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  1. manta b on ebay 1975

    Signal Yellow was certainly a colour that was available on the Mk1 Cavalier for at least the 1976 model year, so it's not a one off on Lou. It was the only Vauxhall that was available in Signal Yellow in 1976, which is possibly because it was an Opel colour, just like Monza Blue which was also Cavalier only. http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com/vauxhall-u-car---cavalier-mk1-brochures-uk-market
  2. Sorry, someone's already asked for them earlier.
  3. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    We now meet at The Gap Inn, Muston NG13 0FD on the second Monday of each month Clive.
  4. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I missed the last one due to being on holiday, but it's going to be that time again on Monday and I should be able to make it. Anyone else?
  5. Hi there

    Good to see you back Clive, and will follow the forthcoming project with interest.
  6. A series underbonnet rubber part

    All sorted now, thanks.
  7. I'm looking for a rubber bung that is fitted into the underside of the bonnet on an A series Manta. It presses down on the switch for the underbonnet light, and mine seems to have gone missing. If anyone by any miracle has one spare I'd love to buy it.
  8. manta b on ebay 1975

    The seller Chris is a member, and he bought it from Ian Virco I think. Ian believed it to be the oldest surviving car.
  9. I think they communicate direct to your email while trying to persuade you to pay for the car up front.
  10. White hatch

    Belongs to a club member, David Stebbings. He used to come down to the VBOA meet with it, but hasn't been for a few years. Still shows it quite a bit around West Norfolk though.
  11. I think Clive sold it (he's the seller from the original listing), and whoever bought it has put it up for sale again.
  12. I don't think it sold first time, it was re-listed on a classified at £895. It looks like the new owner has tidied it up a bit to make it look better and is after a quick profit.
  13. That's the same one you linked to here, different seller now though.
  14. Hi Steve just seen your massage as just found out that l can do this 

    a bit late it sounds like a fuel filler