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  1. Trim under headlights

    Sorry been away. How does £30 including P+P sound
  2. Wanted. GTE gear box

    Bit far away, but thanks for the heads up. If I need to, then I have a good prop maker here in Coventry that I use, but just thought I'd ask in case one turns up.
  3. Wanted. GTE gear box

    I'm in need of a Getrag 240 Manta GTE gear box if anyone can help. Also, am I correct in thinking that you need an auto prop for the 5 speed conversion in a Manta A, if so then I also need a prop. Thanks for any help.
  4. Trim under headlights

  5. Trim under headlights

    Got one here in coventry.
  6. manta b parts

    Try East Kent trim for the door seals and sunroof seal
  7. A series boot lock

    Socket is 7/8th
  8. A series boot lock

    There is a threaded ring that holds it all in place. with the catch removed, look through the hole at the rear of the lock, and you will see the ring with 2 small slots in it. As Paul has just said best way is to make a tool but it can be done with 2 screwdrivers if it is not too tight.
  9. PayPal

    I have locked this topic. This forum will not condone threatening behaviour,
  10. Fitting sunroof head lining.. help needed

    Sorted the bars out, thanks to Alan Biggs, but now need pics of how the head lining fits around the sunroof handle, if anyone can help.
  11. Has anyone fitted a new roof lining into a Manta A with a sun roof? Are the 2 roof bars at the rear both straght? Any help or photos please. I have fitted non sunroof ones but never one with a sunroof.
  12. VBOA Show 2017

    This years rally, just goes to show what a great club the OMOC is. With the new venue there were so meny un-knowns, and yet all club members came together and made it one of the best VBOA rally for a long time.
  13. The VBOA show is here, Please come along and say hello if you are visiting the show this weekend. Show details can be found here: http://www.vboa.org.uk/
  14. Steering rack for a manta b

    Just cut the rubber flexible bottom off and fit a UJ