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  1. clearout sale

  2. 1.8 dizzy bracket

    Is if to put the 16v engine in you're car
  3. 2.4 16V Piston Options?

    You can but it will put your engine back to 2.0l instead of 2.4l which it was when Andy bilt it .
  4. Secret Project Finished

    let the fun and games begin. its only just starting mate owning the best cars out there
  5. Idle Oil Pressure

    H-400 your English is very good mate
  6. Steering Rack

    Hi I've got a spare one if you are desperado Pm me if you are interested ta cliff
  7. Gte Centre Caps

    Will have a look tomorrow think it's a set off 5 Ta cliff
  8. Anyone Have A 400 Rear Axle Bracketry Jig?

    This is just what I need to know. Got all the parts to do this thank you. This is why it pays to be in the club. Ta cliff
  9. C20Xe Front Mounting Dizzy Kit

    Try andy rutted he has one .just on his hols at the moment so try in a week or two
  10. Propshaft

    Will that fit my 265 to the commadore axle .mate
  11. Nice Honest Original Manta

    Get your cash out jack then
  12. Mancona hatch now Finished!! Aug 2017

    Bump bump
  13. On ebay no 301258448755 Don't know how to make it a link on my mobile