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  1. Cheap coupe for sale

    No online MOT history apart from the one it's just failed, so probably been offroad a long time.
  2. Only had 9000 miles at this point. I believe it's now in Ireland somewhere.
  3. I believe this was Carnelian Red.
  4. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    It's that time again, who's going tomorrow night?
  5. Hunstanton

    That will have been David Stebbings I should think, one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.
  6. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Did you forget about Boston show too?
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-manta-rear-panel/253263010593?hash=item3af7a6db21:g:MNkAAOSwbwJaDh63
  8. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'm going to have to miss this one I'm afraid, got to be in Yorkshire Monday evening.

    If you get stuck Dr Manta lists them. I got a set of the rubber ones for my A. http://dr-manta-shop.de/epages/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/0859c4be-b99b-4b88-8216-6a78b07dc4b5/Categories/be30a998b7393750806a3058d926469f/47c2e863ffb027747bd9570eb403c144
  10. Ascona A voyage

    That's hopefully how mine will look, except in metallic green.
  11. " alternative cubic capacities of the same basic engine and alternative original equipment engines are not considered a substantial change" so in this case it's not substantially modified.
  12. I'm fairly sure that it should originally have had a velour interior, however as with a lot of cars it's had some changes over the years (B1 steering wheel, quads etc) so it's probably had the interior swapped at some point.
  13. I see it's rated 4/5 by the auction house in all areas, for that sort of estimate I'd expect to see a few 5/5 at least.
  14. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    So did we.