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  1. Useful Part Numbers

    I believe that it is a GL4 spec oil. I have some 1 Litre bottles available at the moment priced £14. I have tidied the contents of this thread up and moved it into the Members Only area, under Parts and Suppliers. I have locked this thread for commenting and will delete in a while. New Thread is here (for members only) -
  2. Useful Part Numbers

    I knew I had seen this before. Great find from 10 years ago! I’ll do some editing when I’m at my desktop and join this info up. Cheers Gary. I will also move it into the right section now it has got going.
  3. Useful Part Numbers

    We had a place years ago where all the useful GM part numbers were saved so I thought we would resurrect this. If you have any part Numbers to add, please post them up and I will edit them down into a single list - to keep it easy to browse. ===================================================================================================== ENGINE & GEARBOX Getrag Transmission Oil - SAE 75W / 85W - Part No 93165290 CIH Oil Filter (1.9 / 2.0 / 2.4) - 93156958 CIH Sump Gasket kit - 08983127 CIH Rocker Cover Gasket - 90002406 1.8 Cam Cover Gasket - 90354545 ===================================================================================================== CHASSIS Opel Manta B Upper Ball Joint - 90093763 =====================================================================================================
  4. GTE northampton

    One of the Security Blokes at Billing had a GT/E a few years back.....think his was white though. I wonder if he is still about - Just thinking that Riverside would be nearby for him. I was up there at Lunchtime yesterday but no so luck!
  5. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Well if you could pull something together we can make sure that you get a copy of the magazine, that’s no problem at all.
  6. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Ahhh....that was the infamous GUF! Excellent. Keep up the good work. Have you thought about putting an article together for the mag? It would make an interesting read and you know more about the Centaurs than the rest of us put together!
  7. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    I've been watching this thread with interest - I love to see these database coming together of the rare models. I was having a look through some old Billing Photos earlier this week and this White convertible cropped up for a few years running - MPL 1P. It has Centaur Badges on and according to the DVLA, was registered as a White Vauxhall Cavalier on 26th March 1980 - so the 4 slot front panel looks to be a later addition, like the Cheque Recaro interior and twin headlamps. I did have a quick skim through your list and I couldn't see this one mentioned.....the registration date and style of conversion would suggest that it is an original Centaur - at least I think! Here are a couple of pictures from the Concours at Billing in July 2004:
  8. Cavalier Sporthatch new owner

    Hi Steve and welcome to the OMOC Forum and Club site. I have dropped Steve a quick message and told him about your post. He is a regular visitor in these parts, so I expect you will hear from him in due course. I hope you find the site useful and decide to join the club, where you will be able to access the whole site including the recent for sale ads and a wealth of technical information. Regards, Paul.
  9. Manta B CC

    Hi Roemer, Welcome to the forum. The Louvres for the Manta are quite hard to find now. The ones we had available in the UK were manufactured by a company called Autoplas. They also did side louvres for the rear quarter glass windows. I had some fitted to my B Series when I bought it but they didn’t last long before I got rid of them. You can sometimes find them on eBay.
  10. You don’t see these come up for sale that often. In fact I don’t think I ever have ! Look good in a Manta with a 24v https://m.ebay.de/itm/Opel-Lotus-Omega-6-Gang-ZF-Getriebe-mit-Glocke-C36GET-24V-Irmscher-C30SE-CIH/183181765912?hash=item2aa67bed18:g:eBYAAOSwAL9UgdDr
  11. OK ,i get the message perthic so called club.

    Ok. Thanks for your constructive input, as ever. I think I can speak for the majority of forum users that think you are, unfortunately, a bit of a troll. Sorry but we can’t tolerate that so you are bannished from the kingdom. Bye bye. For those of you that are interested, I looked for TRW TRANSPORTATION ELECTRONICS on Companies House and the company was wound up in 2004. Some people are surely just out to try and rub everyone up the wrong way. This is one troll that was not worth feeding any more.
  12. Frontera 2.4

    Its the Crankshaft Rod and Pistons that are the problem with this engine. As you say, the block is basically the same old CIH block, although the Fronty version will have the 2.4 casting mark. IF rebuilding, it is probably worth looking into replacement rods and pistons, the VX design was pretty terrible.
  13. Frontera 2.4

    104,000 miles and running badly. Sounds like it probably needs a bottom end rebuild so I wouldn't take this on lightly!
  14. 2.0E CIH dipstick

    Hi, The part number you need is 90194095 (or Opel part 658096). I have had a quick look in the usual places I find stuff abroad and I cant find any in stock. So, I guess your next choice is to have a look at a decent second hand one over here in the UK. I think the part was used an several Vx/Opel models in the early 80's so you could try looking for a Dipstick from a Petrol Engined Vauxhall Nova (probably the 1.2) or some of the Astra Mk1 or Mk2 models. I just found a second hand Nova one on eBay that looks like it may be similar. You could always remove the rubber bung and fit it to your existing oil level stick. There are a few NOS Astra ones on ebay that have the wrong size dipstick but probably have the right sized rubber bung, so another option I guess.
  15. Bonnet stay rubber block

    It looks as though OCP have them in stock Steve http://www.opel-classicparts.de/blechteile-kotflugel/halter.html €5.71 inc VAT For info, if you are looking around: Opel Part 1180210, GM Part Number 02867957