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  1. You don’t see these come up for sale that often. In fact I don’t think I ever have ! Look good in a Manta with a 24v https://m.ebay.de/itm/Opel-Lotus-Omega-6-Gang-ZF-Getriebe-mit-Glocke-C36GET-24V-Irmscher-C30SE-CIH/183181765912?hash=item2aa67bed18:g:eBYAAOSwAL9UgdDr
  2. Frontera 2.4

    Its the Crankshaft Rod and Pistons that are the problem with this engine. As you say, the block is basically the same old CIH block, although the Fronty version will have the 2.4 casting mark. IF rebuilding, it is probably worth looking into replacement rods and pistons, the VX design was pretty terrible.
  3. Frontera 2.4

    104,000 miles and running badly. Sounds like it probably needs a bottom end rebuild so I wouldn't take this on lightly!
  4. 2.0E CIH dipstick

    Hi, The part number you need is 90194095 (or Opel part 658096). I have had a quick look in the usual places I find stuff abroad and I cant find any in stock. So, I guess your next choice is to have a look at a decent second hand one over here in the UK. I think the part was used an several Vx/Opel models in the early 80's so you could try looking for a Dipstick from a Petrol Engined Vauxhall Nova (probably the 1.2) or some of the Astra Mk1 or Mk2 models. I just found a second hand Nova one on eBay that looks like it may be similar. You could always remove the rubber bung and fit it to your existing oil level stick. There are a few NOS Astra ones on ebay that have the wrong size dipstick but probably have the right sized rubber bung, so another option I guess.
  5. Bonnet stay rubber block

    It looks as though OCP have them in stock Steve http://www.opel-classicparts.de/blechteile-kotflugel/halter.html €5.71 inc VAT For info, if you are looking around: Opel Part 1180210, GM Part Number 02867957
  6. Awesome pics. Brings back some memories of shows every weekend and lots of camping.
  7. Ive got some photos from the open day at Ellesmere Port, I was there in my i200. Memorable day out and I remember Jays car well.
  8. Hello

    A666 MFC has been the subject of a little bit of chat recently on here and on the Farcebook group. Ive not seen the car for a while but I understand that it is in a good state of repair and has been well looked after recently. Go on.......you know it makes sense!
  9. Work starts on the mk 2 , V6 A series.

    Blimey - I've never seen a Clutch Plate go like that before. I've certainly taken a few out that were well down to the metal but not breaking up. Good job you had the cover plate off. Its good to see that the hard work is paying off now Chris - all those years of not having a Manta at shows and now you have one to be proud of again. All the little shake down jobs that you have been doing should mean that you have one well sorted A series for the summer. Chuffed for you mate.
  10. Manta i200 at auction

    Grand - Im glad that you guys still have the car and that it is in the UK still.....it is probably worth spending some money on to get it up to MOT standard, at the very least. Apologies I missed out on this thread on here, I was busy discussing the same thing on Facebook (which is something I very rarely do as I think that it devalues the forum a little bit). I have lots of history of this car and over the years have spoken to various owners. It certainly had an interesting life and was converted when new at AGJ Opel Dealers in Pontefract. C878 DWU may also have carried the reg number A40 GRT at some stage, although when and why is not documented on my records (Paul C - you may be able to advise us on that one). As far as I am aware, the engine conversion would have been completed on this car, so it should have had the replacement Dizzy, New cam, Solid Lifters etc - it should sound like a bag of spanners if it this is the case and the exhaust should pop and burble a little too. It would definitely be notcably different from a standard GT/E. I would be interested to hear whether or not the solid lifters are still there. I have heard of some owners swapping them out for Hydraulics, as they can be quite noisy. The Irmscher Rubber cover was designed to cut down on this noise from the rocker cover and if that is still fitted - it is a rare thing indeed. I have a picture of this on the car, taken many years ago when it resided in South Wales. I have a note on file that the original owner had Irmscher Springs fitted and also an LSD, so there was obviously some money thrown at it when it was new. It probably won't be quite a collectable as an Original Irmscher i200 but would certainly be of more interest to a collector as something a bit non standard.
  11. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Hi Dimitri, Sorry, I thought I had replied to your last email. I posted the three calendars off to Athens, as per your instructions on the 16th December and they still have not arrived. I am in thw process of packing to move house at the moment, so I have had to close the club shop as all of the merchandise is in storage and I do not have any spare time to pack and send anything out, so apologies to anyone that is waiting to order items. i have checked with the post service and they cannot find where the package went missing as it was dispatched from the UK I will arrange for a refund for you as that is probably all that can be done now I’m afraid. Sincere apologies. I should be able to claim back the cost from the post office, which is good as I funded this project myself. regards, paul
  12. When I've finished with the House Move Danny, I will start to trawl through all my old photos and get them scanned. Im trying out a few photo scanning apps at the moment to see which ones work the best. I've just deleted Photomyne as the "free" app wanted to start charging me after 3 days....no mention of that in the App write up and that really fecks me off. I'm sure I must have some of your car from 20+ years ago!
  13. That went for peanuts considering that car has some history. As ChrisB says, it was bought new by Anne Norris (OMOC Member number 1) and she kept it original for many years. I followed it on several occasions all around Europe and up and down the M6 to shows in the North West. It would look so much better with the correct era plates on though but each to their own. Whoever picked that car up has managed to get a little bit of OMOC history. It was at the first OMOC meeting ever held, and also at the first Concour's at the Buckby Lion Inn, Northants(1986?).....when it was less than 12 months old! It has been to countless Opel shows around Europe and regularly went with Anne to Switzerland every year for some enthusiastic driving up and down some famous mountain passes. It has lived an interesting life, so its great that it is still about. Has anyone told Anne I wonder? I may write to her and let her know (she doesn't really "do" computers). Here is Anne with A666 in the early 90's at the Kit Car Show. I believe this may have been the year with the Fiesta XR2 ended up in the pond, across from where we were camping!
  14. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Yep, I have a couple spare. Drop me a pm with your email.
  15. I found this picture in an old Manta Magic. For those of you that have joined the club in the last 10 years, this is what an OMOC Concours event looked like back in the 90’s.