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  1. Dont forget the Scottish, Welsh and Irish.
  2. New member

    Hi Andy Your a hard man to find, nice to know hgd is still out there
  3. coupe parts

    Hi , looking for a couple of parts for my manta coupe, need a rubber insert that the opening rear quarter window bracket fits into. Also need two of the rubber buttons that sit under the headlights. Thanks
  4. Can you post a picture or Google manta to see what they were fitted to.
  5. Speedo sticking ?? 2.0 GTE

    Hi ,start with the speedo cable,take it off and check for damage. Try the internal cable is free and turning both ends.
  6. Murray Grierson's 1987 Scottish Rally Championship winning car,
  7. The picture of car for sale in UK that H-400 posted was taken at KG Motorsport in Ireland
  8. Just noticed prodictive text should read had original 4 wheel drive Manta 400 for sale
  9. KG Motorsport had a manta 400 in Rothman's colours which they said originally the 400 Manta 400 for sale a couple of years ago. Car was on a Q plate. Would be worth contacting them for more information.
  10. Hoses

    Retropower were doing silicon hoses for GTE and redtop,not sure about 18 hundred but worth a try.
  11. LSD diff oil

    I use Castrol B373 lsd oil
  12. One of my old cars, picture taken outside my parents house in 1989.
  13. classic car show nec

    Hi, is a code available for the discounted tickets for Saturday /Sunday .Thanks
  14. Opel monza door cards

    No,totally different