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  1. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    Remind me where you are... If you can pm me an address and post code I might try to send a truck in to pick it all up. ETA: pop a phone number in the PM too and I can call you !
  2. A series engine mounts

    The steel things that bolt the engine or the rubber mounts ?
  3. Door Mirrors

    Hi, Ok, Triangle wise you have the "non internally adjustable" passengers style I suspect if you take a pic of the drivers side that will look different, more holes ? If you can pop a pic up her it will help to find out what you need and the simplest way to put it back to OE spec.
  4. Door Mirrors

    Have you got the mounts in the doors for normal mirrors or have you just got the plain black triangles ? If you only have plain triangles you will need the whole lot.
  5. Fuel filler caps wanted

    Thanks, You cant take them apart to fix them so if you have a broken one it takes two to mend it, you have to break/cut different parts of several to get them apart and then use the untouched parts from each to make one good one. Its about 75% waste but if they are all old and keyless or broken anyway it doesn't matter. I have run out but still have parts here to repair more if I get some more in to dismantle. Of course there are two types and the parts are not interchangeable and the method to get into them is different. All good fun.
  6. Fuel filler caps wanted

    Hi, I am after filler caps, ones with no keys are fine, ones that are seized up or been drilled out are ok too. If you have a Manta GTE/1800 fuel filler cap and it has a key and it works then that's a bonus. I need quite a few !
  7. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    Thanks, No hurry, I am parts collecting for this car, its not getting into the workshop for at least a year, possibly more. I just like to gather all the items needed in one place so it's all there when I do take it from its shipping container and crack on I not waiting for parts or trying to find some widget or other.
  8. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    Sounds good ! especially the boot lid part ! This is all for the same car, I am going to restore it to its full OE glory ! Not many untouched 1800 Hatches left now.
  9. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    I would like a set of 4 of the 13inch alloys found on a standard 1800 berlinetta manta. straight with no serious damage would be nice, don't need tyres. Let me know what you have !
  10. Old (pref suspect or damaged) Injection Loom

    Me too, I have rebuilt a few over the years. I modified the ones I did to have more wire in places I know its tight and less in places its slack. Having a spare loom lets you work this out. The connectors are all pretty easy to find, if you cant find them the internal metal connectors are all a standard design and can be replaced. A good multi tool is needed for removing the terminals ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-18X-Terminal-Removal-Tool-Car-Auto-Electrical-Wiring-Connector-Pin-Extractor/123412750522?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20160908110712%26meid%3D238b29d76fb147989ed6e2b1673f114c%26pid%3D100677%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D30%26sd%3D202467674013%26itm%3D123412750522&_trksid=p2385738.c100677.m4598
  11. A series fuel tank bafflling

    Put a GTE coupe manta tank in the boot. I have done a few this way. You need a scrap Coupe to remove the two brackets from the shock absorber towers but easy to do once you have them. I used to keep the filler cap in the boot too for a clean look.
  12. Gte fuel injection loom

    I will have a look in my box of handy stuff I cut off scrap cars !
  13. Gte fuel injection loom

    The fuel tank is the main one to do, you can put a coupe GTE Manta tank in if you have the brackets from the donor car. I may have a pair that I took off one. You need to drill the hole for the injection loom before you fit the engine too.
  14. Gte fuel injection loom

    Bung me a PM with a number to call you, there are a few tricks you need to know about doing an injected A series, I have done a few and can talk you through what you need to do to do it properly. Its a great project and will make a huge difference to the drivability of the A.