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  1. We were staying in Chickerell, just down the road a while back. Even went to Abbotsbury to photograph the Swans! Just goes to show that their are a few out there still. A few years back (before marriage I hasten to add), I got quite freindly with a barmaid from our local pub. She lived with her grandparents on a farm and one day, when I was picking her up for work she dragged me off into one of the barns.....(I thought I was quids in)..... but it turned out to be an early Blue Berlinetta, which had been stored for many years. It had about 40k on the clock and was in lovely condition. Long since gone - I've checked but I always wonder about what happened to that one as she was a beauty..........and the Berlinetta was nice too. ;-)
  2. 2.4 Engine C24NE Wanted

    Risse Motorsport do a headgasket set that cures this I believe. I've still not had the time to sit down and work out the compressions ratios though, so if anyone has any thoughts on that - it woudl be handy.
  3. 2.4 Engine C24NE Wanted

    Well Im glad that my original comment about the rod ratio was correct. I was only repeating what I had been told from a very experienced engine builder and also one of my friends who has worked at the local Vauxhall dealership since the 1980's. I can see exactly what Lampchop is talking about on the bores of the 2.4 crankcase I have in the garage at the moment. Its not something that you can show in a photo really but in the flesh it is evident. Ive been oggling those Woosner pistons for a while and have started to look at the cost of the re-bore and piston set. At least they come with new rings and Gudgeon pins, so it almost seems like a bargain when compared to installing piston liners. Looks like I can take those orthopaedic shoes back then........
  4. Dr Manta

    Hi Eckhard - Thanks for posting. That is great news for us in the UK and thanks very much for providing us with this service. I know that Wolfgang doesnt support Paypal and sending international money orders can be quite a lot of hassle. Much Appreciated. Regards, Paul.
  5. I'm planning to pass at least one of my Mantas on to my Son......keep the dream alive!
  6. The pictures should all be loaded across to the forum by now.. Stuart told me that as they are viewed, they will get copied across and that should probably have completed by now as the web crawlers should have done the hard work for us and viewed pretty much everything on the site. Happy days.
  7. It's certainly a bit different to th Centaur. In a way, I prefer the lines on this more and this one does look like it has been well cared for. I note it has sold now, so someone thought it was worth the asking price. And people say mantas aren't fetching good money at the moment......pah!
  8. Irmscher KA555 Camshaft (Manta i200)

    Hi Bjorn, i think that the original camshafts are still available from Enem ( who are also based in Sweden) Have a look at the website - http://enem.se/ib.asp regards, Paul.
  9. Manta B 4 speed gear stick

    Is it complete with the bottom fixing points? If so, I'd be happy to take that one off your hands. Many thanks.
  10. Trim under headlights

    Fair point Kev but the second hand ones are usually scrap and for the relatively small cost of set up, I'm sure there would be more of a demand for these cheaper parts than for rear quarter panels. It was just a thought to test the process really so that we can see how it goes.
  11. Manta B 4 speed gear stick

    Hello matey, thanks for replying. I'm not in a desparate hurry....any time in the next few weeks is fine with me so if you are going near one of the garages within the next little while, that would be fine with me. Cheers very much.
  12. 2.4 Engine C24NE Wanted

    I'm Like the man in orthopaedic shoes Mantadoc........I stand corrected!
  13. Manta B 4 speed gear stick

    Hi, Has anyone got a B series 4 speed gear lever spare? I need it for measurements etc so doesn't need to be mint, just complete. Ta v much.
  14. Trim under headlights

    What do you reckon Chris? One to dip our toe in the water with regards to remanufacture?