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  1. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    10/40 in the old 1.8. Where abouts in sunny North Wales are you? I'm just outside Mold, not for from Wrexham.
  2. A series rear quarter panel fit

    Thanks Mantaray, I have a jogger like that already, didn't want to start bending the panel and ruining it if it wasn't suppose to have the lip on it, I'll go play now👍
  3. I'm working down the side of my manta a project, so far I've replaced front inner wing section, battery tray and repaired b post bottom, I've removed the sill and carried out repairs, ive had a delivery of panels from dr manta including rear lower quarters, my question is, does the lower quarter panel have a 1/2" lip to spot weld to the inner panel or is there not supposed to be a lip there, my car has what appears to be a spot welded lip but the repair panels just curve round as if there's no lip, can someone post up a picture looking up at the rear quarter panel to boot floor or to rear valance join please, thank you
  4. Opel Manta A

    What you after, tidy car or project?
  5. Will it or won't it (get finished that is)

    Well it’s on the roll over jig and all stripped to bare shell, n/s front inner wing all repaired, new battery tray in and sill and bottom of passenger B post all chopped off, won’t let me upload poctudor some reason but dr manta sent me plenty of repair panels There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 amyone know why it keeps saying this.
  6. A series chrome trim removal

    Heated gently with a hair dryer and they loosened off nicely.
  7. A series chrome trim removal

    Thanks manta88 I'll give to a try.
  8. Has any one removed the chrome trim from around the door opening, specifically the one bonded to the A post, I've had the side glass out, rubber seal off, removed all the screws and the trims however the last one is also bonded to the A post and I don't want to bend or kink it, any suggestions?
  9. Opel kadett c headlight

    I'm after round headlights for my kadett c1 thanks