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  1. Steel tube

    Ahh, ok, so its the chassis to crossmember arm that you have rusted. The bush that goes in that is the one the large bolt to the chassis leg goes through ? Weld the tube in, then put the polybush in. Tubes available from poly bush suppliers or you may have to get a couple turned up on a lathe by a fabricator.
  2. Steel tube

    So you need a bottom arm repair then ? Am I reading it right ? The holes the tubes go into are rusted ? In that case find a fabricator who can put a tube in permanently, welded in, not pressed, while you are at it gusset the underside of the arm, that sharpens the handling up a bit !
  3. Steel tube

    The Steel tubes were part of the original rubber bush from the factory, aftermarket ones use the type in the picture. You have to be careful pressing in the tubes or you push the two sides of the arm together, I always put a couple of bits of scaffold tube that have been cut to size and then cut in half around the bush between the flats of the arm as I am pressing the new bush or sleeve into place. Powerflex or Superflex do the bush and the tube.
  4. Pass door mirror attachment plate (B, 2.0 GTE)

  5. GTE coupe fuel tank and fuel pump carrier

    I have looked and I cant really offer much help, If its any use to you at all I had to make the last couple of fuel pump mounts up from steel plate and angle, I have not seen a good GTE coupe pump mount worth saving on any scrap car for a long time. You used to be able to fix what you have but even that is not an option nowadays, there just not enough left to work to. Do you have anything at all or is this a GTE conversion ? I may have the bracket GM welded to the boot floor crossmember. the one the 3 mounts screw into, triangle shaped thing. I used to cut them off the scrappers for conversions.
  6. Monza GSE long shot

    Call Derek at GM6 spares, he has whole cars there he is cutting up. 01736 810500
  7. Breaking 1.8gt hatch

  8. Rubber fuel hose sizes 2.0e ?.

    Its worth mentioning that you really need to be buying Ethanol proof fuel hose now, or a hose that is "bio fuel" proof. AC delco do a good Manta compatible bio/ethanol proof hose that I use, its not too much money but you need to get it from a US supplier like rock auto. Its got a liner in it that stops the pipe being rotted out from inside by the new generation of fuels. I also recommend using a fuel stabiliser to stop the stuff rotting out the innards of the pump and carb or injection parts. Millers do a good one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/MILLERS-Oils-Tank-Safe-250ml/651297842?iid=182931385032&chn=ps Stops it attracting water in your tank and rotting that out too.
  9. It could be the original one, I have had a few of these Berlinettas with that bottle fitted. Even Later 1800 Exclusives with twin lights had them.
  10. in fill panel

    Coupe or hatch ?
  11. 1985 GTE Hatch restore / tidy

    I am liking this a lot, there was never much love for Hatches years ago but If I am honest I always preferred them. I could get more stuff in the back and you can sleep in a hatch if you put the seat down, I used to do this a lot when I was 18 to 25 as I used to go surfing a lot and would camp at the good breaks so I could get up with the dawn before the crowds arrived. Your work is going to save this Manta for a long time to come, I advise copious quantities of dinitrol or waxoil, pump it everywhere, that will help too.
  12. Cassette rack

    Early or late version ? Early ones were plain and the late ones had a tiny red plastic flap that would go into a clear window to indicate you had a tape in that holder.
  13. Torque Tube Donut

    I would be inclined to sent Gil at Opel GT source an email and show him those pictures. He is a very fair guy and he should be interested in that's sort of failure of one of his products. As it happens I have a stock of used GM ones, I used to remove them from the torque tubes and replace them with nylon inserts that were machined down to fit the tube and have the bearing in the middle. Stopped movement but made it noisier. I washed them, oiled them and stored them in air tight bags in boxes so they are as fresh as when I took them off 20+ years ago.
  14. Well played, I had to look at your posting history to see you were joking !