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  1. Cassette rack

    Early or late version ? Early ones were plain and the late ones had a tiny red plastic flap that would go into a clear window to indicate you had a tape in that holder.
  2. Torque Tube Donut

    I would be inclined to sent Gil at Opel GT source an email and show him those pictures. He is a very fair guy and he should be interested in that's sort of failure of one of his products. As it happens I have a stock of used GM ones, I used to remove them from the torque tubes and replace them with nylon inserts that were machined down to fit the tube and have the bearing in the middle. Stopped movement but made it noisier. I washed them, oiled them and stored them in air tight bags in boxes so they are as fresh as when I took them off 20+ years ago.
  3. Well played, I had to look at your posting history to see you were joking !
  4. Gte Dash Board Parts

  5. I got an envelope of paperwork with the last MOT cert present that expired feb 2004. It was laid up at that point, in Seaton which is rather coastal ! Sea air and time have really rotted it out. I have not unloaded it yet, I suspect I might have to forklift it off as it wont roll easily. Its full of rodent nests and is collapsing around itself. its left a "Turin Shroud" of rust on the lorry bed. It non sunroof and the roof is not rusty at all which is nice, as far as I can tell its got the 1800 bits I need for my 1800, I have not seen the engine yet because I cant open the bonnet. I am going to get a look next week so I will update then. Edit : had 5 minutes to poke it a bit, went to open the drivers door and the outer skin came off in my hand. I then went to the other side and discovered that door is pristine apart from on chocolate digestive size patch of snot in the lower left corner, which is fixable.
  6. When I pick it up tomorrow I am hoping I don't break it in two winching it up onto the lorry. I will be posting pics of how bad it is before I take the engine and box out.
  7. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    I will take some underneath referance pictures because you are right, it has never been welded. Its got some bubbles of rust in the doors and tops of the rear quarters but its straight and generally feels like a nice car. Its very well behaved in terms of engine and box, it starts perfectly and shifts well, apart from the leaks it had i would say its a lovely car. You get a feel for the cars you work on and this one responded well to the spanners and did not give grief.
  8. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Its does have the wing and boot stickers ! Whats your history with this car ? you are obviously familiar with it. I have just stopped it leaking ! here is a mid-way through pic, its all back up and running now and is leak free. MOT on Wed !
  9. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Hi, There is no sticker on the dash but here is a couple of pictures of it taken today...
  10. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Hi, BCV205T Commission number 55 as viewed on the sticker in the glove box ! chassis number 7995094234
  11. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Hi, I will get some pictures and post them up here, the owner is a lovely chap who drives the car very frequently, its not immaculate but its a running used car that he is fond of. Is there a chassis plate or similar you would like a picture of ?
  12. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    I have BCV in my workshop at the moment, its come in for sump and auto box gaskets, a quick service and an MOT. Would you like me to find any information out from the owner for you ?
  13. 2.2 CIH engine wanted

    I have just removed one from a coupe, it was a runner but had a rattly cam chain, it needs a strip and rebuild but is a good core with a good head. I removed it from an 85 Vauxhall Carlton hearse back in the early 90s, low miles but short trips. Hearse died from rust not mechanical failure at less than 10 year old, the joys of our sea air ! The hearse was an auto, I put the whole 2.2, loom and all in my 86 coupe but put a manual box in so I put a spigot bearing in the crank and blatted about in it for years, always ran well, loads of long trips to go clubbing in London at the weekends. I laid the car up into dry storage because of chassis leg rust back around 2005ish, its sat in the car unused since. I removed it to do the chassis legs and I have a brand new 2.4 going back in so its surplus to requirements. Never ran hot, never leaked and did not blow oil out the breathers, I changed the oil every 5000 miles religiously because I drive fast and like it all to be tip top. Let me know if he might be interested, I am in Cornwall but I can put it on a pallet easily and ship it.