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  1. I see it's rated 4/5 by the auction house in all areas, for that sort of estimate I'd expect to see a few 5/5 at least.
  2. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    So did we.
  3. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    OK, I'm happy to give it a miss, still not decided about MH though.
  4. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    It's pub meet tonight, anyone going?
  5. Does look nice, shame it no longer has it's vinyl roof though.
  6. Cavalier Sporthatch new owner

    Glad I could help Steve.
  7. Manta A back on the road

    I got a full set of rubber over-riders from Dr Manta last year.
  8. 400r insurance

    Any club official should be able to do a valuation for you, area rep or exec committee. I'm not sure who would be nearest to view the car.
  9. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Oh yes, I'll come over.
  10. Returning member from eons ago

    Welcome back, and good luck with the GT/E.
  11. From black to white

    Never been too keen on black wheels, they seem to blend into the tyres and look wrong to me, although the anthracite wheels with the silver edge look good on white cars.
  12. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Not sure if I can make it but will be there if I can.
  13. Date Of Manufacture

    It might be in the Glass' check book, if not it's a case of going to Opel in Germany. Message me your chassis/VIN and I'll see if I've got the info.
  14. Brake calliper refurb

    Looking good. How much did they cost to get done?
  15. Why can’t renew my membership

    It's working for me. Has your membership actually lapsed as that may make a difference?