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  1. Ascona " Facelift "

    the car is just as you see it in the pictures, never turned a wheel, such a shave for it to be just lying there, might take it to Billings and see. thanks. Paul
  2. Ascona " Facelift "

    Guys, thinking of selling my car, haven't got a clue what it's worth! any ideas?
  3. Ascona " Facelift "

    I think that I have the guides mixed up and not sure which side is what and back to front lol, tried following the Ascona Haynes manual with no luck !
  4. Ascona " Facelift "

    Guys does anyone have a clue how to refit the sunroof into a four door ascona.???????????????
  5. Ascona " Facelift "

    your looking at about £150 for the head cloth my friend
  6. Ascona " Facelift "

    what are you looking for an Ascona or a Manta rooflining as the guy that made mine can make them no problem . He's based in Glasgow . Hatz
  7. Ascona " Facelift "

    sure would Callum thats just exactly what your Dad said too mate when he was up looking at the car
  8. Ascona " Facelift "

    top man Gary!
  9. Ascona " Facelift "

    can anyone go into my page above and download the pictures from photo bucket? I've gave up trying now
  10. Ascona " Facelift "

  11. Ascona " Facelift "

    touchy feelie anytime Chrissy, its there to be loved lol
  12. Ascona B Wanted

    Birdie I may know of a brown that might be for sale in Scotland Hatz
  13. Ascona Sunroof Seal

    manta one is too short my friend