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  1. Has any body baffled or put a swirl pot into an A series fuel tank, or any ideas how to run injection from a manta A fuel tank?
  2. johnboy

    Gte fuel injection loom

    Would that be a manta b coupe injection tank? How much for the tank brackets?
  3. johnboy

    Gte fuel injection loom

    Really appreciate that offer, I’m a fair way off the install at the minute, just ordered rear arches and rearinner panels etc to finish off the resto work and then hopefully body and paint after trial fit of engine and box, i already have the shortened gear lever assembly (think I may have bought it off you a few years ago actually, it was someone on the forum) Any chance you could pm me some info so I can save it as I’ll probably forget by the time I’m ready to fit? Ive already got an 87 hatch that I’ve put a redtop in, every one says put a valver in or a let or a Saab but I reckon it will go pretty good with a decent gte motor in and i would rather modify it old school type, if you know what I mean. ive got a rear disc set up ready for it and I’ll be doing corsa pas as well, just need time now. I’ve no objections to a right up but maybe a while before I wojld have any input as I’m still restoring the shell, maybe Paul manta might do a right up? Speaking of the club mag, when is the next one due? Are they still posted out quarterly?
  4. johnboy

    Gte fuel injection loom

    A big thanks for that mate, when we looked quickly in the rain on Sunday he only seen the one grommet which was the main car loom, that’s why I was confused, makes sense now, should hopefully get the loom and ecu together with the engine now, plan is to put it into an A series I’m restoring, want to keep the cih look but with injection, never really done much with a gte so dont know my way round them like I do with the A. Thanks again
  5. johnboy

    Gte fuel injection loom

    Ok thanks for that, youve lost me slightly tho, if that is a sub loom where does the main multi plug from the ecu go to?
  6. johnboy

    Gte fuel injection loom

    Guy I'm buying it off is putting a redtop in and wants to keep the loom in case he needs to splice the looms somehow, which would be a shame, he thinks all the looms , wipers, lights etc all run together through the bulk head and he doesn't want to unravel it all
  7. johnboy

    Gte fuel injection loom

    Hi there, not collected engine yet as it was still in car so managed to test drive it before doing deal, it was a standard 2.0 gte, don't know engine code sorry, and running all standard 2.0 gte manifold and injection.
  8. Seen a blue manta coupe in Mold going through one of the housing estates by Bromfield industrial estate, think it was Tuesday 9th October or there abouts, mid afternoon, anyone on here?
  9. Using the valver and trying to get on with the A series resto.