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  1. New 400R Project

    inside and the engine bay sprayed white.
  2. New 400R Project

    under side was done with the raptor bed liner.
  3. New 400R Project

    Few pic of the work under the lights to close the big gap between the bumper and lights.
  4. New 400R Project

    fitting my front wings
  5. New 400R Project

    this is the work fitting the rear arches
  6. New 400R Project

    Here is me cutting and fitting the rear arches Christmas day and boxing day 2015 they was a real pain to do. driver side turned out better as i done it last lol Yes id say it would, something different. There is a serious amount of white 400r i know i went white as well lol, but id loved to of tried something diff but i played it safe and stuck with white.
  7. New 400R Project

    right i have not been on the forums in a wile but i have a lot done to the manta now. Here is the kit i got good strong kit.
  8. Manta 400 bonnet vents

  9. Headlight rubber seals

    Would you have a passenger side rubber that you would sell that is half decent ?
  10. Many B LH light rubber

    I'm lookin the rubber for the LH head light rubber for the twin headlight if any1 can help me? Thanks