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  1. Torque Tube Donut

    Not sure if you can get the GM ones new? This was an up-rated one from Opel GT in the US and was supposed to be superior to the standard one! Andy
  2. Torque Tube Donut

    This is what mine looked like! And nice new one. Much more flexible.
  3. Torque Tube Donut

    I bought one from Opel GT Source in the US which was supposed to be heavy duty and it lasted about 3 years and the car was never even driven in that time! Got a replacement one from Thomas (https://www.edelschmiede.com/) and it seems to be made of a much more flexible compound and he said his are much better than some of the others. All the stuff i have bought off him before have been great so no reason to not trust him on this one. Hope this helps Andy
  4. Manta A series rebuild

    Great, let me know how it goes. I got it from ebay and i think it was from something like a MG metro. Something like this link I just measured the old one and had a google round and found it on eBay. Or a rummage about at the old sxcrap yard (if you have pone near you that still lets you look at cars!) and you should find something. Andy
  5. Manta A series rebuild

    Thanks. Made it so much nicer to drive when hot and in traffic :-)
  6. Manta A series rebuild

    If you have the housing then its easy to do and wont effect adding a heater later on as im still running the heater in mine. Some better pics for you. Needs a good clean :-) Those little fans push out a fair amount of air aw well. Andy
  7. Manta A series rebuild

    Not sure if you can see if properly from this pic (i can take a better one if your interested) I partitioned off the heater housing and put in a small fan from a server cabinet (link to fan) so it blows hot air out through the standard bonnet vents. I have it hooked up so it runs when the cooling fan runs or i can switch it on from the fog light switch. It works great when you are sat in traffic. I use to run twin carbs and that would run like a bag of shit when hot and sat in traffic. I hope the throttle bodies will cure that a bit but still keeping the fan. Let me know if you want some better pics of the setup as it saves messing about with bonnet vents Andy
  8. Manta A back on the road

    Hey Alan Here is Marks website, he might be able to help out with interior info http://www.markkinnon.com/ Andy
  9. Manta A back on the road

    Alan I didn't get time to call you today as bit of a busy day at work. I will try tomorrow. Andy
  10. Manta A back on the road

    Hi Alan No problem. i will give you a call tomorrow. What time is best for you? Andy
  11. Manta A back on the road

    Hey Alan Is this the right one? Andy
  12. Manta A back on the road

    Hi Alan I will have a rummage about on Saturday as i will be doing a bit of work on mine and send you some pics. I dont have much in the way of other stuff for the A as kept all the bits i needed for mine and sold the rest a few years ago and yest parts are hard to get! It seems that trim and interior parts are the hardest to find. Try german ebay as they seem to be selling a lots more stuff now and there is a facebook page that seems to have a few good bits from time to time https://www.facebook.com/groups/583424751727692/ I have a couple of gaskets that fit yours if you are looking for some spare ones. http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=94 and i have a few places that you can get parts for the A from on there. http://www.theopelproject.com/?page_id=219 Andy
  13. Manta A back on the road

    Looks nice and in good condition. I dont have a new cable but think i still have a good used one somewhere. I can have a look if your interested? Andy
  14. Hey Chris Thanks for the info. I was a little confused originally as in the haynes manual it doesn't mention that some could have rods with no oil hole so i was a bit worried i had the wrong rods, but after a bit of searching on the Opel GT site it seems that the consensus is that they most didn't have the hole and all the US guys swap for aftermarket that dont have the hole anyway! I have just got the crank back from a grind so im starting to build it up now, so good to know the info before i start! Andy
  15. I have had the crank ground on the old 2.4 Frontera engine and im going to start to rebuild it soon. I did rebuild it a good few years ago but its sat for so long its had a strip down is going to get some new bearings as i decided to have the crank ground. I have the Haynes manual , but this only has a very small section on the engine rebuild and stops before you get to the pistons! which are the main difference between the 2.0l and 2.4l. So to make sure everything goes back the right way i thought i would call vauxhall and they would be able to print me off or let me read that section from their service info. Well not that easy, according to vauxhall that is all classified info and they cant print or even show me the info (very James Bond) im not sure what they think im going to do with it!! So anyone got any ideas on where i can find this info? i have a nice A series full workshop manual that i got from a friend, but the frontera one just does not seem to exist? Any info or pointers would be helpful as keen to try and get the old girl running this year! Andy