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  1. Automatic Manta

    Wanted for a friend, He is after an automatic Manta in good condition
  2. Wanted Coupe

    Cheers guys Yea its almost all original exept for the paint. I need to get some new rubber trim for the door tops at the window plus some other wee perished rubber bits and seals, but they are all still available from Australia. this one is an Auto as was all the V8 models, there was only ever one manual Charger sold in the UK and that was powered by the 265 HP Hemi Straight Six engine It is basically a slightly smaller and right hand drive verson of the Dodge Charger, so more practical for the UK roads and also a bit more rare
  3. Wanted Coupe

    Ok here ya go. The paint job is not really to my taste but that can soon be sorted out Its an Australian Chrysler Valiant Charger 5.2L V8. Its a very rare UK car, 218 were sold new here in the uk, only 12 remain and only two of those are road worthy, one of which is now mine
  4. Wanted Coupe

    Hi guys, i have now bought a Charger so my serch for a Manta is now on hold.
  5. Wanted Coupe

    I had emailed the guy to see if i could view the Manta as the picks he had of it on Ebay were over 4 and a half years old but he said he could not let anyone view it before the end of the auction so i didnt bother taking the risk!
  6. Opel Manta A

  7. Wanted Coupe

    Yea i spotted that one and have it in my favourites I see the date stamp on some of his pictures is from 2005 so i have emailed the guy to see if i can view the car before the auction ends! I dont mind doing engine or running gear work but dont want to be doing any body work as i have enough of that to do at the moment with my other classic cars
  8. Wanted Coupe

    Thanks for this, i have had a look on gumtree Aberdeen and it does look like a good deal for someone, but im not really into the hatch back look!
  9. Hello From Scotland

    I live in East Ayrshire
  10. Wanted Coupe

    I am looking for a mint Manta Coupe standard or modified, would prefer an A series but would consider a nice later model
  11. Manta A 2.0 16V 208Bhp