideally a running vehicle although mechanical work is not a problem for me. Good interior as finding decent replacement interior parts is difficult these days. Id consider pretty much anything so try me! Budget is flexible for the right car. Regards, Sam.
  13. GT/J hatch

    Thanks Rob, I managed to contact him a couple of days ago but he sold it a long while ago. The search continues!
  14. GT/J hatch

    Interesting, thanks for that. It would probably have required some welding work to get it through another MOT. If it's still alive and tucked in someone's back yard i'd love to buy it back I sold it to a guy called Mick up in Barnsley, I've lost his details over the years unfortunately. Does he still come on the forum from time to time?