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  1. opel gt in crete

  2. Rear brake shoe adjusters

    you could try to weld a nut on to whats left or grind it with two opposing flats. i would try the welding myself.
  3. 2.4 thermostat

    hi yes im looking for one with the hole for the sender im going ms2 and am using a 2.4 crank wheel thanks for looking nick
  4. 2.4 thermostat

    r u selling the oil pump cover im looking for one for my opel gt 2.2
  5. 2.4 thermostat

    for a start, what car is it i used the older, 1.9, more simple thermostat on my opel gt with 2.4 head. however you can buy or make, i made, a plate to go behind the thermostat in order to bring it forward as the fi gets in the way. this is an adaptor, https://www.opelgtsource.com/store/11000/11033.html Too pricey for me so I made mine similar to this plate but if I remember it had a different no. and position of the mounting holes. This is prob as im using a cut down 6 cylinder inlet manifold and not a 2.4 or 2.0, 1.9 one.
  6. New to the Opel world

    check out opelgt.com for answers to all your problems, stateside.
  7. Inlet

    yes but it ,2.2, actually has very narrow castings. smaller than every fi manifold fitted to an opel, the 2.0 one is better and can be made to fit, for my opel gt i have used a 3.0 6 cylinder manifold cut down and welded and this gives the highest flow.
  8. hydraulic Clutch

    check out opelgt.com someone has just done something similar, post a question or do some searches
  9. Cams for cih

    yes all cih from 1.9 to 2.4 will fit and are pretty similar in the spec. some are with solid lifters and some ie 2.4 are using hydraulic lifters. hyd lifters should only be used with hyd cams ans solid lifters with solid cams.
  10. Red top conversion Help!!,,,

    the 1.8 engine is the block that became the 20 xe engine. use your existing 18 gearbox .if you have the later 1.8 gearbox the later xe pot flywheel can actually be used and is quieter but heavier. the later dispack xe engines don't have the better earlier xe cosworth head and had trouble with oil porosity although this can be fixed, make sure there is no trace of oil in the xe rad before you buy.. google this problem. with a bit of modding and welding the xe exhaust can be used. you may need the replacement aftermarket air plenum its well worth doing and actually quite easy, i put one in my opel gt
  11. Can I use hydraulic followers with fast road cam?

    i thought they sold a different cam for each type of lifter
  12. Oil pressure switch CIH 2.4 info needed

    i screwed mine into the block under the exhaust manifold with a 90 degree fitting found on 1.9 block.
  13. Can I use hydraulic followers with fast road cam?

    no you cant use hydraulic ones unless the cam was designed for them as the cam has different ramp angles and the cam would be toast in a few mins of running
  14. Hi Nick

    I seen a previous post in relation to oil pump gears you have for the Manta 2.0.  Do you still have them for sale.