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  1. Rear quarter Manta A

    Hi Can anyone help me please I'm after a rear offside (petrol cap) quarter panel. Looked at Dr Manta with no luck , can't find the company in Holland. If anyone has the web address for the Dutch or any other companies it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mark
  2. Breaking manta A

  3. A bits

    Hi I,m hoping that somebody will have a few bits for sale for an A series, Both front wings Rear Off side quarter Boot lock the list will get longer as the body gets slowly welded. Cheers for any help mark
  4. A series boot lock

    Cheers for the help will give it a go.
  5. A series boot lock

    Hi,can anyone enlighten me please how to remove the boot lock from an A series. Haynes manual aint much use. Cheers Mark
  6. chassis legs at VBOA Meeting 8.-9. july

  7. a series manta breaking

  8. Dr Manta

    Thanks for the replies gives me something to go on.
  9. Dr Manta

    Hopefully someone has had dealings with Dr Manta, is he any good and is he reliable? I've been on the web site but came unstuck at the shopping basket section I can't read German. Is there anyone in England who sells body panels please. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Mark
  10. Rust free A shell

    Does anyone have a solid A shell for sale please.