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  1. Breaking manta A

  2. Sorry in wrong section please move it . Just seen this pop up if anyone is interested, https://m.facebook.com/groups/361782443943969?view=permalink&id=1508749332580602
  3. Breaking manta A

  4. Boot floor A series

    Morning Has anyone got a boot floor for an A series please.
  5. Rear Axle A series

    Morning Has anyone got a rear axle for an A series for sale also looking for a front end aswell please.
  6. Rear quarter Manta A

    Hi Can anyone help me please I'm after a rear offside (petrol cap) quarter panel. Looked at Dr Manta with no luck , can't find the company in Holland. If anyone has the web address for the Dutch or any other companies it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mark
  7. A bits

    Hi I,m hoping that somebody will have a few bits for sale for an A series, Both front wings Rear Off side quarter Boot lock the list will get longer as the body gets slowly welded. Cheers for any help mark
  8. A series boot lock

    Cheers for the help will give it a go.
  9. A series boot lock

    Hi,can anyone enlighten me please how to remove the boot lock from an A series. Haynes manual aint much use. Cheers Mark