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  1. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Hi Dimitri, Sorry, I thought I had replied to your last email. I posted the three calendars off to Athens, as per your instructions on the 16th December and they still have not arrived. I am in thw process of packing to move house at the moment, so I have had to close the club shop as all of the merchandise is in storage and I do not have any spare time to pack and send anything out, so apologies to anyone that is waiting to order items. i have checked with the post service and they cannot find where the package went missing as it was dispatched from the UK I will arrange for a refund for you as that is probably all that can be done now I’m afraid. Sincere apologies. I should be able to claim back the cost from the post office, which is good as I funded this project myself. regards, paul
  2. When I've finished with the House Move Danny, I will start to trawl through all my old photos and get them scanned. Im trying out a few photo scanning apps at the moment to see which ones work the best. I've just deleted Photomyne as the "free" app wanted to start charging me after 3 days....no mention of that in the App write up and that really fecks me off. I'm sure I must have some of your car from 20+ years ago!
  3. That went for peanuts considering that car has some history. As ChrisB says, it was bought new by Anne Norris (OMOC Member number 1) and she kept it original for many years. I followed it on several occasions all around Europe and up and down the M6 to shows in the North West. It would look so much better with the correct era plates on though but each to their own. Whoever picked that car up has managed to get a little bit of OMOC history. It was at the first OMOC meeting ever held, and also at the first Concour's at the Buckby Lion Inn, Northants(1986?).....when it was less than 12 months old! It has been to countless Opel shows around Europe and regularly went with Anne to Switzerland every year for some enthusiastic driving up and down some famous mountain passes. It has lived an interesting life, so its great that it is still about. Has anyone told Anne I wonder? I may write to her and let her know (she doesn't really "do" computers). Here is Anne with A666 in the early 90's at the Kit Car Show. I believe this may have been the year with the Fiesta XR2 ended up in the pond, across from where we were camping!
  4. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Yep, I have a couple spare. Drop me a pm with your email.
  5. I found this picture in an old Manta Magic. For those of you that have joined the club in the last 10 years, this is what an OMOC Concours event looked like back in the 90’s.
  6. I think some of those cars were probably European, we used to get a lot of visitors from The Netherlands back then. The i200 is definitely still about......it’s in my garage! It had just come out of the bodyshop before that event. I remember putting the i200 decals on the night before, as I packed the tent,
  7. It’s a bit hotter than a Scotch Bonnet I think.... I’ll get my coat....
  8. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Thanks to everyone that ordered a Calendar, appreciated. Everyone that has paid had their Calendar posted out via First Class mail this morning, so you should have a little package arrive within 2 days. Apologies as I had meant to get them posted out on Monday but the snow over the weekend meant that my plans changed a bit. I ended up working from home, (and didn't leave the house all day as it was too bleedin' cold!) Paul B x 2 PAID & SENT TheRealExile x 1 PAID & SENT Roy Vd Werf x 2 PART PAID Jock Ramsay x 2 PAID & SENT Charlie Cooper x 2 PAID & SENT Dimpas x 2 PAID & SENT Mick Harbidge x1 PAID & SENT Steve Sutton x 2 PAID & SENT Justin House x 1 PAID & SENT Julian x 1 PAID & SENT mantai200 x 1 PAID & SENT If anyone else would like one for the New Year, I still have one or two left over......otherwise I am going to have to have a few for myself and send them out as Christmas presents otherwise!
  9. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Paul B x 2 PAID TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 PAID Charlie Cooper x 2 PAID Dimpas x 2 PAID Mick Harbidge x1 PAID Steve Sutton x 2 Justin House x 1 PAID Julian x 1 PAID mantai200 x 1 PAID Total = 17
  10. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Sorted - I've added you onto the list Kev. I will send you a Paypal request shortly.
  11. OMOC Calendars 2018

    That’s an idea! Might chat to Alan about what he could do for us.
  12. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Many Thanks to those that have paid so promptly. I hope to be posting them out on Friday. Julian - I have added you to the list and have sent you a payment request this evening. Paul B x 2 PAID TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 PAID Charlie Cooper x 2 PAID Dimpas x 2 Mick Harbidge x1 PAID Steve Sutton x 2 Justin House x 1 PAID Julian x 1 PAID Total = 16
  13. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Just as a Final Reminder, I have ordered the 2018 OMOC Calendars and I have confirmed orders for most of them. I have over ordered slightly (to try and bring the price down a bit) so have about 5 going spare. I will be sending out the PayPal emails today regarding payment, so please keep an eye out for that when it arrives. Price is now £12.50 including postage and packing to a UK address. There is still time to let me know if you would like one. So far, the confirmed orders are: Paul B x 2 TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 Charlie Cooper x 2 Dimpas x 2 Mick Harbidge x1 Steve Sutton x 2 Justin House x 1 Total of 15
  14. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Will do Justin.
  15. OMOC Calendars 2018

    We have made Calendars before, and they have gone down well with some members but others are just plainly not interested. I think for that reason it would be a waste of club funds to make them for everyone - admittedly they would be much cheaper if we did a bulk buy but not a great deal of point if half of them never see the light of day. To be honest, the club funds are better spent on paying for Liability insurance, printing and posting the magazine, web hosting fees and promoting the club at various national events. We aim to have surplus funds to enable the club to run for a period of 12 months without any income, so we do keep the bank account sitting at around £5k for this purpose. Current standard prices for 10+ copies of an A4 Calendar are £13.50 on Vistaprint, plus cost of an envelope (£0.90) and postage (£1.30), which puts the price at over £15. There are various discount codes available to bring the order costs down but things are never quite a straightforward as they initially seem. That also doesn't take into account anyone's time or effort in putting the designs together, taking them to the post office and sending them out. With regards to copyright, 8 of the images in this years calendar have been taken by myself, plus a few taken from Opel Brochure images, (which we as a club are permitted to use). We are usually pretty careful about that but thanks for the advice! So - the good news is that as we have now over 10 orders, the price has come down to £12.50 for club members. I have put the order in and they should be available at the end of this week. I will email the members who have already contacted me about placing an order and arrange for them to be sent out. I will have a small surplus, so if anyone else is interested, please leave your name on this thread. We have: Paul B x 2 TheRealExile x 1 Roy Vd Werf x 2 Jock Ramsay x 2 Charlie Cooper x 2 Dimpas x 2 Mick Harbidge x1