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  1. 1.8 ohc needed 86 year

    Did you get an engine?
  2. 2.0 gte engine complete

    Any body got a 2.0 gte engine for sale complete with the inlet and exhaust manifolds, injection system and air box ,pipe work, loom, ecu etc, looking at doing a gte conversion on my A series instead of the usual redtop, cheers John
  3. A bits

    I've got both front wings available, not rotten but will require minimalist work
  4. I went to view this last night, it's knackered, bonnet, wings, sills inner and outer, floor, jacking points, front and rear valances and rear quarters, very saggy and rough looking interior, roof has gone around tail gate hinges, rear lights broken, carburettor linkages have been freed off but it wouldn't start, glass seemed to be ok tho.
  5. SOLD please delete

  6. SOLD please delete

  7. 1.8 engine and five speed box

  8. 1800 gearbox

  9. Ebay: 72 Manta A for sale

    Anyone have any info on this one, looks a tidy car
  10. I'm going, already booked in.