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  1. 15" ATS classic alloy wheels

    Don’t know but I’m after a set!
  2. Manta 400R

    Well, I’ve done about 1000miles now and most of the snagging is now done. Plan for the winter is boost control, up the boost, a full days mapping and fitting traction control and air con. It’s getting quite a bit of use so had it 3 stage polished and ceramic coated to protect the paint.
  3. Rally Day 2017

    My fake one will be in the car park.........
  4. Rally Day 2017

    No stand as far as I'm aware but I'll be there in my 400R
  5. Rally Day 2017

    Thanks Dave - have a great holiday
  6. Rally Day 2017

    Yep - read all that before! 3 or 4 solutions there but no comms as to what if anything HAS been organised Happy to meet at the services as highlighted, but as I said I don't why the OMOC wouldNt want to have a strong official presence when the 400 is being specifically celebrated at this event - also don't think £216 would exactly have been a stretch out of club funds.. i assumed the etiquette here is that the local area would organise , if that isn't the case then I'll happily ensure the club is properly represented and that all members are given the chance to participate in 2018 but don't want to tread on any toes
  7. Rally Day 2017

    No OMOC stand at Rallyday then? Seems a shame on the anniversary when the place will be full of multiple Subaru owners clubs . i'll be parking in the car park then or buying an 'individual display' ticket ?!
  8. Rally Day 2017

    I'm intending going - would love to be on a OMOC stand though if one is happening?
  9. Manta 400R

    Not quite finished.... but enough to get to Market Harborough yesterday. I've done 500 miles in 48 hours and really drives great....really likes petrol stations......
  10. Manta 400R

    Quite a change over the years...... now mapped and MOT'd , significant security being fitted plus road testing and a hundred small jobs......hoping to make Saturday at Market Harborough
  11. Floor mounted bias peddle box help

    Mine has a mk2 escort willwood pedal box from rally design
  12. Manta 400R

    Now moving under its own power for the first time in over 6 years.........first rolling road session next week......
  13. Manta 2.0 SRB Coupe

    Got the new Sportex system on, it's settled down after a few miles - it sounded as bad as the old blowing one initially but now sounds quite good and reminds me of my boy racer days along time ago when I had a Piper straight-through on my Cavalier SRi130
  14. Friday nights the night.

    Congrats - hope you have somewhere dry to keep it . When I lived in Glasgow in my youth, my exclusive coupe disintegrated in front of my eyes over a winter!