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  1. Gte alloys

    Hi guys, any one got a set of tidy gte alloys going cheap? When all the welding finally finished it’s going to be looking standard (ish) These swayed me... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4xToyo-Tyres-205-55-14-R888-Road-legal-GG-MEDIUM-Compound-Track-Sprint-Hillclimb/123267050032?fits=Tyre+Width%3A205|Aspect+Ratio%3A55|Rim+Diameter%3A14&hash=item1cb349ea30:g:ZwQAAOSwBLlVQ4ji much cheaper than rrp, car will sit just 4mm lower , might be of interest to some of you guys
  2. 1981 Manta Coupe Project.

    My thoughts are are get all under seal off, it can hide a lot. Iv been doing mine a bit at a time, some parts looked ‘ok’ then you strip it back to uncover lots of nasties. Tbh if I’d of stripped all mine off like I should of to begin with I probably would of resheld mine. Sounds like you’ve a great shell though. 👍
  3. Rally project .

    Work of art 👍
  4. Track day v8 manta

    Had a few nights on floor pan and and little more on inner wing. A bit random but a lot depends on if iv use of my brothers 4 poster. With hind sight I should of bought another floor pan. You thing there’s a few small patches but once you start cutting 🤦‍♂️
  5. Cheap coupe for sale

    I’d bet that’l be gone quick with out the mot, hand over the cash , load up on trailer and drive! It’s a possibility the repair’s /spraying may not be the best (only surmising, don’t mean any offence to the owner) but even so, very cheap! Taken a closer look and there’s overspray on back light so spray job in all likely hood is quite average, can maybe see some bubbling on offside arch too,

    If that was behind you on a back road you’d definitely pull over to let it by! 😂
  7. Rally project .

    Wow, hell of a lot of work gone into that 👍
  8. Track day v8 manta

    Away for a few days, will attack this when I get back 🤦‍♂️
  9. Newbie - pass wing mirror and engine issues

    Active aerodynamics 😂
  10. Track day v8 manta

    Thanks bud
  11. Track day v8 manta

    So, my brother does welding etc, I’m ok ish with the mechanical jobs but this is mainly welding so been relagated to cutting and wire brushing etc but never welded, my bro been really slow so I begged him to show me how to weld, his words were ‘ Jamie, you’re a riding instructor, would you teach a beginner how to break a horse in’ after persistent asking he let me have a bash. I practised on some patches on the battery tray then spent load of nights from 9pm ish 11pm ish trying to get stuck in. Quite happy with progress for a novice
  12. Breaking 1.8gt hatch

  13. Wanted LSD for Manta B

    Vote for gripper, they’re exspensive but they seam to hold there value when they sell second hand. I know it’s a cliche but it totally transformed my manta. 👍
  14. Track day v8 manta

    You should never walk round a manta with an angle grinder and a cheap screw driver in your hand 🤦‍♂️ I kinda thought there’d be nasty things hiding behind the old patches (had a lot of welding in late 90s befor I got it) and gallons of under seal but we wanted to get boss of the obvious first, we were kind of putting off the inevitable by not havIng a prod really but I couldn’t resist 😂😂 this shell is very poorly 😫, it won’t be a show car when finished but hopefully end up being solid for a good while
  15. Track day v8 manta

    Hum, not had much done but, few bit and bobs, the shell is pretty tired. Worse than originally thought, but then again, they probably all are. Trying to stiffen shell, IMO late sunroof hatch model probably floppiest shell of them , the b’s with no sun roof had the stiffening in roof , coups stiffer in first place, people say the b’s used better steal, this was quite rotten too so put it all together you’ve got one floppy track car! So, box section inside new chassis rails then the previously mentioned gearbox cross member joining rails together. Not much but it’s a start. I know not everyone’s cup of tea but tbh not many would of bothered with it (even id considered reshelling) so it’s hopefully another car saved. (Probably by 2030)