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  1. 400 body kit best one to get

    remember that there is a differance between 400 rally front panel and irmcher ones lower radiator intake are completly different
  2. Speed and Rally Show, Oswestry

    unfortunatley clashes with donnington historic which is where im going to with the rally car
  3. yes looks very nice in my garage
  4. 2.4 block

    bump still looking for a frontera engine also looking for a 4 speed gearbox bell housing
  5. 2.4 block

    looking for frontera 2.4 block /bottomend only really need block but will buy complete engine any body got anything lying around or any leads regards simon
  6. Rally Day 2017

    what a hero for supporting my little gathering
  7. Rally Day 2017

    i did try to include the club with this event but there didnt seem much interest i have organised a feature display any way there should be 6 manta 400s and 4 ascona 400s all proper rally car i am going to see if i can sqeeeze in hermans car as well seeing as it a proper 400
  8. Rally Day 2017

    hi im trying to organise this event for rallyday if any body knows of any 400s road or rally cars i would be very interested even if it just a lead thanks simon pm me please
  9. Floor mounted bias peddle box help

    why a floor mounted
  10. opel manta 400 ADZ4575

    did manage to get the back axle finished for race retro
  11. DVLA RIP OFF...

    i belive that your vehicle will actually not be able to claim free tax untill april next year mine is 1976 reg and i was told april 1st is the date when the 40 yr rolls over
  12. coupe louve

    has any body got a resonable o/s lovre trim behind the drivers door at a sensible price they could post mine on the rally car got damaged when it got rolled and its at the nec show next weekend thanks
  13. there is one of the ferguson 4X4 senators on display at duxford air museam it was used by the british army